Hash Latest Archive 6/11/03 to 24/4/04


(and judging by recent weather it WILL be COOL!)

RUN 1326 (Hares - two GMs, Rotter from HHHH and Deputy Dawg from the Capital Hash) - 1500 hrs from Leyla's Lair in Man Bhawan. "My house is a rather opulent looking large yellow house with a green roof and gate. Park on the main road. If you see a dog that looks like Michael Jackson (Peter's mutt's sibling), you're at the right house. Run and downs downs from there." See more location instructions below.

At 1900 hours (to 23.30 or so), those of you over 16 and clean (see below) are invited to a party with food, drinks and dancing (young DJs coming all the way from Norway!). Booze and dishes are welcome, particularly desserts.

RUN 1327 from Towed Hall Bhaisepati ((Hares - Towed and extended family). Lunch will be served to runners at Leyla's Lair at 12:30/1:00 - 3:00 or so. Kids of all ages are welcome as long as they're not too spoilt. Same goes for adults! Leyla's Lair will not be open to visitors until 12:30 because some things will be hidden for a treasure hunt. The meal is Nepali and we'll have a few bottles of rakshi. Any Nepali dishes would be welcome! (OK, Keeled and I will bring our birds - GM) If you think 3 bottles of rakshi won't suffice, rakshi would also be welcome! (THIS IS A MESSAGE TO APPLE - OK!) We might even dance if the rakshi is strong.

There will be tee shirts for sale, designed by the experienced Valkyrie (aka Bruni Gupta). Bring extra pocket money as they'll cost around Rs 250 for those interested.

Please do your anti-rain dances between now and Saturday morning!!! I don't think the tent will suffice under the type of rain/hail we've been having and I'm expecting around 80-90 pax. ON ON. Ever Reddy

Earlier: After Hash 1326 Leyla will be throwing a party for the Delhi CH3 visitors and the HHHH! Start will be at 1900hrs. To get in you will be over 16 and have had a shower (since Hash 1326). If anyone would like to contribute food or drink please let Leyla know soon.

After Hash 1327 Leyla will be throwing another party for the Delhi CH3 visitors and the HHHH! Start will be at 1230-1300 hrs. No age bar! Food will be Nepali style. Drink will also be Nepali style so get ready!

24/4/04 Dear Jerry, I have been meaning to write you back for ages!!! Of course, I had no idea that I sent you a virus. Ugh, it's crazy, I get soooo many per day, just sit around deleting them for a while. How's tricks? I really miss you guys... it's too damn, bloody hot to even consider running an inch outside these days. It is about 37 or 38 degrees now! Yikes! When I make it back there, and I will one of these days...I will make sure to come and drag my sorry ass along with all of you! Say hello to everyone for me, Cheers, Zep or Tasty Calf, whichever you prefer On On
24/4/04 Hash Sensation! Griot produces Trash 1323! Three hashers referred to, other than himself! Final sentence totally without foundation! GM
23/3/04 Dear David and Jerry, Just to let you know (in case David had too much of the amber fluid last Saturday)(you don't know because you scarpered off early - GM), that the New Delhi Capital Hash House Harriers (CH3) will be visiting Kathmandu from 30 April until 2 May. Kathmandu will never look the same again. I would like to book the run for 1 May - International Labour Day (logical, isn't it. Just hope I'm not too busy making speeches to make the run). There may be a party in the evening. We'll probably also set a run the following morning at 8:30 - to get rid of the hangovers and get the Delhi hashers in good shape for the return flight.

Who knows . . . it may even prove to be a reunion moment for two bearded hasher brothers, Jerry and Ian. (but if it isn't that's OK with me - GM) ON ON Ever Ready (Slow Hand/Fast Feet in Delhi CH3)

Sad News, They Haven't Shot Keeled Over Yet

5/4/04 Yangon, 3 April 2004 - The 381st running of the Yangon Hash was attended earlier today by Member of the Himalayan Hash House Harriers, Honourable Assistant Sheitmeister, representative of the Nepalese Hash Junta, Senior Hasher Keeled Over. He began by inspecting the Yangon hash's dedicated beer truck - a converted low-slung mustard coloured pickup of Japanese origin - and observed the innovative practice of opening the bar before the run! Hare-1 then explained to the delegates how 'shreddies' had been laid earlier to mark the course (where I come from shreddies is slang for 'underpants'!) The visiting Senior Hasher was then escorted around the course and inspected the embankment of a large lake, made offerings at a golden pagoda, and passed through village streets lined with cheering shollchildern singing patriotic songs. He then observed the notable innovation of having the beer truck waiting at the fifth check to allow hashers to replenish fluid levels.

Afterwards, Grand Master of Yangon Division and Master of Ceremonies Bob 'BoBo' Thomas handed out prizes for outstanding performances on the day's run. The visiting Senior Hasher next addressed the meeting and passed on felicitations from 'Rotter' the Great Leader of the Himalayan Hash House Harriers. He then partook of further refreshments, gave neccessary instructions, and buggered off back to his hotel.

Yangon hashers: check out www.aponarch.com/hhhh - the webshite of the Himalayan Hash House Harriers.

P.S. Bob could you send me a couple of photos of Hash 831 to post on our webshite including one of the beer truck in action. Please send to me and directly to our webshite master and GM Rotter at davidpotter@aponarch.com. On-on KO (we'll hold an enquiry about your delusions of granduer when you come back. And hey, you missed a great one here last Saturday - the Fox 'does' Pul Chowki - GM)

30/3/04 Last year I forgot, but this year I remembered . . . . . . So let's have an:

Anniversary-cum-Charity-cum-Hash 1322.5 Party

.at 1905, Kantipath, on Friday April 9th at 19:00hrs

Hares: Lise and John Grumble

Cost Rs. 250 per person, which will go as a donation to Siphal Children’s Protection Home (children whose parents are in jail)
Payment Pay when you arrive
Eligibility Rule 1 The over-eighteens and under eigthies (only), (that should rather keep the numbers within control - GM)
Eligibility Rule 2 Please let me know if you are coming by emailing me before Wednesday April 7
Dress code: Relaxed, although the 'Monsoon Hash Mud Look' may not be acceptable, depending on the person and the circumstances
Lise and John (Grumble)
29/03/04 The coming month has a great deal of mountain biking (that won't interfere with hashing and which should make you very thirsty) in store for those so inclined.

Between Sat 27 March and Mon 05 April the 6th Six Summit Tour will take place. You get the chance to cycle to Kakani (Sat, dep from Dawn Till Dusk), Hatiban (Sun, dep from Summit Hotel), Lakure Bhanyang (Tue, dep from Patan Durbar Sq), Nagarjun (Fri, dep from Dawn Till Dusk), Sankhu-Nagarkot (Sun, dep from Boudhanath) and Kalu Pandey Danda (Mon, dep from Dawn Till Dusk) - in other words the six major rideable summits of the valley. All you havde got to do is to get on ya bike and join the likeminded nitwits at 6 am. You will be back in town for work allright, and in the case of Saturdays perhaps a nap and then off to get drunk at the hash.

Having thus become hard and supple in the right places (!?) you may wish to join the 6th Open Nepal Mountainbike Championship at 9 pm, on 24 April in Tokha. There are Senior and Master's, Women and Junior Categories, so why not send the whole family? This is usually a very funny, chaotic and dramatic event (sounds like a Hash on tranquilizers - GM) with great village participation and - again - it will not interfere with your hashing!

Get on on on ya bikes this month!! For more details call Rødent/Torsten at 5551731 (res)

26/3/04 Dear Jedi, That poor boy had made the great error of sitting right across a joint in my panorama photo. I could have said 'well spotted' but cannot, as you failed to notice the assembly of half-minds gathered around the beer table further to the right who don't need a joint (except Apple) to distort them. Why have you not come back to the HHHH, and isn't everybody worried in Texas? I would be. OnOn. Rotter
26/3/04 Dear David, As I was emailed unexpectedly about the tuesday fast run, I decided to check out what's been happening in yall's neck of the woods. I had a look at the latest trash from March 20 and I became deeply disturbed by something. The main picture has half of a boy, the little boy in green in the sorta foreground. He's really little cause there is only half of him. What did yall do with the other half of him? And what's even more disturbing is that no one seems bothered about the half of a boy. They are just standing around drinking beer like its completely normal for half a boy to be sitting in field only a few feet away. I'm quite concerned about the goings on there in the valley. Worried in Texas, Jodi
23/3/04 Deer GM, Your interjection in this week's flowing prose to the effect that you were being referred to under three different titles is a common ploy of consultants worldwide. In this way it is possible to maximise remuneration as amply demonstrated by our colleagues in the Water industry in the extract from yesterday's Himalayan Times below.

"Consultants hog lion's share of Melamchi-spent" Razen Manandhar Kathmandu, March 21:

Even as the World Water Day will be marked tomorrow, a confidential report has exposed the real status of the dream project of bringing sufficient drinking water to the Kathmandu Valley from Melamchi. According to the recent report, the lion's share of the money spent on the Melamchi Water Supply Project (MWSP) has been on consultancy services. The Melamchi project envisages the construction of a 26.5 km-long underground tunnel, to be completed by the year 2009, to bring water from the Melamchi river in Sindhupalchowk district north-east of Kathmandu. The Rs 36 million project funded by multiple donors has already spent over Rs one billion on consultancy services. This expenditure comes to 58 per cent of the total expenditure, the report states, adding a sum of over Rs 1,169 million have been spent on consultancy services alone between July 2001 and July 2003."

Thought the webshite viewers, especially Turd Herder, Night Howl and Jumpin Jack Flash might like to see. Towed

24/3/04 Deer GM, I note the bilingual run destructions to Griot's Grotto for this week's run. This is highly commendable to allow our cousins from across the pond to find their way to the run. I do believe, however, that with the current state of the US economy that the US mile is now only worth around 1.2km. Yours very sincerely. Towed
17/3/04 Dear GM, After having worked for more than 4 years on an air pollution prevention program here in Kathmandu Valley I have realised that also I, and not only all the others, have to go green: I am letting my 4.2 litre diesel Nissan Patrol go. So therefore and with a risk of commercialising the until now totally non commercial (apart from the continued placement of Tuborgs and Carlsbergs) HHHH homepage I hereby announce that the vehicle is for sale at the incredibly low price of USD 10,000 (negotiable over a Tuborg or Carlsberg) (being a Landrover owner and a San Miguel drinker I, for one, am not interested in this rubbish - GM). The well maintained vehicle is from 1993 and has run only 95,000 km. It has air condition (needed as the impacts of the said program has still not gained full momentum), 9 seats, a high roof and a big roof rack. Anybody interested or knowing someone who might be now or in the near future, please call me on 552 74 89, 426 82 63 or 981036715 (or meet me at approx. every third hash). On-On, Guano
11/03/04 Dear GM Well, I have been quite busy recently. A trip to Nepal over Christmas did not work out. So I gotta wait another couple of months. It seems that I can only return on the basis of a private trip. God knows if this will be before September (I am not keen to travel in monsoon season). I am heading to Dem. Rep. of Congo soon, just for a 10-days job. The rest of my time I spend in exciting home office. It is okay to catch up with old friends etc. but very often I really miss my time in Nepal.

Of course, I follow the HHHH, though it's less exciting being a spectator than running the hash. No hash in Germany, I picked up ice hockey again and intensified my tennis. My Enfield is still not running, as soon as it's ready I am going to send some photos.

Please give my regards to your family and all hash pack. Looking forward to return - sometime in the near future. On-On 69 (Richard)

7/4/04 Rotter, Interesting to see Towed’s report of the Damansara HHH run. Brings back memories as I was on the inaugural DHHH run in 1985/84. Regards to all. Turd Herder
24/2/04 Read about Towed's exploits in Malaysia by clicking here. He was surprised ten times! ASM
17/2/04 Trashes for Men's Hashes 51-75 revealed to the world. Click here for the intro to these just posted Himalayan Men's Hash trashes from 1980-81. Asst Shitemaster
1/3/04 Hash 1318 will provide the prefect moving target for Holi revellers. Bring your own ammunition!
24/2/04 We hope that the visiting Malaysian hashers enjoyed their Nagarkot to Kathmandu run which Apple may have had to arrange to get his charges back to Kathmandu on the first day of the bandh on Wednesday! Nepal: the land of endless bandas. ASM
17/2/04 Location of Run 1317 will be Champi. Me 'n' Keeled recced on Sunday and have identified A Truly Himalayan Experience for our esteemed guests from the flatlands of Kuala Lumpur. My worry was when Keeled, of all people, said "don't you think its a bit long?" On On, Towed
At Hash 1317 the HHHH will perform the usual selection of thrills, spills, and general idiocy together with the Kuala Lumpur Hash expedition to Nepal. Do they understand what they're in for?
17/2/04 Hi David, Congratulations on ever increasing Hash attendance. Amazing given the state of the country according to press reports. We used to have joint run weekends with KL Hashers when I was in Medan. The wildest and toughest were the Petaling Jaya H3. They took over the Pardede Hotel which had a large complement of bar girls. Those lasses were kept very busy. One of their guys succumbed at the Pardede as a result apparently of mixing copious quantities of whisky with eating durians. They used to bring in gallon bottles of Johnny Walker Red Label and never took any back on the Monday morning flight. Here's wishing you a great weekend. Regards to you all. ON-ON! Pheasant Plucker
17/2/04 Rotter, I must protest about the caption for the first small photograph on trash 1311. The finely muscled and honed body to be seen on the bridge is, in fact, Mr Philip Milner. I would never assume to be spoken of in the same breath as him. Hernia
12/2/04 Hi David, We'll be needing paper for 2 separate runs for which I'll get in touch with you. For the 28th Feb. run, they'll be paying the beer fees so please get enough beer for 25 extra beer drinkers (12 couples confirmed so far). Don't know yet if they'll be bringing their own lunch boxes with them as their travel agents are taking care of that, but will let you know as we have time. Also for the run in Nagarkot on the 24th, everyone's invited at 3 pm at the Club Himalaya. A snack bar will also be arranged by the travel agents after the run with sunset viewing from the Tower. Hence it's going to be an A to B run. However, special permission from the Nepal Army is needed as the tower falls in their territory. Cheers, Ashok
12/2/04 Ahhh.... Khokana - just the place for a shite seeing run! You will recall the last one I did there that visited, shall we say, the more peripheral areas. They could always do the tourist bit in the morning and carry on to Champi for the run. My reason for avoiding the 2nd tree was that we had some trouble there before with the natives when they wanted to play football and we wanted to keep on drinking. Champi is a little more secluded. Towed
12/2/04 Towed, sorry about the mix-up. Actually the first choice was the 1st Bungamati tree so that the Malaysians could also get a tour around the old town of Khokana during the hash as the travel agents had planned a special sight seeing tour around the vicinity all the way to Kirtipur which I incorporated with the hash - kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Keeled, famous for setting extra long runs, was then contacted to see if he would hare the run. He suggested the 2nd Bungamati tree and mentioned that you had been planning one around the area. I don't think it matters whether it's Champi cause both you and Keeled can be counted on to give the Malaysians a run for their money. On On, Apple
11/2/04 I've added photos to the trashes for Run 1211 and Run 1212 so they're now worth looking at. GM
12/2/04 Oi You, I did not, and I'm sure neither of the others did either, commit to Haring Run 1317 for the Malaysian mob. However, if we are to do it I would much prefer Champi as the venue. Towed
11/2/04 Hi David (ah! . . so courteous - GM) , So far about 25 hashers from Kuala Lumpur are confirmed to arrive on the 22nd of Feb. There'll be a run on the 24th, Tuesday at 3 pm in Nagarkot which I and someone in our hash list will help set. Another run will be at Pokhara on Thursday the 26th, somewhere around the Seti gorge. The KL hashers will join our normal Saturday hash on the 28th at Bungamati 2nd tree. Either Keeled or Towed will co-hare with me. Just wanted to pass this message so that you can put it on the website for the Himalayan hashers who might be interested in joining the runs. Cheers, Ashok
11/1/04 Trashes 1 to 50 from the first glorious year of hashing in Nepal are all now now posted in the old trashes section of this webshite (link to trash 0001). These report the goings on at the Himalayan Men's Hash Monday runs from October 1979 to October 1980. A full introduction to this Himalayan Hash House Harriers Digital Archive Project is here. Asst Shitemaster
18/1/04 Towed is updating the Hash contact details. Please let him know if you've changed your phone number, email address, or hash name!
26/1/04 Anyone with any appreciation of the finer points of English literature should avoid reading the just-posted Xmas 2003 trash. ASM
23/1/04 In his absence, Rotter has been volunteered to set the 'unlucky for some' Hash 1313. ASM
24/1/04, 1130am Don't be put off attending this afternoon's hash (1312) by it being cold, wet and miserable as there's going to be hot rum afterwards! ASM

23/1/04 Response from Slow Drip to trash 1310 (now posted on the Shite): "Enlightened One: Thanks for representing some of us who could not attend, and providing your own inimitable personal, and apparently through a somewhat clouded memory of events, nonetheless highly objective and dispassionate account of the great event! Come out more often, you are sorely missed. Specifically, be there on the 14th and 21st, of February, so we can both confound the hares' best laid trails with judicious shortcutting and expert scenting of the real trail!"

18/1/04 A significant hash landmark is approaching. At the moment, in spite of what the hareline says, it is unclear whether Rotter or Hernia will have the privelige of setting the inauspicious hash number 1313.
4/1/04 GM arrives back from Chiang Mai with New Year's resolution to provide accurate harelines in 2004!
30/11/03 Towed Under wants to see a more uniform standard of dress in the Hash. To this end she is willing to get some new Hash Fleeces made if there is enough interest. She or Towed will probably read this and let us all know what the rough cost would be. In the meantime, if you want to be fleeced please email Towed Under, letting her know numbers and size(s) you need. GM

16/12/03 Rotter, Congratulations on the exquisitely photographed electricity pole and Kathmandu haze at the beginning of shite 1304. Even if you blame Tadpole for the photograph, you, as editor could have
been a bit more selective! Regards and merry Christmas to all, Bog Trotter and Turd.

I took the effing photo. I was trying to put some artiness into the Trash graphics. Regards and Christmas pleasantries, etc. Snowden

14/12/03 Leyla promises stuffed dead turkey for Hash 1306!! (is this the return of Nils?). GM
Dear Rotter, Please inform the “pack” to bring an extra pair of socks for this weeks Hash. Grumble
24/11/03 Dear David, Did you know that there's going to be a marathon in Lumbini? Crazily enough it's set for 3 May (2004) when it'll be 45 degrees in the shade. But then, that's the auspicious birth anniversary. Maybe hashers would be interested to know, although even the lunatics might realize that it'd be a killer. I'd possibly try if there was going to be a ½ marathon. ON ON. Ever Reddy. (yes, yes, yes, but WHERZA HASHIT????? - GM)
24/11/03 Hello there, Jedi and I were just talking and missing all you and the days of moshing around the valley. Hope all the die-hard hashers are doing well there. Please pass on a tulo Namesake from Office Mate II (Courtney) Peace (Sorry, we still don't get that at the Hash - GM)
24/11/03 Rodent Returns!!! Dear friends and associates. Hoping that this mail finds all of you well. Thanks to a grant from . . . . etc, etc, . . . , I am now a couple of months into a 2.5 year PhD project that aims to look into the effects of socioeconomic change on water resources management institutions. Among other places, the research will, for most of 2004, take me to Nepal . . . etc, etc, . . . Sussie and the children will join me in Nepal for part of the time. Best regards Torsten Rødel Berg
13/11/03 Rotter I think we should reschedule Hash 1302 to Sunday 23 November. Saturday 22 November already has the Rugby World Cup final, the Sahara fun run that is being advertised by Mouth Organ, and the Kathmandu Mountain Bike Race, not to mention the ESP office picnic. How about it? Keeled
16/11/03 I have reviewed the webshite for Keeled's plea. He also fails to mention the tag rugby competition at the British School, followed by BBQ on Sat a.m. Oh, and the Guide camp at Shivapura Heights on Friday/Saturday that TU is running. Towed

Thanks Keeled. Using the full powers invested in my kingly position I declare that Hash 1302 will take place at 11am on Sunday 23 November. However, if England win the World Cup, the time may be moved forward to 7am, and the event will be carried on in (I resisted saying 'run in') reverse as we will only be able to run after we've had a few more. GM

13/11/03 Dear GM, In view of the inaccurate and unappreciative comments regarding the literary collaboration between me an' Keeled I have decided to review my approach to writing the trash.

Here, therefore, is the trash for Run 1301. Towed

12/11/03 GM Sahib I am deeply shocked at how this week's trash has turned out. I think that Towed's embellishments should be cut down to size. Could the Hash subsidise the cost of the operation? Keeled

5/11/03 Tell me if you are coming to Hash 1300!!!!! so that we have some idea of how many to feed. Click here to send me an email - or ring me on 9841 213613 - by 9am Saturday - GM

Signed in so far:

Mustard Fart
Therese Duveiller
Etienne Duveiller
Yogi Hare
Mark Harvey
Keeled Over
Rani Keeling
Chris Keeling
Night Owl
Barrie Weinmann
Lettie Weinmann
Riley Weinman
Another Weinmann
Run Crafty
Roger Palmer
Helen Palmer
Harry Palmer
Elena Palmer
Jennifer Palmer
Don Mcleod
Mrs Grumble
The Fox
Praeep Mondal
Gita Mondal
Prauwal Mondal
Prasana Mondal
Linda Townsend
Oliver Townsend
Rossana Bossi
Karsten Fuglsang
Flemming Nielsen
Towed Under
Head Chopper
Custard Tart
Don Clark
Connie Clark
Tsering Gurung
Kamala Gurung
Tsering's Friend 1
Tsering's Friend 2
5/11/03 Dear GM, The plot continues to thicken. Is it true that Run C was sighted in Narayanghat earlier today, just before the local branch of the RBB was knocked over this afternoon?

Can we change his name to Ronnie Biggs and sell him to the Rio HHH? Towed

4/11/03 The fact that they left some NRs 4 million in small notes on a table because it was allegedly too heavy points to someone thin and weedy having done it (or someone with a very small wallet). Towed
4/11/03 Bank Robbery Latest Shortly after the Nepal Police this morning revealed they were closing in
on the culprits, Run Crafty was spotted at the Norwegian Embassy trying to borrow their shredder. This could be the answer to the hash's paper shortage problems! Keeled
4/11/03 Dear GM, We note with some interest in yesterday's news that the RBB Main Branch office in Bishal Bazar was looted to the tune of NRs 22 million by robbers. The report infers that this was possibly an inside job and a number of bank staff had been detained for interrogation.

It will be interesting to see if Run Crafty appears on the Hash on Saturday and if so, where the bruises are. Or did he get away scot free? On On, Towed

3/11/03 coming to Hash 1300 - snacks by Kilroy!!!
6/11/03 Rotter, Thomas's menu looks mouthwatering. The only concern with all of these dainty things is that we have enough to go round if we get a big turnout of hungry hashers? A beer-sozzled hasher can soon knock back a couple of dozen spiced quails eggs!!

Also, will the Bloody Mary soup be served in pint glasses or shot out of a gun,and will the blood be included or does it appear after the shot?

I recommend that we don't advertise the menu on the webshite or we might get a turnout of 200. Keeled