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23/9/05 Only Keeled's Karrots? What about Keeled's Kabbages, Kale, Kholrabi, Kukumber, Kollyflower, Korn and Kotatos? On On Kowed
22/9/05 Keeled has asked, nay threatened, me to make it clear that dogs will not be allowed inside his Kompound on Saturday. He wants to protect his vegetables. (What mutt would ever want to spoil Keeled's Karrots?) I have suggested that we perform on the grassy area just up from his house. Stay posted for developments. GM
22/9/05 (Follow the posting, at last, of a location for this week's run.) Ahhhh! Keeled's Kottage. 'Twill be interesting to see how Duckbill and her two progeny get along with Keeled's Kluckers! Towed
Same start point - To avoid any confusion the starting point for runs 1399 and 1400 will be from the same place! See important note about the arrangements for Run 1400 by clicking here. ASM
Last reminder for Run 1400 weekend on 10th and 11th September at Dhulikhel Lodge Resort -Book now with Towed Under (Lyndaburton@wlink.com.np, tel 559 0774) if you want to stay overnight - bookings close at 16.00 on Tuesday 6th September.  Room Rates are NR 2,500 for two people sharing with buffet dinner and breakfast included.  Extra mattress in the room (for children only) will be NR 1,000 (also included meals). There will be two runs: the first (Run 1399) on Saturday at 14.00 and the second (Run 1400) on Sunday at 10.00.  Run fees will be as usual and, since none of you miserable lot came up with any sponsorship, the commemorative and highly desirable T-Shirts will sell at the bargain price of NR 375.  These are the same top quality as the ones the GM tries to sell, but with a sensible (and cheaper) design. Towed
On-on: Send any updates for the shite to Acting Shitemeister Keeled Over.


17th HHHH Hash Weekend

Insert yourself in this beautiful countryside and HAVE FUN afterwards!

24/8/05 Deer Gee Em, I have followed the instructions on the webshite as you can see. So far, the Fun Afterwards bit has not materialised but I'm waiting in hope for my secretary to come back from lunch. OnOn. Towed
Dhulikhel Lodge Resort
What's happening: 10th September: Run 1399 - 14.00 hared by Keeled and followed by buffet dinner
(and we'll probably hog the bar for the rest of the evening)
11th September: Run 1400 - 10.00 hared by Towed
Accommodation: We have provisionally booked 20 rooms. Allocation will be on a first-come first-served basis so get your oar in now.
How much?
NR 2,500 for a double occupancy room including evening meal & breakfast. Extra bed (mattress) NR 1,000
Run fees: Same as usual. T shirts at NR 375
To participate: Contact Towed Under: 559 0774 or email lyndaburton@wlink.com.np
Or, if desparate, contact Towed 554 9629 (office) or email jburton@wspgroup.com
If last year's events for the HHHH 25th Anniversary are anything to go by, this will be a great weekend.

21/8/05 Hi Doma, Lynda, Jerry and David, I reckied a great run last weekend... only about 2 hours long; starts at sea level and goes up only 500 metres. It also has a nice long on home run... 5kms or so. It should remind you of Shivapuri watershed ... lots of outcroppings. No people, but nice views of Sanson Narrows since it's along the coast. It's already marked with blue paint and ribbons... the walkers \can take the red ribbons.

Only snag is the almost 48 hours to get here from Kathmandu! Already the sun is setting a bit early so a 2pm run would be good. I'll supply the beer... Rickard's Red! Overnight accommodation could also be tight: we're in a 600 sq ft house.

I had my eyes fixed (lasered) on Wednesday... things are still blurry but it's nice to not wear contacts or glasses after 27 years. I can't run for another couple of weeks.

Last weekend I also joined a dragon boat team... we won gold in the second lowest division. Unfortunately, since I hadn't been training in Kathmandu, I had to be manager and couldn't paddle. I was also the photographer.

So how are you guys doing? No run-ins with bikers, I hope! Best Regards, Ron (Run Crafty)

24/8/05 I have just received a message from Grumblewald, who obvously has been reccying his route for this coming Saturday. He has asked me to make clear to punters that the trail is completely leech-free and that they do not need to bring any nasty creams or enemas to counter this menace. GM
10/8/05 Rotter Can I suggest that we put the soft drink rate back to 50 rupees in lieu of the two free cases of beer we got last week!? Keeled
9/8/05 Dear Esteeemed and Wonderful GM (the praise will continue to expand if you don't come next week as well), I am writing to complain about the trash for Run 1394. Whilst it gave due and well deserved credit to the Hares, it completley failed to recognise the generosity of our hosts who donated a couple of cases of beer for the occasion. Not only that, but the fact that Keeled Over buggered off with the aforesaid cases before a number of us had taken refuge from the downpour to continue the event under Herb and Marja's porch. Since the donation was the last of Herb's beer, the party was distinctly subdued and brief.

I can understood that, whilst The Fox was given credit for the trash, he may not have been aware of these issues and was preoccupied with ensuring that the powers that be held the rain off until events were completed to his satisfaction. However, it is also understood that ghost writer Keeled (to whom the ale was handed) also had a hand in things.

Grateful if you could rectify the omissions and ensure that Keeled pays for beer (two cases) next week. Towed.

P.S. Trash posted first thing on a Monday? Doesn't the scribe have anything worthwhile to do on the Sabbath?

8/8/05 Keeled Over's observations in Trash 1393 on the behaviour of Duckbill that day have elicited a furious response from said mutt. Read on . . .
8/8/05 Rotter! Re. latest posting about your going teetotal on the hash: if that is not an invitation to get blasted with 5 or 6 beer down-downs the next time you show your face on the hash -- I don't know what is! Keeled
4/8 05 In order to recover fully from my adventure after Hash 1392, and to demonstrate to the Hash that I still retain some sanity and self-control, I have decided from now on to consume only soft drinks. I am therefore reconsidering the price rise posted below. We softies are the backbone of the hash and it is only right for the beeries to subsidise our most valued participation. GM
31/7/05 Pop price rise: In these difficult times the inner circle has been forced to take the draconian measure of increasing the price of soft drinks to 100 rupees, as officially notified herewith. Asst Shitemeister
27/7/05. Situation vacant: If anyone is looking for a job the latest Economist is advertising the position of British Ambassador to the Holy See (the Vatican). They are only offering £40-60,000 but you get to go to a lot of cocktail parties and religious ceremonies. Contact the GM if you are interested. Keeled
18/7/05 Grovel on! I've got a stupidass staff meeting to attend so probably can't even make the run. Fox P.S. I don't accept the exalted crap. I will come to run Tuesday.
16/7/05 Dear most exalted Fox, Could you set next week's hash? Yours grovellingly, Keeled
19/5/05 Mystery race? Does anyone know about the Bhaktapur-Nagarkot half marathon announced in the Himalayan Times recently. It is apparently being origanised by the Himalayan Inter-cultural Association on June 11 with a 21-km race for men and 10-km race for women. Keeled Over
19/5/05 This year's Nash Hash will occur at Mysore, courtesy of Bangalore HHH. Details available at: www.bangalorehash.com/subpages/nash_hash.html Yours hashfully, Digit
10/6/05 Right, we'll have an election for a new old fart tomorrow. Those hashers who wish to stand, please prepare your acceptance speech. Those that wish to sit, get ready for the ususal down-down for not standing. GM
10/6/05 Dear Assitant Shitemaster and alleged Fellow Mismanagement Committee Member (actually no, AssShite has bogged off to Jomsom, so it is ME, the GM, receiving this), I read with interest the GM's diatribe on your failure to mention him in articles for other (irrelevant) hashes and his apparent complaint about having had to be GM for the past five years, isn't it perhaps time that we sacked the old fart and elected a new one? We would then be able to claim the first democratically elected leader in the country since first Feb. Your Humble Servant, Towed

PS, I do not recall approving the aforementioned submission to Stockholm. Does this have anything to do with your bid to win the Nobel Hash Prize for 2006?

PPS, This is not a bid for power. I will reject all nominations, being far happier Bating other Masters`

9/6/05 GM, Plan B for Hash 1387: Due to road works on the route from Mahankal to Pyataar, it will not be possible to take the usual route to the on-in site. I will check later this week to see if it is still possible to get here from Gokarnashwar. An alternative may be the parking lot at the bottom of the pine tree hill above Arubari. I will let you know before this Saturday. Regards, Lao Lover
9/6/05 I am pleased to report that the Hash now has lots of paper following Handphun's clearing out of her office before departing for Bangkok. It's piled up in my office forcing me to consider laying off staff to make more room. GM
9/6/05 Dear Mr Keeled Over, In my official capacity as Grand Master of the HHHH, as I have been for the last FIVE BLOODY YEARS, I am most disgusted to note that you have not included any mention of me in the article you prepared for the Stockholm hash encyclopaedia (although I do get my name in the one you did for the Bangkok hash magazine - why was I later struck out?). It is my intention therefore to cancel your membership of the HHHH. However, because you are running the webshite at the moment, I will defer this action until I take over again, or you make amends by adding my full glorious hash history to your submission. I note that you've mentioned yourself in the article. Yours, unappreciated. GM
15/4/05 Shredding services needed. Following the relocation of my office I have a huge pile of used paper. Bearing in mind that we are not so well off for hash paper at the moment, can anybody get it shredded? No paper No hash. OK GM
23/5/05 Another screw-up! The best efforts of the Hash Coordination Sub-committee mean that the next two hashes (1384 and 1385) will start from around the same point! This could lead to some interesting problems with paper crossover. The Himalayan Hash: a genuine commitment to mismanagement! KO
19/5/05 Recent edict from the British Embassy's Sterling Club about members and balls!! "The Club is looking into obtaining lightweight balls for younger children to play with and would request members with families not to bring their own heavier balls into the Club." KO 
7/5/05 A contrite message from Viaggro last Saturday: Rotter, I was bringing four fresh female virgins (non-Scandinavians!) for the GM to enjoy at todays hash, but now the gods - apparently strongly disapproving of this offering of appeacement to the GM - have brought another day of heavy fog and no airplanes to\from Lukla, so I am forced to enjoy these virgins all alone yet another day. on on Viaggro
6/5/05 (3 pm) Rotter saves the day! Rotter will be setting tomorrow's hash after failing to coerce The Fox into doing it. Will Viagro be man enough to show up next week and face the consequences? KO
6/5/05 (1.30 pm) Hash Emergency: Does anybody want to lay tomorrow's hash!? Viagro is stuck in Lukla! He may still make it back but in the meantime check this space tomorrow morning (Saturday) to confirm where the hash will be. Email Keeled or phone Rotter with any queries. The Hash must go on! KO
21/4/05 Eat your hearts out hashers! Next year it'll be the full Marathon. ON ON Ever Ready
21/4/05 Bearing in mind Every Ready's attraction for the Hash paparazzi, is there any doubt that she won in a photo finish? Groan with the GM
21/4/05 Sounds to me as if it took the organisers almost as long to get the results out as it did for Ever Ready to complete the course! Towed
21/4/05 Dear David, For a laugh! See you on Saturday, Leyla (Great. We've been lamenting lately the lack of a female FRB, so we're naturally looking forward to having you at the sharp end - GM)
21/4/05 GM's Believe it or Not >>> From: "yvonne" <ygray@kathmandumarathon.org Dear Leyla, Congratulations, you are the 1st place winner of the Toyota Kathmandu's women's senior 5km race. The organizers of the Toyota Kathmandu Marathon 2005 received the certified results of the winners on Monday, April 4. The prizes will be distributed at a press conference at the Nepal Tourism Board Auditorium on April 21, 2005. This date has been chosen because of the need to accommodate winners traveling from far regions of Nepal after the bandh. Please come and claim your trophy, thank you for generously donating your prize money. See you there, Yvonne Gray Director of Runner (sic - does this suggest anything to you? - GM)
17/4/05 After Hash 1379 Connie, Itchy Balls, and colleagues will arrange food and drink for all. You are welcome to bring children, grandmothers, friends, . . . etc. The more the merrier!
14/5/05 About Rahim becoming Wahid in Trash 1377 - I did correct the RA who first of all called him Abdul. His name is actually Rahim. Can you change in the trash please (now corrected - GM).

I would also like to complain about the RA's totally wrong description of events on Run 1373 in Trash 1377. Viaggro didn't come to the rescue - he was the one who buggered off with the keys! Its all carefully documented in Trash 1373. Towed

3/3/05 If anyone took any photos of Hash 1376 could they let Rotter or Keeled have copies of them. Also, a Sigg bottle was left behind and is with Keeled. KO
30/3/05 Dear World Traveller, I must claim editorial responsibility for implying that you were hiding in western Nepal in last week's trash. As my journalist father always taught me, never let the truth get in the way of a good story. All correspondence on this matter is now closed. Keeled Over
25/3/05 Deer Gee Em, Yore admirabel skribe, The Fox, incorrectly implies in Trash 1374 that I woz in west Nepal last week. Indeed, I was west of Nepal but also some way south, having gone to Maputo for the weekend (its wot us internashional travvelers do for weekends)

This week, I will also be somewhere else, as I will be for the following two weekends although not necessarily the same somewhere else as I will be this weekend. Here's hoping that the Hash can cope without my presence. Towed

22/03/05 Dear all Okay, I stand corrected, beership down is getting faster. (Curiously though he complaints about his knee and his ankle and has been seen around the travellers clinic). Much appreciated too that the GM adopted my hairstyle (Hash 1371) with the braid and gave a preview of how I will look in 63 years. (No FF, you will look much better, not having, like me, spent the last years of verdant youth mismanaging the HHHH and attempting to control Crafties, Toweds, Keeleds, Grumbles, and many other Danes - GM, age 41)

As a preparation for the 10.000 km run in 2006, I will accompany a runner from Vancouver to Calgory (Calgary?, Calvary? - GM). Plan is to run this distance with 40 - 50 km a day, starting the 15th of April. www.worldrun.org - On On Fast Forward

22/2/05 What is Bendytoes doing these days? Click here - GM

22/2/05 Dear GM How about Bright Eyes - Watership Down's theme song? Run Crafty

Sorry, having decided that Fast Forward's thinking behind Jumble Balls was completely illogical the Hash Committee (Democratic Rotterist/Keeledist) has decided to stick with Beership Down - GM

18/2/05 Dear GM, Just who is this predecessor of Fast Forward with the ridiculous hash-name of
Jumble Balls? Chris Warren

OK, Jumble, following my complete takeover and censoring of this shite I have now decided to ease up on reporting restrictions on Fast Forward. The messages below explain it all - GM

18/2/05 Hello dear hashers. Reading the latest trash I was surprised to see the nomination for Chris Warren to bear the name of Bugsy. I apologise but anything as slow as Chris CANNOT, I repeat CANNOT be carrying any name related to something as fast as a rabbit. Warren equals labyrinth equals jumble equals junk. All relating more to as I know Chris and explains his late arrivals. I would settle for junk, but could agree with jumble. Keep it up On on Peter 13/1/05
18/2/05 Hello David. Thinking of the rabbit qualities associated with Chris Warren I realised that I might have taken the wrong qualities! To rectify my possible mistake I suggest to change his name and cover both options with the new name "Jumble Balls" (Nice variation of Jingle bells) Hope to read the news in tomorrows run. Cheers. OnOn Peter 14/1/05
9/2/05 Get fleeced! I will be selling Hash fleeces at next Saturday's hash (1370) for NR 400 each. These snazzy garments feature Shona's patented two-way zipping system for extra ventilation. There are only a few left. Towed Under

13/2/05 Having departed the HHHH last year, news has just reached the GM that Fast Forward has taken up running for fun. Click here for more. GM

17/2/05 Dear GM, I propose that Jumble Balls gets a proxy down-down next week for his predecessor Fast Forward's bragging about his athletic prowess. Do you agree? Keeled

17/2/05 Yes, but first we should find how out how fast Jumble can do 10k and whether he has fun doing it. I'm sure Run Crafty or Yogi Hare could slip this distance in between checks without anybody noticing. GM

9/2/05 In view of the proclamation (on the latest webshite) that the GM is to assume absolute powers I presume that the Toweds are under house arrest and will be prohibited from attending any HHHH meetings - or maybe the Toweds have already fled to India (off paper). I call upon the GM to reaffirm the basic principles of the hash and restore Towed to his writeful position. After all, can you imagine a hash trash written by the GM. Good luck to you all. Turd Herder (in Kuwait) and Bog Trotter (in Ireland)

Hash Proclamation

1/2/05 In light of the worsening mismanagement of the Hash the grave decision has been taken to disband the Hash Mismanagement Committee and hand absolute powers over to the GM. Until further notice no criticism of the Great Leader is allowed under any circumstances -- even for mismanaging the circle -- and all submissions to this organ will be strictly censored according to the Duckworth-Lewis method. Anyone making slanderous remarks about the good offices of the hash or burning tyres in the circle will be handed over to the Religious Adviser (whereever he is). Long live the GM (whereever he is). ASM

28/1/05 Deer GM again, Wot I want to know is why you are not publishing incisive and witty contributions such as the one below on the webshite yet boring old flat blacktop runs around Ratna Park receive copious column inches?  Wot also happend to the brilliantly witty trash for Run 1358 (or was it 9?)
Toed (if you changed the spelling of my name as above, would TU become Hen Toed?)

This is the offending piece: " It is with some joy that I see in the BBC news today that our own Sideways (the BBC has aways ben a bit behind with hash name changes) has been nominated for 5 Oscars.  Presumably his departure at the end of the month is in order to be present at the Hollywood ceremony on 27th February. Towed"

28/1/05  Well-known financier, interior decorator, and part-time hasher Ron Crafty is taking the credit for Nepal's leading commercial bank announcing its first operating profit since time immemorial. Mr Cranky said that it was all down to the new lime green curtains in the Dhulikhel branch. Asst Shitemeister
23/11/04 Need more than the Keeled Over, Squirrel, and Run Crafty 3hr+ runs? Then try the Kathmandu International Marathon next year. Shorter distances also available. Click here for details. I've got some entry forms if you need one. GM
30/1/05 Note from Ever Ready Leyla re. Hash 1368: "As usual, I'll serve some food and wine after the down downs.  Whatever is needed to get people home on a bandh day!" 
26/1/05 Join Keeled Over in the 10,000 metres race that is being held alongside the Kathmandu International Marathon on Friday 18 February. The cost is $7.50 for local ex-pats. You have to be at the start at Basantapur, Durbar Square, New Road by 7 am for the 7.45 am start. The route goes around Ratna Park and through Patan and back to New Road. Please let me know on Saturday and give me the money or else book yourselves at any Bakery cafe. The ealry start gives enough time to recover for the following day's hash! Click here for details ... On On, Keeled Over
25/1/05 Dear fellow bottomfeeders: I ran my first Kabul Hash on Friday. Through not-so-beautiful downtown Kabul - in the snow. Good bunch but limited songsters. I'll have to introduce them to Songman's repetoire beginning with "And the hairs..." No Trash either but we know how to fix that. OnOn MacPole

22/1/05 Dave, The threat to be constantly Hashitted on had the desired effect. Do you have numbers, virgins, returnees, leavers, etc . . . . . On On, Nigh Towel

Trash 1359 is now published. All we need now are photos GM

19/1/05 Honoured GM, I have re-emerged from hibernation and Scotland. The family have gone home to Brisbane, so I now might write a suitably timely Trash for Run 1359. Does anyone have any photos of the Down-Down so I can get work out who did what, and to whom? (the GM certainly doesn't have any) I wasn’t taking notes at the time (as I didn’t know I was supposed to write it until afterwards)

Detailed directions for Hash 1366: (don’t know why Keeled is laying claim to the Nagarkot area, it’s actually controlled by our activist friends from the Melamchi Valley, see the report on the Sankhu Police Station shoot-out)

Bhaktapur – Nagarkot road - 0 km at Changu Narayan turn-off - pass NEA Training Centre on R at 2.8km - Park by Volley Ball Court on L at 4.4km On-On, ByKnighted Owl Click here for a map

18/1/05 Hash Territory Dispute: GH sahib Night Owl volunteered to set next week's hash from a couple of km beyond Bhaktapur on the Nagarkot road -- ie in my area! Keeled Over

18/1/05 In an admirable effort to keep the Trash Record complete Keeled Over has provided a photo for Trash 1338. Seems to include all the paper. GM

Now all we need are the words for Trash 1359 from Benighted Owl who I declare to be Stand-in Hashit until they appear. GM

17/1/05 Hello David Thinking of the rabbit qualities associated with Chris Warren I realised that I might have taken the wrong qualities! To rectify my possible mistake I suggest to change his name and cover both options with the new name "Jumble balls" (Nice variation of Jingle bells). Hope to read the news in tomorrows run. Cheers. On on. Peter

Dear Fast Forward, surely you must be aware that Hash Names can only be proposed in the circle. So if you are really keen on getting your poor slow associate renamed you'd better get back here quick - GM

17/1/05 Hello dear hashers. Reading the latest trash I was surprised to see the nomination for Chris Warren to bear the name of Bugsy. I apologise but anything as slow as Chris CANNOT, I repeat CANNOT be carrying any name related to something as fast as a rabbit. Warren equals labyrinth equals jumble equals junk. All relating more to as I know Chris and explains his late arrivals. I would settle for junk, but could agree with jumble. Keep it up. On on. Peter. (Long live MSF solidarity and team spirit - GM)
12/1/05 Which idiot tried to fill in the Hash Sheet for Run 1364??? - waiting for clarification - puzzled GM


Did these guys pay or not, and what does the 'g' code in next week's column mean?

Who is this? Was the Hash visited by one of the Hindu pantheon?


How much did this person pay and in which currency?

31/12/04 We are OK, with nothing to worry about. Was in Koh Yai Yow island off the east coast when it happend, and the island was protected by the bay. However was not able to get in touch with the outside world untill now. There is a lot of damage and death on the west coast of Phuket. Will be returning to Bangkok tomorrow, and back to Kathmandu on Sunday, Jan 2. Naren and Line
27/12/04 21:25hrs I have just received a phone call from Dead Dog to say that the Burtons are all safe in Phuket and will return to Nepal on Dec 30th as planned. Whew! GM
22/12/04 Rotter, You may have been wondering why Leech Screech has missed a run or two. Sunday was the launch of "Stories and Customs of Manang: As told by the Lamas and Elders of Manang" of which Tsering was joint author. Here's pictures of the book cover and Tsering signing. On On, Run Crafty
18/11/04 Still alive? I am hashing in the moment with the Kampala, Nairobi and Kigali Hash. Good hash spirit everywhere. Click here for my hashing history. Could you give Apple my email address. On,On, Karl Will do - GM
26/11/04 The organisers of the Toyota Marathon seem to claim that this is the first marathon in Kathmandu. They are lying through their smelly shoes, because I completed the First International Kathmandu Marathon in 1993 proudly wearing a HHHH T-shirt and have the Khukuri presented to me by the mayor of Lalitpur to prove it. The memories are sweet: At the starting line in KTM Durbar Square seconds before the run was shot off and all were deep in concentration, a hawker came along trying to persuade me to buy tiger balm. In Bhaktapur I knocked over a crossing sheep, and back on the ringroad those of us who were not part of the police-escorted elite running pack found that all the marshalls in charge of drinks supplies had gone home for their khanna, so we had to resort to tea shops for sustenance. At Kalanki the traffic jam was so immense that the chemicals infused into my body would have barred me from any future competitions for decades had any dope tests been carried out. Finally, both of my big toe nails feel off a week after the event, just because I forgot to wear double sized shoes. You may think that you will be able to get hints from the marathon sites on the internet, but they won't prepare you for this. How, for instance, would those official sites be able to inform you about the price of tiger balm, the best tea shops on the ring road or the rate for a sheep's broken leg? Rodent - the HHHH KTM Marathon Adviser
23/11/04 Hi GM, How are you and all the old and steady HHHH runners? Just wanted to send you a picture of how things is like back in Moose-land. It might look like the Lost Ark finally found paper, falling down from sky, but maybe it's snow? However, I miss you all! Best regards Lost Ark
19/11/04 I have brought Trash 1353 and another couple back to life. GM
19/11/04 If Ever Ready were not so photogenic, surely the Hash Trash Photo Editor, with such a discerning eye, would not have published so many photos. The rest of us are jealous. The Fox
19/11/04 Dear GM, I note Ever Ready's understandable confusion (its her age, you know) regarding the award of the Hashit on Run 1353 (the trash thereof, on the old trashes page, seems to have lost its link to reality). As Stand-In Master I was responsible for making this prestigious award. Ever Ready is indeed correct that Rule 154 was cited, but by me, not the RA. This rule clearly states, and I quote, "any person bringing, intending to bring or thought to have brought in the past, edible substances derived from the internal organs of unfortunate aquatic fowl for the consumption of innocent Harriers after the has run shall be immediately awarded the Hashit". The award was therefore for bringing pate to the hash not, as the RA reported in his otherwise immaculate trash, for not bringing it. On On. Towed
18/11/04 11:00 hrs Phone call from Grumble to the GM asking for the spelling of the word after 'Danish' to be corrected or he will stop the supply of paper. How COULD he misspell the most important word in hashing? GM
18/11/04 Dear Rotter, Regarding the picture of me in the trash from Run 1355. What would you look like after a Down Down in some tricky fluid stuff which taste of "Lever Pate"? Next time try Danish bear. Grumble
18/11/04 Dear GM, I will not be at the run this Saturday as it appears that there is a general belief that I need to get a facial cure of sorts or go through plastic surgery. However, I do expect a gorgeous photo of a bit more than the tip of my nose on 27 November. Perhaps a full photo from the back?

By the way, I know you just want me back because of the food I bring! However, it is still unclear to me whether I received a down down several weeks ago for bringing pate or for not bringing it. If my recollection is correct (after the returner's pot), the Religious Adviser cited Rule no. 154 as stipulating that bringing pate is an offence. Yet the Trash refers to my not bringing any, hence the down down. Please clarify. Until I know what the Rule stipulates, I will be cautious with what I bring. Ever Ready

17/11/04 Dear Rotter, I note with some surprise the remarks made by Ever Ready. I could have sworn the main photo for Run 1355 was of Grumblewald. Amazing how alike they look, ain't it? Towed
17/11/04 Dear Ever Ready, This is what happens when I'm away and the standard of photography plummets. If you agree to return to us, and I am actually present at the same run, I will endeavour to snap you in your most glamorous moments. I will then do some retouching to get rid of the embarrassing bits and, if there is enough of the shot left, post it in the most prominent position on the webshite. GM
16/11/04 Dear GM, I am thinking of giving up hashing in Kathmandu. For three weeks in a row the most hideous photos of me have featured in the Trash, with equally nasty remarks. I will admit that I may not be the beauty I was four and a half years ago when I joined the HHHH, but have I deteriorated that much??!! It is most alarming. Please advise. Should I continue hashing here? Ever Ready
12/11/04 Anybody interested in participating in the Nash Hash in Puri, India on December 3rd-5th? Click here for more information. GM
3/10/04 Hi David, Yesterday Baz died of some intestinal disease, antibiotics did not help, maybe should have tried a few beers. Too early for such a lovely dog, we count on a serious down down for this enthusiastic Hasher, Cheers to all and On On from Austria. Peter and Maria
9/10/04 Let Towed, Rotter, or Keeled know if you intend coming on the 25th anniversary event and staying overnight. Limited spaces -- so book early! Sorry for giving so much advance notice to those who don't like to plan so far ahead. Hash mismanagement committee
29/9/04 GM Sahib, I note Towed's tiresome and verbose ramblings about the excellent trash what I wrote. But has he actually read trash 1348? It does record the antics of Shrivelled Squirrel and Bill, their down-down, and the raksi stop!! Is it just that it is not in the usual predictable boring format? The virgins, newcomers etc. are listed at the top; so, for once I decided not to trot off the usual incredibly tedious list of what happened in the circle. Also, since when has accuracy been a feature of the trash? Yours in high dungeon. Keeled Over