Hash Latest Archive 24/4/04 to 29/9/04
29/9/04 Deer Rotts, I feel that I have to complain about the utter inadequacy of the alleged trash submited by Keeled Over this week. Admittedly he was placed under severe durex by Towed Under to write the trash, but that is not an excuse for the inexcusable innaccuracies and omissions. Aside from the unreliable, nay, downright false reporting of the run - t'was me an Steffan wot woz first accross the Aberdonian Bridge - and why, when challenged, did the RA not simply walk across the Bagmati rather than run all the way around (ok its a bit more runny than usual at this time of year), he completely fails to mention the circle and those who participated, let alone the class and panache with which the circle was conducted. Virgins there were, newcomers and even the odd returnee (very odd in the case of Grumble, who legged it early). The Hares were awarded a classic score - 10.0 for odour and 0.1 for length. Where is that recorded? We had disrespectful newcomers from the antipodes who inconsiderately arrived back after the circle had started (a less charitable view is that they got lost) Where is that mentioned?. How are we supposed to relate to other hashes when the trash does not even acknowledge the efforts made by Rotten Ovaries to warn us of the likelty misdemeanours of the said Shrivelled Squirrel (with whom I confess to sharing a beer with not half an hour ago). The poor girl is clearly disparate to know how the man of her dweems is surviving the rigours of Kathmandu. What about proper credit to newcomer Bill who risked serious skin infection by running near the New Bagmati Landfill with his shirt off? What about the second Rasksi stop which, after 2 hours, we mistook for the end of an A to B run until Sanjeev told us it was Check 6? What about the courageous ride of The Fox out into the dark and dismal depths of Sanepa to search for the missing newcomers? What about the CIA infiltration of the hash?

What is more to the point however, is the accusation that the Stand In Master required alcoholic fortification before being able to run the circle. This is an out and out falsehood along the lines of that which took Britain to war in Iraq. The proximity to my person of empty and out of date canisters that may at some stage in the past have contained alcoholic beverage are not proof that I had indulged in a gallons of piss consumption programme at any time, either now or in the pist. Yors in disgust Towed

1/1/04 Rotter, We have rececently spent some of Bog Trotter's hard earned cash on a broadband internet connection and, with little to do being a house husband, have been surfing the net and wasted some time on the H4 site. Good to see that the comments on the hash sheet are still flying around cyberspace.

You are going to confuse newcomers with the map to Towed Hall. The left hand side (the map) has north to the top of the sheet and the right hand side (the sketch) has north to the bottom of the sheet. In engineering it is general to be consistent and usually put north to the top of the shhet. No doubt the current Towed Hall map could be described as an architectural feature of the hash sheet!! Regards to all, Turd Herder and Bog Trotter

Dear Boggy Turds, I'm afraid that the detailed map was prepared by an engineer who obviously likes to start the route from the bottom of the page, whatever the orientation is. Sensible people like me and the rest of the HHHH prefer south at the bottom. GM

29/9/04 Hi, The car is still for sale, but probably not necessary to block so much of the web-site space for this matter (however, a Nepalese guy seems to be buying it for USD 12500).

The moose hunt is going well. After 2 day's of hunting we have shot 5 animals. I'm attaching a couple of pictures to show how it looks when the "Lost Ark" is in action (disgusting - GM) Have a nice run on Saturday! Best regards Lost Ark
28/9/04 Reidar, is it still for sale, or have you taken it off the market after failing to get the reserve price? I think you should lower it to Rs 2000. Anyway, should I keep the info below posted? It's rather incompatible with the erudition and wit of this website, not to mention the preferred brand of 4x4. GM
21/9/04 OK It's a Pajero with macho wide tyres and 2800 written on the side. Always seems to get Lost Ark to where he thinks he ought to be going. Asking price is Euro 13,000/- or Rs 2800 whichever is easier. HHHH gets 10%. Contact Reidar on 9810 48092 (mobile) 424 1588 (office) or by email.
21/9/04 Dear David, Since I’ll soon have to sell my car, at least before going back to Norway at the end of October, and this is a real Hash-Run car (not a LandRover though), would it be possible to attach my announcement to our web-site? No. GM
19/05/04 If you are a diligent visitor to this site you will have noticed in Trash 1329 the new HHHH t-shirts modeled on the fair and lovely bodies of Lost Ark, Socksucker, and the GM. These are available from the GM at the Saturday runs for Rs 450 each in XL, L, M, and S sizes. The GM takes an L and Socksucker gets inside an M. GM

27/9/04 Tomorrow's Tuesday Run will start at 5 pm from my place. It's a bandh day so the suggested form of transport to get to the start is a bicycle. All runners welcome! Expected run length 45 minutes. Contact Keeled on 5570 165 (H) or 4246 956 (O) beforehand.

Directions to Keeled Over's place: Get to Satdobato on the Ring Road to the south of Patan. Then take the road towards Chapagaun. After about 1.8 km the road begins to rise and there is a big signboard for Anal Jyoti School on the left. Continue about a further 150m to a 'Sunakothi 0' milestone on the left and a Civil Homes 2 km on the right. Turn in to the right by the Civil Homes 2 km sign onto a track and continue ahead going past two new houses on the left. Turn left after the second new house and up to a junction with a large white single story house ahead. Our house is the three-storey cream coloured house on the right at this junction with a large black gate. Park up on the grassy area of the large single-storey white house.

24/9/04 Dear David be informed that the beloved RA from the Jerusalem HHH, Shrivelled, landed today in Kathmandu. As soon as he shows up at H4, you might want to get him in the circle and ask him about how wide his nostrils are. And don't forget to have a condom with you; he'll show you a good trick, hopefully.

Here's the link to his last hash with us, the hash trash is, for the first time in html format, that's why I am not sending it as attachment (I cant display it properly): http://www.jh3.org/Hash49/hashtrash48.htm (Nor can I, except without pictures in Opera. It crashes Internet Explorer. Nice Site!! - GM)

Please keep us posted with his first performance in Nepal, as he has been our RA for over a year in the Middle East! If you want to know more about it, to trash him on his first run there, just let me know, I have loads of stories!

On, on, on!, Rotten -Simo- Ovaries, UNWFP occupied Palestinian territory

?/9/04 You too can be an ex-HHHH:

Dear David (in those days I got respect and courtesy - GM) The BNVS is a foundation for the protection of nature in the Ardennes, and I am a member of it. Once a year we organise a special Day of Nature, this year at my village. There are walks, musics, regional products etc. I organised a Hash using sawdust instead of paper. No adult visiter took part, but about 20 kids. They all got tired (it was a hot summer day) after a km, and I had to run forth and back not to lose one of them. After this experience I went back to my lonely hash, where I am the hash master, the accountant, the scribbler etc. all in one person. After the run there is unfortenately no barbecue, and no ice-cold coke. At the last run I got 8 over 10 points, because I got wet feet and I was not able to pluck all the good mushrooms - which were on the way - when running. I hope you and the rest of the pack are doing well. Cheers Gerd


Note the change of location!!!!!!!!

Something came up for The Fox on Saturday so Night Owl has had his arm twisted by the GM valiantly stepped in (it). At the time of writing this he was looking for someone to Handel the walkers. GM

9/9/04 The above postings have been delayed due to the GM's running shorts being stolen from the washing line last Tuesday. To add insult to injury the thief left my underwear untouched and shit on the lawn. Nearby resident, the mean and twisted Keeled Over, rang up yesterday to say that he would not be coming this Saturday, so I have a good idea who has got 'em. Hashers will be most relieved to hear that I will not be appearing shortless, having got another pair in Putali Sadak today. GM
9/9/04 Rotter Please update the webshite notice for the Tuesday run as August has passed (done - see below- GM). Delete the bit in brackets. Also do (that last word is pure wilder-spin - GM) check the hashcash as I don't think Tshering paid (how could I take money from HER - GM): and note that the spelling of that place near Dakchhinkali is Pharping, not Pherping as appears on (in - GM) t (T - GM) rash 1344 and on (in - GM) the index. Pedantically yours Keeled
29/8/04 At last, I have received the photos of Run 1340 from Towed Corps. See them here. Still waiting for someone to hear my plea for photos of Run 1338. GM

3/9/04 2045hrs

Hot News !!!!

Nepal Television have just announced that the curfew will be lifted tomorrow from 5:30 am to 1:00 pm. Run 1345 will therefore take place at 10:00 am. I have decided not to ask Keeled Over to help me. Therefore we can get back, award the Hashit to me probably, and get home before the curtains drop. GM

2/9/04 Alert Hashers (i.e. nobody) will have noticed that the Onsite for Run 1345 has changed to the GM's place. This might not be unconnected with the present situation in the Valley in which a drive to Banepa may not be followed by a return home after. Sorry about the Northerners, but there's more of us down South! GM
1/9/04 Message received by Towed Under from Unscrewed in El Salvador:

By the way, I have seen the web page and seen that 14/08 was at your place. Was nice to see all faces again. 69 was there! Lucky him to come back. P´se Linda send greetings to all HHHH I miss the walks very much, to see the web page makes me nostalgic.

29/8/04 At last, I have received the photos of Run 1340 from Towed Corps. See them here. Still waiting for someone to hear my plea for photos of Run 1338. GM
Tired of the leeches, the inane rambling in the circle and the lack of body contact, but want more running, non-stop action and beer? Well then, why not try co-ed Touch Rugby?

What: Touch Rugby – the lite version where you stop short of causing permanent damage
When: Sunday, September 5th, at 10:30 a.m.
Where: Phora Durbar (American Club)
Who: anyone (males & females) interested in running around a bit, followed by a dip in the pool, BBQ etc.

Those interested please contact Naren at naren44@hotmail.com, or 98510-76302 with your name, date of birth, and nationality, so that I can arrange for you to be cleared through security at the gate.

3/9/04 1600hrs Tomorrows run will take place as advertised above. If the curfew continues as today those hashers desparate to participate (which naturally I assume is almost everyone!), but who would have to come via the Ring Road, must do this:

a) drive to Godavri Resort during the morning curfew relaxation
b) have fun there for a few hours
c) drive to the Roost at the appropriate time via Bajrabarahi Temple thus avoiding the Ring Road
d) enjoy one of the GM's ususal delectable run settings
e) recover with lots of beer and Durga's snacks
f ) return home during the evening curfew relaxation

Any other clever ideas like this welcomed. See you all tomorrow! GM

17/8/04 I have finally got round to updating trashes. I note the comment in Trash 1340 that photos are to come from Toad Under. She did in fact pass a CD of photos to me but none were of 1340. Try again please TU.

We've not got any visual record of Run 1338 either. Anybody take anything? GM

Tribute to Fast Forwards

So fare thee well Fast Forwards — motoring on ahead
or way behind — exploring every false trail, as your mutts reaped havoc…

With your lilting gait jogging up even the steepest
highways and byways of the Kathmandu Valley
where a ‘pimple’ has been named after you.

What lies ahead?
Maybe a 10,000 km run with Left Behind behind
and a less athletic Himalayan Hash
without assaults on the Shivapuri army barracks
with no rerun of the Dhapasi half-marathon
and with one less Hashitter

Fare thee well Fast Forwards!!

24/7/04 (Assistant Shitemeister KO)

31/7/04 Latest good news: 1) Photos added to trashes 1337 and 1339. 2) The recent rains have really swollen the waters of the Nakhu Khola. 3) GM not returning until Tuesday! ASM
17/7/04 The late appearance of trash 1337 is due to the GM taking longer than expected to launch the hash satellite from the UK so he can update the webshite from there. If anyone has any photos from Hash 1337 please send them to the GM. No photos were taken at 1338. Keeled Over

2/7/04 HASH 1336: MAJOR DISRUPTION NUMBER ONE: The GM has been unable to post directions due to a) not being able to connect to the World Link website server, and b) not being able to get near a telephone line, let alone a computer, in Dailekh Bazaar.

The World Link problem has been solved. Apparently we are allowed up to 9mb of storage space on the server. So World Link started to take exception after the actual space consumed rose to a mere 34mb! I therefore had to buy 41mb more space for Rs 6000. Things now work fine except for Run Crafty and Keeled Over who need to change their remote info Host Directory to /hhhh/ from /httpdocs/hhhh/ GM

2/7/04 HASH 1336: MAJOR DISRUPTION NUMBER TWO: From the above you may have been able to put 2 and 2 together to get 9.9. Yes!, it's true, the GM is back and looking forward to his usual task of spoiling everyone's enjoyment tomorrow. And Fast Forward, you thought you would have a quiet departure . . . .
2/6/04 Hi David, As we come to the end of our HHHH life we'd like to set the run one more time on the third of July, as we leave on the fourth. It'll be somewhere up north, but we'll have to figure out an exact place to meet. Fast Forward and Left Behind
24/06/04 Hi GM, What is it about the Hash 1335 event to be set already at Thursday 24? Do really Run Crafty need two days to make his Saturday dinner? Why can’t he buy some fast-food ingredients allowing him to cope with a nice dinner after the Saturday run at 3 pm? I still prefer to run on Saturdays. Best regards The Lost Ark

Thanks for pointing out this error Lost Ark, and thanks for that nice virus you included in the message! GM

10/6/04 Dear GM, Regarding Hash 1333 on Saturday, I will, as mentioned before, provide both drinks and snacks. I don't need the cooling boxes, I hope that I can manage with my freezer, so that the drinks will be at least somewhat cooler than the outside temperature.

Luckily the Bandh was called of. I hope that everyone coming in cars and jeeps are aware that they will have to park along the ring road, otherwise the small road down here will be pretty clogged up.

By the way, Handphun has agreed to be the walkers hare. See you Saturday, Guano

31/5/04 Night Owl, I would also take issue with your comment added to an otherwise superb write-up of last week's event, that I missed holding check 3. I did not miss it, but was at risk of siezing up, having got there so far ahead of everyone else (and by legitimate means, what is more!) that I was just jogging around a bit to keep warm. Also it was me an' Run Crafty wot got to the Dakshinkali check first. On On. Towed

Oh, and another thing. In the third photo in the side panel of last week's trash, what on earth is Beaufort doing in the background? Towed

31/5/04 HHHH grows richer! I am pleased to announce that Trash 1331 made a profit of Rs37.This gives us the capital to hand out 5 free momos next week! GM
28/5/04 David Darling, Well, well, well, it’s been a hell of a long time….don’t tell me there is going to be a bundh on the weekend I will be in town!!! I am planning on attending the hash on the 12th, June. Please let me know if there is a scheduled bundh because if there is, I will be looking for a way to get there.

I’m looking forward to seeing you ole’ dogs! Cheers, Tasty calf a.k.a. Zep

Latest British Embassy rumours indicate that there may be a bundh on the 12th. We'll update you as we hear more. - GM

22/5/04 Hello GM, As I have now been informing you so much about my leaving Nepal I think it it is about time that I do something about it. I therefore have to leave for Denmark on June 24. To celebrate (all others than me) this I would like to suggest that the hash run on Saturday June 12 starts from my house in Kusunti or maybe it is in Tashikel I am not quite sure ( I will send you a map with the detailed directions later).

I will buy the necesary amount of beer and soft drinks and ask my cook to produce bulks of snacks for the after run cirkel and social drinking.

I have from the Royal Danish Embassy, who have their information from the Royal British Embassy, learned that a Bandh has been called on that day (and on 10 and 11 as well). So maybe having a run close to Kathmandu is not such a bad idea. I have checked the homepage and it seems that noone else have demanded to organise the hash on that very day.

Grumblewald has promised to be my assistant hare for the run. A position as hare for the walkers is available if anyone should be interested. Best Regards and On On, Guano
28/5/04 Having not been present during the 'incident' on last week's hash Towed offers his take on the caption and invites others to send the GM their own GM
23/5/04 Trashes 1328 and 1329 now have words! GM
23/5/04 Holland, 21/05/2004 Lieve Peter, Bij de HHHH is het een rommeltje de laatste tijd. Nu pas no. 1327 met tekst, no.1328 zonder tekst, no.1329 zonder tekst ( wel foto met geiten, lekker voor je honden ! ) Over 22 Mei kan ik niets vinden en no. 1230 ( waarom zakt het nummer ineens van 1300 naar 1200 ? ) staat voor 29 Mei. Ik heb de map naar DOLLU bekeken ! Zegt me natuurlijk niets, toch vind ik dat leuk. Heb een fijne dag. Veel groeten en liefs van je moeder. Double Dutch to me. Try this. - GM
20/5/04 Hi, According to the map we'll set next run in the area of Pikhel and Dollu, (valley beyond the road up to Hattiban on the way to Pherping - GM) most probably in the Dollu valley. More exact information will come Friday afternoon. Lost Ark
13/5/04 Note the altered start time for Hash 1329. This is to allow school inmates, who will be incarcerated on Saturday until 1430hrs, to get to the run - GM
11/5/04 That's funny, I definitely remember reading something that seemed to accord with what we did last Saturday. I suppose it must be one of your previous trashes written in the Towed "A-trash-for-all-runs" style. SO WHERE IS THE CORRECT TRASH THEN!!!!??? Rotter
11/5/04 Dear GM, Welcome to planet Zog. My records show that not only did you not delete Trash 1328, but I never sent it and have not, in fact, finished writing it! On-On (to senility) Towed
10/5/04 Towed, I need trash 1328 again. I deleted the first one as it didn't seem to be much different from the spam I'm getting these days. Rotts in Hell
11/5/04 Unrelenting pressure from Keeled Over has forced me to publish his most recent ammendments to Trash 1326 here. But be advised that this is most likely a work in progress which will run and run (you can't often use that cliché on the HHHH!). - GM
8/5/04 In the likely absence of any communication from Dong (having spoken to me for a whole weekend, the usual interval to the next communication will be of the order of 2 years) please find attached a modest account of the events that comprised HHH Run 1327. On On, Towed

3/5/04 Complaints about Trash 1236 Wot about thanks to Ever Reddy for the post hash party provision? Other notable events were trying to remove kids from the fountain in the middle of the circle and the non-family celebration in music by The Vicar and Dong of the noble art that Itchy Balls has perfected! Towed

Keeled Over has since sent two ammended versions which I do not intend to publish as the Trash is the Trash, not a work in progress - so there - GM

30/4/04 Dear All, On the principle that T shirts are like London buses (always turn up in groups) I would like to sponsor a T shirt for the run on May 8. Will all those planning to come on that run please give me numbers/sizes this weekend, or email by Monday, so we can get the sewing machines busy. If anybody has strong ideas on a (small) Hash motif (?circular, to be surrounded by H4/Kathmandu in words) please give us some inspiration, otherwise it will be as designed by an Engineer. Regards Night Owl