Hash Latest Archive - 2 May 2008 to 7 September 10
21 Aug 10 at 9:30am Slight Change of Location forToday's Hash 1663. Instead of turning off right into the quarry area as described in the instructions follow the main road down and west a few metres and turn left to reach a round shelter. The hare will put paper down to guide you. Sounds like Kruel has had enough of circles in a downpour and prefers ceremonies to take place under cover! GM
10 Aug 10 On Hash 1662 there will be no paper laid except at checks. You will be expected to negotiate the route with a map and compass, in the manner of orienteering. So you need to arrive with a compass. The hare will distribute maps. See the run details page for more information. GM
30 July 10 Nepal Shakes presents its latest show - Eugene Ionesco's Exit the King which opens on Friday, 30 July 2010. The play is an absurd comedy and shows will continue on 31 July, 1 August, as well as 6-8 August. The performances begin at 6 p.m. except for two extra Saturday matinee shows (31 July and 7 August) which start at 2 p.m. Tickets are available for Rs. 400 and student tickets will cost Rs. 200. Opening night tickets cost Rs. 1,000 with dinner at Dhokaima Cafe included. Closing night tickets cost Rs. 700 with wine and cheese after the show. Tickets are available at venues around town as mentioned in the attached flyer as well as at the door on the day of the show. Please write nepalshakes@gmail.com to make reservations online. Or do call 552-2113 for additional information. We look forward to seeing you there!
30 July 10 Farewell to Jason! He's served his sentence in Kathmandu, and is being released back to Australia tomorrow. Come and have a beer tonight (Friday 30th) to see him off - drinks are starting from 5pm at AYAD Tim's (near Roadhouse Cafe at Bhat Bhateni), and continuing from 9pm in Thamel (plan is Comfort Zone, but subject to change). Please call Jason (98086 46524) or Mamma's Boy (97510 16958) for directions.
25 Jul 10 An unprecedented loop at the end: Click the link to see the ups and downs of Hash 1659: 9.5km length and 800m ascending & descending! Competing for run of the year! :) Handcream
19 Jul 10 See the routes: Click on the links to see the routes of Hashes 1658 and 1657. HandKream
Run 1657: http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=713669
Run 1658: http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=713679
1 Jul 10 Thirsty Gerbil: An unseemly sentence that compares a kiss to the union of a thirsty gerbil and a giant water bottle has won the top prize in an annual bad writing contest. San Jose State University said Tuesday that Molly Ringle of Seattle was the grand prize winner of the 2010 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. In her entry, Ringle describes a “lengthy, ravenous kiss” between two lovers: “Ricardo lapping and sucking at Felicity's mouth as if she were a giant cage-mounted water bottle and he were the world's thirstiest gerbil.” The literary competition honours the memory of Edward George Earl Bulwer-Lytton, the Victorian writer famous for beginning his novel Paul Clifford with the line, "It was a dark and stormy night." [I think that DiTW should enter this competition with some of his trashes! ed.] Dead in the Water

27 Jun 10: Register now - not many seats left!

Spotted by the GM in a recent edition of Kantipur Newspaper.

27 Jun 10 Michael Owen brings his new shoes to the hash. Ex-England playmaker takes up hashing after being left out of the World Cup squad for South Africa 2010. Rotter

25 June New trashes posted! Check it out!! Click here. Some are lacking photos -- send to Keeled Over if you have any. KO
20 June Recovery mode: Good to see Sticky Vikki back at yesterday's hash. The news on the other casualty from the hash weekend is that Dead in the Water is back home after a stay in the VVIP suite at the Norvic and is bracing himself ready to get the constitution-writing process back on course. KO
8 Jun 2010: Hashes 1650 and 1652: See the routes we took at the Dhulikhel weekend. Mr Handcream

Saturday's run, 14.3km, 903m up, 890m down. See:

Sunday's run, 5.7km, 288m up, 603m down. See:
HHHH Naming and Shaming Section
25 May 10: The GM for not paying He Bitch for the t-shirts. HB's partner
18 Apr 10: The GM for mismanaging the beer arrangements. ANON

Hash Weekend on 5 June

Email Keeled Over if you are coming and want to reserve a room.

Hash weekend updates

Update 5: Friday 6pm: When you arrive at the hotel say you are with Raj's group/the running club/the Hash or whatever and grab a room if there are two/three/four of you or you want a single room (costs more - see below). I think there are plenty to go around. If you need someone to share with then Keeled Over can assign you to someone of a similar gender. KO should be there by 1215. [39+4] KO

Update 4: Friday 1130: Lady Chatterley and a few others are joining a World Environment Day cycle rally from Ktm Durbar Square to Bhaktapur and are then carrying on to Dhulikhel. Registration is at 7am at Ktm Durbar Square with a planned setoff time of 730 am. LC

Update 3: Friday 10 am: No transport has been laid on. Buses to Dhulikhel and beyond leave from the Old Bus Park near Bhrikuti Mandap. Easier is to get a taxi out to Koteshwor on the Ring Road and then jump on a bus there. Note that the hotel is 4km beyond Dhulikhel. Or cycle out via Lakhuri Bhanjyang or join the rally (see above). Stating the bloody obvious 2: The hash fees of NR 400 for beer and NR 150 for soft drinks are not included in the NR 2,300. We are now 38 adults and 4 kids. KO

Update 2: Thursday 1pm: Try and arrive at the resort by midday on saturday so that we can organise the rooms and be ready for Hash 1650 at 2pm. Stating the bloody obvious 1: the overnight stay is on the Saturday and not the Friday. And the GM has agreed to honour the hash weekend with his august presence. We now stand at 33 adults and 4 kids. The Mismanagement Committee

Update 1: Thursday 10 am: 31 adults and 4 kids are confirmed so far. The GM is threatening to come. Check back here on Friday evening when I will post the final arrangements. KO

25 May 2010: Hash weekend details: Auspicious Hash 1650 will be held from Dhulikhel with an overnight stay at the Dhulikhel Mountain Resort afterwards. The cost is only NR 2,300 per person for dinner, a shared room, breakfast and lunch (NR 3,300 if you don't want to share with other smelly hashers and want a single room). Email Keeled Over to book, letting us know how many people you are, your phone number and if you can offer others a lift out there on the Saturday. No transport arrangements have been made, but it's easy enough to get a taxi or a bus out there. The resort lies 4km beyond Dhulikhel at Khawa on the main road that heads towards the Tibetan border. There may be a second run on the Sunday morning. KO

26 May 10:
Hash Weekend Moved to 5 June!
Constituent Assembly in Turmoil
Book Early for a Fun Weekend

After long deliberations by the Three Party Hash Caucus (TPHC [Wankers]) a typical hash fudge has been arrived at by shifting Hash 1650 and the Hash Weekend to 5 June, with Hash 1651 now being scheduled for 29 May from Keeled Kottage. Otherwise the details remain the same (see below). Send in those emails to book early as the overwhelming response to the previous invitation caused the Hash Server to crash last week.

Important: We need hares for the Dhulikhel hashes on Saturday and Sunday as many of the usual suspects are either crippled or otherwise incapacitated. A special discounted rate (seriously) is on offer for anybody who wants to go out on the Friday to check it out and then set the run on the Saturday.

26 May 10: NEWSFLASH: Kind dog owner found with hashing connections. Sundari may appear on future hashes. Becci

10 May 10: KIND DOG OWNER NEEDED: Are you looking for a caring companion who might also be a running partner for you? Sundari is looking for a new home. She is a smallish dog with a lovely nature and really needs to go to a good home. Two of her previous owners ran with the Himalayan Hash - she is a great hash dog! Please contact Becci asap if interested on leebecci@hotmail.com (Becci is not her current owner but is trying to find a better situation for Sundari... please help!) Becci

23 Apr 10: Taking it easy! FRB Narayan, aka False Buddha, has been taking it easy recently. A few weeks after finishing in the top 10 in the 71 km run from Pokhara Lakeside, FB put in a sterling performance last week in the 65 km Ultra Everest Marathon from Gorak Shep (5184m) to Lukla. Look out for some ballbreaker hashes from young Narayan in the near future. The Mismanagement Committee

18 Apr 10: The Second Coming by William Butler Yeats (Supplied by Dead in the Water)

TURNING and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

18 Apr 10 Hash 1643: Click here to see this impromptu figure of 8 hash set from Tokha. Handcream to Haiti
16 Apr 10 On-on... in spite of all the mismanagement! KO
19 Nov 09 Dear Gee Em, If we impose the naming and shaming section strictly we might as well rename Supersuction to Super-reduction. I know we shouldn't pity people but we all know VSO stands for Very Small Ollowances so could we not ask him to do funny tricks in the circle instead or share his private stash of G&T's with us?
-- FYI I know we could be twins but it was Stripties that raised his eager hand for the words on 1620.
--Question: do you get 100 Nrs reward if you (you mean 'I') deliver the trash before the run? (Yes, I will institute this award, but the dosh will only be paid out if 1) the words have at least some resemblance to the run, and 2) you are not Hare and in a postion to write the Trash before laying paper according to its contents - GM)
--Will see if I can do any hash tribute construction activities regarding running achievements. OnOn. HeBitch
30 Mar An easy day off from the Hash: The Hash was well represented at the 71k race in the Annapurna area last Saturday. Miki Upreti, Moire O'Sullivan, Narayan Acharya and Richard Bull all completed the full distance. Even more, the ladies took all the female prizes, and Narayan and Richard left more than half of the field behind! Race reports, etc. soon to follow on http://trailrunningnepal.org. Better not allow this bunch to set any more hashes. They might have acquired a taste for longer distances that will frighten the rest of you lazy lot. Better join them next year to keep an eye on them. Cheers, Roger Henke
18 Mar Chappel eating monsters: Click here to read about a recent adventure to a lost world not too far from Kathmandu. Click on View to see the detailed map. KO
16 Mar Soliciting on the hash: Please let Roger know if you plan to take part in the Pokhara long distance races on 27 March. He'll be soliciting at the hash on Saturday. KO
23 Feb Half long distance run: The organisers of the Pokhara long distance run (see below) are welcoming runners who only want to do half the course -- 35 km from Lakeside Pokhara to Birethanti with an entry fee of £50. For Nepali runners, both full and half distances are free. Spiderwoman is taking part in the 70 km run! Contact Roger at the email below if you are interested. KO
2 Feb 10 Long distance run: On 27th of March there is going to be a 65-70km race from Pokhara, mostly trail: starting at lakeside, on the road to the North, then the jeep road up to Sarangkot, on to Naudanda, continue to Kavre on the old mule trail then a km or so on the road to Lumle, then on the trail to Chandrakot, Birethanti, up to Ulleri, Ghorepani and Poon Hill, and back down to Birethanti for the finish. Email Roger for more details. Roger Henke
5 Mar 10: Weenie Roast: On the auspicious occasion of my birthday, a weenie roast will follow hash 1637 at Kruel's Kastle. All hashers are welcome. Kruel
24 Feb 10 Two important beer-related news reports:
1. Britain appoints minister for pubs: The British government has appointed a minister of pubs, who will be in charge of trying to slow the rate at which pubs are closing. Wentworth MP John Healey is heading a five-minister task force and is reportedly considering tax breaks for pubs [and will no doubt be researching the issue by drinking copious amounts of beer].
2. Beer makes bones stronger: New research suggests that drinking beer can be good for bones and may help prevent osteoporosis, a condition where bones become thin and weak. Scientists from the University of California have found beer is a significant source of dietary silicon, which they say helps build bones. Christian
26 Jan 10 The Gurkha's Ball. Any hashers who would like to share a table with He Bitch at the British Gurkha's Ball at the Hyatt, Baudha on 5 March 2010 should contact me. Hoi Sin (Rowena)
8 Feb 10 Marathon success: The hash congratulates Rajendra Bhandari for winning the South Asian Games marathon in the amazing time of 1 hour and 59 minutes! KO
2 Feb 10 See the last four hash trails: Click the following links to www.everytrail.com to see the course, length and altitudes of the last four hashes as captured by my GPS. Do check it out: it's amazing the information they show including that my top speed is about 11 mph!

Run 1630, Run 1631, Run 1632, Run 1633

You can also search on Everytrail.com for trailruns and find these trails, with links to the H4 website.
Cheers, Handcream to Haiti

2 Feb 10 Othello: Get your tickets for the drama performance Othello: The Sen of Nepal by emailing here. The show runs from 5-7 and 12-14 February and is staged at 6pm at Rato Bangala School. Christian
26 Jan 10 Global warming alert! The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on Tuesday revised its predictions on global warming after it heard that the GM had finally managed to start up his Landrover (aka the Hash Beer Chariot). And he won't be able to give anyone a lift to hash 1633 unless you want to arrive there at 11am. KO
21 Jan 10 Hashing is good for! Yes it's confirmed hashing is beneficial for health. Well it's actually 'running' that has been proven to rejuvenate your brain cells as I think that beer drinking has the opposite effect! Click here to read the latest scientific findings. Brainey

13 Jan 10 From November 2009: Record-breaking triathlete and Ironman (!!) champion Chrissie Wellington has been named Sunday Times sportswoman of the year for 2009. See here.

Towed has written to me from Darkest Africa to say that she ran with the HHHH. Towed is often correct and after a quick check of the Hash Shtats I was able to confirm that she came to Runs 1347, 1396, and 1397. Towed adds "I probably remember her because she contacted us (for some bizarre reason) to find out about the Hash. Possible also because she could run considerably faster than me! Back in Addis now, still waiting for the move to Uganda, after three weeks in UK enjoying the cold clear days that we had."

It only remains for me to add that in future there will be a Hash Fee Surcharge for any aspiring triathletes using HHHH beer for performance enhancement. GM

13 Jan 10 The Nepali Hell: Forwarded by Couching Potato (ex HHHH-er Martina Wong) in Hong Kong: A Nepali man dies and goes to hell. There he find that there is a different hell for each country and decides he'll pick the least painful to spend his eternity. And with Nepalese people’s penchant for life overseas, he decides to try countries with greener pastures. He goes to the hell earmarked for Germans and asks, "what do they do here?" He is told "first they put you in an electric chair for an hour. Then they lay you on a bed of nails for another hour. Then the German devil comes in and whips you for the rest of the day". The man does not like the sound of that at all so he moves on.

He checks out the USA hell as well as the Russian hell and many more. He discovers that they are all similar to the German hell. So he resigns himself to the Nepali hell, where he finds a long queue of people waiting to get in. Amazed, he asks, "What do they do here?" He is told "first they put you in an electric chair for an hour, then they lay you on a bed of nails for another hour. The Nepali devil comes in and whips you for the rest of the day.""But that is exactly the same as all the other hells why are there so many people waiting to get in?" asks the man. "Because there is never any electricity so the electric chair does not work. The nails were paid for but never supplied, so the bed is comfortable to sleep on. And the Nepali devil used to be a civil servant, so he comes in, signs his time sheet and goes back home for private business." OnOn GM

16 Nov 09 A new section devoted to outing trash writer promise-breakers and defaulters (and indeed any other shameful behaviour that comes to my attention). After a long and democratic discussion with myself we will impose a non-performance penalty of Rs 100 a week on these people until we receive a concise, witty, and accurate description of the run in question in not less than 500 words of reasonable English. You have been warned! GM
Who: Supersuction Why: he has still not produced words for Trash 1621
Who: HeBitch (or it could be StripTies, they're both pretty useless, although HeBitch's haring has got better) Why: they still have not produced words for Trash 1620
13 Jan 10 Walker's hare needed for Hash 1631. Contact Supersuction (email him here) if can take the walkers on a cultural tour of Patan at Hash 1631. KO
30 Dec 09 Trash 1600: With nothing better to do during last week's 3-day long bandh, Lao Lover has filled a gap in the hash record. Click here to read his account of Hash 1600 - the Saturday run from Charikot on the 2009 hash weekend. KO
31 Dec 09 Hash 1629 Barbeque: There'll be a barbeque with meat and veggie options straight after the circle of Hash 1629. There'll be a rum punch. Other drinks and food to share would be very welcome. KO
23 Dec 09 Genuine excuse for not dallying in the Circle: Hi Guys, Check out the latest weather forecast for our neck of the woods — Thursday 23 Dec: Hi: -29°C, Lo: -36°C, Friday, Hi: -25°C, Lo: -37°C. It's going to be a cold Christmas in Ulan Bator. These readings are all in Centigrade. However, at this low, it doesn't really matter. Your regular kitchen freezer can only go as low as -20°C! Seasons Greetings to you all. Spare Part (aka Alan Christer, ex-HHHH performer - currently Mongolia Hash House Harriers).
27 Nov 09 Cooking chocolate: Dr Death has put out a plea for anyone who goes to Bhat Bhateni Supermarket to buy her some big blocks of cooking chocolate so as she can continue supplying hash brownies. KO
7 Dec 09 And from Towed: Deer Rotts & Keeled, I apologise sincerely for not being able to make it for the 200th anniversary of my leaving run at Handcream's place. I think it was a jolly good idea of his/hers to celebrate such a wonderful event. Sadly I didn't look at the webshite until today. In any case I was busy entertaining 2 more ex-Himalayan Hashers - Scandahoolie Lena and American Chris who turned up here unexpectedly. What is this with sending all your cast off hashers here - I had to suffer the presence of the GMizz a couple of months ago. On On Towed
4 Dec 09 From the Hash diaspora... Why honor all of the Hashers who ran in Hash 1425 (on 4 March 2006 from Sitapaila School)? Would not it be better to honor the survivors of Hash 1625! What are the odds of getting all Hash 1425 participants back together again (I mean a perfect attendance!)? I set at least three Hashes from Sitapaila School -- the scene of the crime where Half Hash poured his beer over Fergie's head 15 years ago. I have a sequence of three photographs of that spillage somewhere. On! On! Stats
2 Dec 09 On-On-On: All participants in Hash 1425 are invited after the hash for the on-on-on at our house in Bhaisipati. We'll have food and beer. If you'd like soda or wine, please bring. Also, I need a walker to lead the walker's hash. Email me here if you can do it. Handcream [Spot the deliberate mishtake. KO]
24 Nov 09 NIBL road races: UPDATED ** The Nepal Investment Bank Ltd is organising a half-marathon, a 10 km and a 5 km road race around circuits to the northeast of the national stadium on Saturday 12 December. You can register at their bank on Durbar Marg, with registration closing on 9 December. And apparently it's free! Roger Henke
1 Dec 09 Hey Gentlemen, I went to the SAMURAI HHH in the suburbs of Tokyo yesterday. It was a great trail running! The trails in my motherland are smooth and beautiful. I met Aki and her happy family also. The run was so close to their house. -- Before arriving in Japan, I finished Bangkok Marathon in 4h 08min 28sec. Hashholic (Uncle Manabe) done it in 5h39min 40sec, too. OnOn Spiderwoman
16 Nov 09 Greetings from Gaborone! As you can see from these pics of last week's Kalahari Hash, I'm missing the mountains and hills of the Kathmandu Valley. It s a bit flat here - the highest hill is about 500 feet. OnOn Victim
12 Nov 09 Supersuction named and shamed: It seems I always end up having deadbeat trash-writers when I hare, or maybe my trails so astound these word-smiths that they are left lost for words. Either way, I've grown weary of reading, "Coming Soon..." for the past six months waiting for a verbal representation of Hash 1595 from Supersuction. Thus, I again write my own. Click here or here for enlightenment. Kruel
That's enough. I now declare SOCIAL DRINKING!!!! GM
12 Nov 09 Hello old Hash buddies, Herman 'FITD' sent me in 2002 the stats up to run 965 in WIN-wks format, which I converted a few weeks ago into an Excel file.
- - By the way, if you're counting mixed and men's runs together, my runs will also exceed 400!! OnOn!! Juergen the MidNightRambler
16 Nov 09 Excellent Slow Drip! As you now say you are retired you will have the time to be a full-time Trash writer. This will remove a great deal of tension from the circle and rid me of a weekly headache. OnOn GM
16 Nov 09 And So It Goes On: Thanks Rotter. Actually, I should go through the photos with you sometime, as I was also able to identify other unidentified hashers in the photos, but didn't mention these in my @. As for the numbers, I wasn't engaging in numerical oneupmanship a la Stats, but merely pointing out that I do have a considerable number of combined runs, which are perhaps not recorded in the stats, despite the information being passed on to Herman and I think you as well. In fact, I am surprised that you have not surpassed several of us yet. Yes, there is the question of the quality of some of those "runs", as opposed to their quantity. In my defense, in some of the cases of tardiness, I was rushing straight from an incoming Thai flight to be a good hound. In other cases, I was doing my best to be a faithful hound and guard the steeds for the more active hounds. In still other cases, well, the last resort of defense is that I am a drinking hound with a running problem, true to the H3 creed, although perhaps at times carried somewhat to excess. Finally, I thought that the ultimate determinant of whether a run has been attended or not was the payment of the dues for the run, for which you have unerringly pressed me on all of those occasions. I therefore submit that indeed, they should count as runs, although I certainly agree that in some cases they were runs attended, not completed. I intend to rectify this wayward attendance behaviour in the new year, when I anticipate faithfully attending, and actually running (if the olde bodie allows) the runs, starting 16 January, and continuing nonstop to 17 July! I may even become quasi-fit again through attendance and participation in the delightful labours of the H4! ON-ON! Slow Drip
16 Nov 09 Slow Drip, I have added your photo identifications to the HHHH Historical Scenes. Yes, I see I have some way to go to top your run count, but I am still able to stand up, and I even find it possible to run every week. Another year and a half and I will be up with you. That is, if you don't carry out your threat to live in Nepal for part of your retirement.
- - By the way, I would dispute that some of your later runs should count. I definitely remember several times finding you waiting at the OnSite to greet the pack arriving back from the run, so whether you can really be allowed to book this behaviour as a genuine run I'm not sure.
- - Following on from publishing the photos I'll try and get a statistics page on the WebShite. This should start many heated arguments about their accuracy, which I shall publish on the front page of the Shite as an illustration of the the type of person who HHHH'd in previous years. See above for what's already arrived! OnOn, Rotter
16 Nov 09 Slow Drip, When I took over the Hash Book I added from the most recent FITD records I could unearth 226 runs for you, and I now have you up to 256, so my count of your total is 463. For the ultimate comparison I have The Fox on 716. GM
12 Nov 09 Sorry Rotter, but you are not yet near any records yet! I have many more runs than Stats does. However, being a purist, or contrarian, I never acknowledged the merging of the men's H4, and mixed, MH3 stats. But indeed that is what happened. I still have the old H3 stats with me, since I used to maintain them. I don't know what you have as my stats, although I do recall informing you at some point several years ago. After leaving Kathmandu in 1999, I never kept close track of my stats, but my records indicate that I had 229 H4, and 207 HMH3 at that point, for a grand total of 436. Of course, since then I have run umpteen runs, so the total must be around 460+??? Rotter, I did give you my best estimate of total runs some years ago, and I am sure that you have been faithfully recording my "appearances" since then. Pray sir, what total do you have for me??? Anything less than 460 would appear to be erroneous, but memory may have failed me too. By the way, we shall soon be returning to the storied valley, where I hope to add weekly to my tally of runs! ON-ON! Slow Drip
15 Nov 09 Yep Stats, Got Run 390 yesterday so I am off into unknown territory. We don't seem to do much for anniversaries these days, perhaps because we're all so impoverished compared to the consultants and development bankers of old, and the strong dollar. But I shall try to reinstitute the custom by getting my own Run 400 t-shirt made. We really ought to have a Hash Haberdasher, but the present punters are pretty apathetic. Shit, it's even hard these days to get a trash written, as you will have seen from recent photo-only ones on the Shite. OnOn, Rotter
12 Nov 09 Rotter, Drink two beers for me--one when you tie me at 390 and one when you pass me at 391! Stats (it was the GM's birthday statistics under the photo in Trash 1621 which prompted this lightning response from the man with the head full of numbers - GM)
12 Nov 09 Hashfest or Bierfest? The Mismanagement has decided not to post the following notice as we don't want hashers going off drinking beer instead of hashing on a Saturday afternoon. "There will be an Oktoberfest-style Bierfest on Saturday 14 November at the 'House of Music' bar/live music club, Thamel. It starts at 2pm and finishes at about 6pm, after which 'Robin and the New Revolution' will be playing at around 7:30. Email Smriti Mallapaty for more details." KO
1 Nov 09 Run Crafty, still alive, has sent me a link to an article about drinking beer before and during a run! Anybody fancy the HHHH doing something similar? Ten checks and a bottle of San Miguel at each should keep down the numbers for the circle. GM
6 Nov 09 And to bring this to a conclusion,end, full stop...no more!!! I'm buggered if I can remember who the hashit was either!!!Incompetent and incapable of running a circle. Yours. SS
6 Nov 09 And what about Trouble??? A down down I think, for lifting his leg and farting in the circle!!! (see main pic) SS
6 Nov 09 Supersucks!! I am delighted to see that you are approaching the level of madness required to run the HHHH. This means that I will soon be able to retire knowing the organisation will be in good hands. We could take a vote on it in the Circle tomorrowif you want. OnOn. GM Oh, and where's Trash 1620 that HeBitch asked you to write?
6 Nov 09 Supersuction to the irreplaceable and interplanetary GM. The pics and shite commentary now being assigned to Run 1614 are scurrilous. There are some dark deeds at play!!! --- This was an exemplary hash!!! I would contend that in photo number 4 (sidebar) I am merely taking some light refreshment after a somewhat stressful run and circle (not to mention the cash taking and trash writing that proceeded and then followed the run (you mean like wot I have to do every week? - GM). --- Fortunately the main photo captures a rapt circle under the spell of some sparkling wit and repartee!!! - a true reflection of the debacle that encompassed the spirit of run 1614. --- Signing off before I become as incoherent as Ties. On on SS
5 Nov 09 Dear GM: That is a difficult choice indeed, let me present the urgency in this matter to our lean flying highlander and hope he'll have mercy on me. OnOn, HeBitch
5 Nov 09 Dear HeBitch: Of course I understand your problems in writing Trash 1620. I will leave you to contact SuperSuction and ask him to do it for you. If the words do not appear on my screen before this Saturday's run I will have to do nasty things to you in the circle. For a start, I will have all your down-down mugs filled with that sweet nectar from the Bagmati River. So the choice is easy for you: produce the Trash, or Death. OnOn, GM
5 Nov 09 Dear Gee Em: As I was trying to reach for the words of last weekend's trash I figured out why they did not come to me ..... because I've been arriving late enough to not see anyone but Dr. Death during the run, so unless you want to read about how I tried for two hours to translate Duch jokes I suggest we leave the noble job to SuperSuction since he was eager to volunteer in order to avoid non-existing responsibilities at work. OnOn. Hee Bee
5 Nov 05 HeBitch has sent me some photos of Run 1614. Click on the Trash link on the left to view them. OnOn. An astonished GM
1 Nov 09 SuperSuction, in a thinly-veiled attempt to get off the bottom of the Hash Hierarchy, has delivered the words for Trash 1614, which were meant to have come from Christoph. But please anybody, send me photos, the location of the OnSite, and the name of the Hashitgetter. GM
29 Oct 09 Who set Hash 1614? The hash archivists have no record of who set Hash 1614 on 26 September. Surely it wasn't He Bitch! Please let Keeled Over or the GM know the names of the hare and the location so as we can update the records for posterity. KO

16 Oct 09 Supersuction, in this email exchange I have noted that Leonie has 'accounting skills'. I'd just like to bring to your attention HHHH Rule No.2 which states clearly and unequivocally: 'the management of the Hash Cash (which I delegated to Lehman Brothers a couple of years ago, the accumulation being so substantial) is deemed to be entirely reliable. No person professionally connected with the auditing of money will be allowed access to the Hash Cash record without a substantial contribution to the account in question'.

I have to add with sadness that, unlike Goldman-Sachs today, there have been no declareable profits for the GM's pension fund this year, so my resignation is on hold as I still haven't got enough for a taxi fare to the Indian border. OnOn. Rotter

10 Oct 09 Christoph, where's Trash 1614 which I am told you promised to write? Just because you have been able to flee the country does not mean that you are absolved of your task. Remember, after I arrange for your name to be added to the Interplanetary (i.e. includes Planet Estonia - see Trash 1615) Hash Blacklist, you will be barred for ever from experiencing the, erm, 'Hash Experience'. GM
20 Sep 09 Winter approaches, even thought the monsoon has not yet been declared over. Note the change of start time to 2pm!! GM
15 Oct 09 Happy 30th Birthday HHHH! Having got that mandatory congratulations out of the way I now have to tell you that I can not be part of the run today, as I am up to my neck in work (many may not believe it, but I have to supplement my pension fund by working now and again) until tomorrow evening. Sorry about this. Would anybody else like to take charge? GM - YES! HeBitch has it all in hand.
11 Oct 09 The 30th Anniversary Run. This event will start from the same place as Run No.1, i.e. 'just west of Thimi on the Bhaktapur main road'. We expect to have a greater turnout than the eight on Run 1, but we may finish with less, as the exact spot of the first circle is probably in the centre of one lane of the Koteshwar-Bhaktapur dual carriageway presently under construction. The Hash Fees will be the current amounts, i.e. historical accuracy will not be followed to the point of charging everybody Rs 25. And if Roger Binks is reading this could he please let me know how long Run 1 was? GM
11 Oct 09 Query to GM - As the 30th Anniversary Run is being held at the same location as Run 0001, as some sort of hashy tribute/ historical re-enactment type thing...can we assume that as part of this homage to the past that the beer price will also be returned to Run 0001 prices? I note from the webshite that it was only 25 NR for beer drinkers on that fateful day back in 1979 ! In anticipation SS
11 Oct 09 SuperSuction, In expectation of this question being asked by everyone in the Hash I have already posted on the Shite that current fees will be charged (although if you can source me a supply of beer for sale at Rs10 a bottle I am willing to be flexible!). OnOn GM
11 Oct 09 GM, I would have turned up today but was too scared...having inexplicably misplaced the Run 1614 attendance list.

Still lady luck stepped in and I finally managed to retrieve it from the pocket of a dirty pair of shorts. The attached picture is proof of the transactions for the day. Unfortunately this is just the receipt, I can't for the life of me remember what happened to the cash, I'm sure I gave it to someone...it may have been Christoph as I recall that he was leaving straight for the airport after the circle and didn't have any money for a beer before his flight...or it it may have been the two Uruguayan hashers who managed to enter Nepal without a visa...still not to worry I'm sure it will turn up.

Oh and on the subject of proof and bonafides, I can personally vouch for Mr Binks. I've hashed with this guy on many occasions in Edinburgh. He provided me with excellent background on the HHHH, taught me the basics of Nepali before I came here. So enough said, what better credentials could he possibly have than an endorsement from the ever reliable SuperSuction?

So having redeemed myself, I should be running again next week!!! On on SuperSuction

11 Oct 09 Supersuction: to put you out of your misery and terror at the thought of standing before me in next week's circle I am happy to inform you that the Run 1614 earnings have already been deposited in my Pension Fund. But to pay for your heinous crime you are ordered to extract Trash 1614 from the pen of Christoph, or write it yourself. GM
10 Oct 09 If this is the right contact, I send greetings from the two Founder Joint Masters on 15 October 1979. Please make contact for more detail and an insight into the first couple of years. 30 years on and still going strong (sorry, but you will need to send proof of this dubious assertion - GM). Roger Binks and on behalf of Keith Robinson.
10 Oct 09 Supersuction, you'd better not turn up today if you do not have the Attendance List for Run 1614. Without this document I am unable to work out the exact amount of my pension fund. I was going to add that I have also lost a week's interest on the takings, but I suppose that, as usual these days, there was a net loss to be made up from the fund. GM
9 Oct 09 I have just got round to posting Trash 1615. Click on the left; it was well worth waiting for. GM
2 Oct 09 HeBitch has finally delivered the words for Trash 1613. Link on the left. With that document out of the way we now move on to inquire WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR TRASH 1614 WORDS, and WHERE IS THE RUN 1614 HASH SHEET? On the other hand thanks to Daniel for photos of the event. GM
2 Oct 09 Have I reached the allowed daily quota of emails to the GM? (Yes, why don't you send anything else to the Adis Hash. Looks like they need any content they can get. GM) The honor of writing Trash 1614 was bestowed upon Christoph (Triple Nipple), who had to make a mad dash to the airport after the Hash to catch his flight back home. We are not sure if he caught the right flight, or if they let his sweaty body on the plane. We have not heard from him since. He promised to write the trash on the plane with the help of free Heinekens. A notable inconsistency in Trash 1613. The photos shows Ties getting Hashit, while the report says Apple got it. Should we believe the photo or HeBitch? OnOn DoggyStyle
2 Oct 09 Well spotted Doggy. Let's ask HeBitch for his recollection of the event tomorrow. GM
2 Oct 09 To set your minds at rest: I am bringing the beer etc to tomorrows run. I have space for three passengers all of whom will be required to keep our dog Bessy quiet. We will depart from the shop near the Bhanimandal basketball court at 12:45hrs. To avoid disappointment, travel in another vehicle. GM
A load of irrelevant rubbish and hubris from Keeled Over:

28 Sep 09 Keeled Konkers the Valley: Recent week’s (sic - See below for more on Keeled's poor English. GM) have seen two momentous achievements by British cyclists with Steve Peat winning the world downhill cycling championship and James Bowthorpe setting the fastest time for the round the world cycle.

To cap it all on 22 September Himalayan Hasher Keeled Over completed the first ever continuous circuit of the Kathmandu Valley rim. He rode from Pharping to Chitlang to Bhimdunga on the first day; to Sanogaun, Kakani and above Budhanilkantha on the second day; to Jhule and Nagarkot on the third day and then to Sanga, Lakuri Bhanjyang, Lele and back to Pharping. He completed the route in 31 hours and 20 minutes of start to finishes on 4 days over a period of 8 days. All Hash Agencies Posted with reluctance by the GM.

28 Sep 09 'Ere: how can a 'continuous circuit' be done in '4 days over a period of 8 days'? Methinks this sloppy writing is evidence of why the UN is about to employ Keeled Over to make up edit their reports. GM
2 Oct 09 A brit may have set the record for fastest time around the world on cycles, but the record for the longest time is held by a Nepali. It says so here. And, is James Bowthorpe planning to cap his feat by climbing Ben Nevis? OnOn DoggyStyle.
Towed at Large
28 Sep 09 Pair of copper wires reach Addis Ababa! Hi all, Just to let you know that the Addis hash is hosting the Africa Hash 2011 in May 2011. We are in the process of getting the hash website up and running (they're a bit backward here) and details can be found at www.addishash.org. Information is a fair bit off being 100% but should all be up to speed in the next couple of weeks. Get the date in your diary. Towed
28 Sep 09 Oh dear! The Adishash has a very slick, professionally-designed, Shite. Come on StripTies and the OLPC crowd of talented nerds, help the HHHH Webshite to move into the modern Joomla (Or Jumla, as we know it in Nepal) content management world. But perhaps I am getting upset over nothing, being dazzled by the slick layout, cross-fading photos, and sponsorship, whereas the content is pretty thin. (Yes I know, I know; they are only just getting started.) Couldn't even find a Towed trash, the well-known antidote to a cup of strong coffee. GM
2 Oct 09 Goodness me, Rotts. I've just checked out the somewhat static HHHH webshite to be hugely touched by your statement that you are missing my trashes so much. I therefore attach the last brief little trash wot I wrote in a humble attempt to overcome your deprivation. You may recognise two or three of those present. (if any HHHH'er is prepared to spend a few evenings reading this typical Towed tedium and reporting a very short summary of its contents to the Members please let me know - GM)

No doubt once we get the website more up to date, Towed trashes may reappear. However the Addis Hash is in the enviable position of having someone (Thin Dick, another WSP-ite who I have actually known for many years) who is eager to pen the trash, so I may not feature too regularly. On On. Towed
2 Oct 09 Dear Gee Emm. I wholeheartedly agree with you that the A2H3 shite is trying to cover for the lack of content with flashy layout. For crying out loud, they have a section on how to set a run!!! They ask hares to plan in advance and tell them that a good run should be between 45 and 60 minutes. These are against the hallowed traditions of H4, and we should know better than to emulate them by any measure. As the old adage goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix. Besides, we are so accustomed to the simple and informative design of the H4 shite that a change might lead to more mismanagement. You will have many 'lost' runners if you change the shite design (especially if you let StripTies lead the transformation). The only part that is worth copying from A2H3 is requiring virgins and newcomers to bring 50 beers (misspelled birr in their shite). On On. DoggyStyle (who we know as a nerdy but otherwise bearable hasher not entirely unconnected with the OLPC programme in Nepal - GM)
10 Sep 09 RIP: Anybody notice that the fast Brit who received all manner of much needed abuse from the pack never came back? It was probably the toxic cocktail within Apples' shoe that did him in. RIP!Kruel
17 Aug 09 The third Kathmandu Marathon: It's on 12 September and a few hashers, led by Spiderwoman, will be taking part. More details from Spiderwoman or check out www.kathmandumarathon.com and www.nepalmarathon.com. KO
29 Aug 09 Trash 1601: DoggyStyle has finally sent in trash 1601 from the Charikot weekend. Check it out by clicking here. KO
17 Aug 09 Deer Gee Emm, After a few weeks' absence I have just visited yore webshite to reed recent trashes including Hash 1606. What the f*** is all that about. You used to complain about my trashes but this Lord of the Rings shite is too much. Pictures embedded in text, funny fonts and so on. What is the world of HHHH coming to? Clearly someone has far too much time on their hands! You will note that, thank god, Addis Ababa HHH does not have a website. Yors in absolute shock, Towed
5 Aug 09 Scribes, we still need words for the following Trashes:1605 (from StripTies, who volunteered with alacrity), 1601 (from DoggyStyle), 1600!!!! (I believe it was StripTies who said he would do it), 1597 (Supersuction?), 1595 (probably Supersuction) GM
5 Aug 09 Photographers, we still need pictures for the following Trash:1594 (come on, someone must have had a camera). GM
24 Jul 09 We are saved by DoggyStyle! Due to the dearth (yeah even total absence) of Willing Hares and the small pool of UnWilling Hares who continue to keep us going each week, I will tomorrow be looking to nominate a Hare for Run 1606 from the large number of hash-hangers-on who have never set a run. You have been warned. OnOn. GM
24 Jul 09 I have just been informed by my Udder that the price of kakri (fat cucumbers) has shot up to Rs100 a kilo. To cope with this drain on my pension fund we can either take a position in the Lagankhel kakri futures market, or introduce a special hash fee surcharge for kakri eaters. Personally, I think I'll benefit best with the latter option. OnOn. GM
23 Jul 09 We have No Hare for this Saturday's Run. If your name ends with Branney, Rosenburg, Bull, Findlay, Burton, Oostrum or similar please contact the GM for a bag of paper. Please. Thanks. PLEASE. GM
23 Jul 09 So finally I have managed to translate the Run 1603 Scribe's written and graphic ravings which you can find here. But I'd also like to point out that the same Scribe promised to write the Hash 1604 tome. It would be ungentlemanly of me to ask the pack to put some pressure on the Scribe, nevertheless it always used to bring Towed panting back to his escritoire. GM
23 Jul 09 Speak of the Devil! - it is He: Good afternoon, Just to let you know that I finally made it to Addis. Its almost like being in Kathmandu, just 1,000 metres higher although the hills aren't quite as steep. Been here two weeks and done five hashes (they run on Saturday and Monday) and will be setting my first hash tomorrow. On On. Towed
23 Jul 09 Hash Health Warning. I am becoming increasingly worried about the danger of Swine Flu decimating the Hash in a like way to a Yogi-hared epic run. In order to reduce the number of Hash Cashulaties (a serious threat to my pension fund) I have made the democratic decision that inoculation is the safest way to proceed. So at this Saturday's run everyone will be a recipient of a down-down from a Hash Brass mug, which I have arranged not to have been washed after last week's run. And the mugs will remain unwashed until everyone has died become immune in the pursuit of Virus-free Hashing. Moreover, in order to protect my person the more, I am warning that the practice of spitting at me in the Circle will no longer be entertained with an easy laugh and shrug. Cough, cough . . . . . earchh . . . . thup! GM
1 Jul 09 Religious Advisor will block sun: I see on the news that there will be a total eclipse of the sun on July 22nd. It will be the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century. Totality will not quite be achieved in Kathmandu, but on looking closely at the path on Google maps it is easily apparent that the centreline is almost directly on St Xavier's School in Jhapa. Does The Fox (the Hash's Religious Adviser) really have to go this far to make his science lessons interesting? I think we should be illuminated, solar or otherwise. He's even arranged the right time: 0645 hrs, during his morning tea break. OnOn Rotter
3 July God Save the Queen on the 4th July Hash! Tomorrow's hash will be from the field past the Army school beyond Bhaktapur on the way to Nagarkot on your left. We've run from here many times before and it always rains when we set it from here. Hope you remember the site- please dig it out of the archives and post it in the shite for the benefit of the hungry hashers. Hope some Yanks can bring some Firecrackers to offset the Monsoon Rains! [Note from GM/KO: There will certainly be a rendition of GSTQ tomorrow!] Apple and Yogi
24 Jun 09 Spiderwoman conquers the Himalayas: Hey Guys, today, Lance Armstrong and I returned from Lukla. I really enjoyed the high altitude 35 km race from Imja glacial lake (5010m) to Dingboche, Tyangboche, Namche, Shyangboche, Kunde, finishing in Khumjung. Lance had a great filming about the run and the glacial lake. We will come back HHHH after taking some low altitude acclimation. We hope you had a fantastic weekend in Charikot. On-On! Spider Woman

26 Jun 09: Latest arrangements for Hash 1600 weekend (updated 26 Jun 09)

The Panorama Resort's phone no. is 049 421245. Its website is http://www.raonline.ch/rao_promochar.html

The two bus pickup points are:

- Outside Mike's Breakfast at Naxal at 215 pm (the bus will leave at 230 pm)
- Outside St Xaviers at Jawalakhel at 2.45 pm (the bus will leave at 3 pm).

Folks on the Kathmandu side who are meeting at Mike's Breakfast should contact me Kwik Kwok on 98510 38930, so we know not to leave you behind.

And don't forget to bring enough money: Apart from the 3,500 rupees for food and accomodation, the normal hash fees of 350/100 rupees per run will apply. Jimmi says that designer Hash 1600 T-shirts will be on sale. And bring enough money for extra beers, especially to buy one for Keeled. Also, wealthy hashers may be coerced into making a voluntary contribution to subsidise the costs for the hash's lowest economic decile. Kwik Kwok

Hash 1600 Weekend

Location: Charikot -- a great hashing location about 4.5 hours drive east of Kathmandu.

Schedule: Friday, June 26: Leave KTM mid-afternoon - Saturday, June 27: Hash 1600 at 0930 hrs. Sunday, June 28: Hash 1601 at 0930 hrs. Depart Charikot c. 1300 hrs. Expected arrival in KTM: 1800 hrs.

Accomodation: Main hotel is the Charikot Panorama Hotel (joint Swiss-Nepali venture. Very nice accommodation and excellent location. Has 16 double rooms with attached bath with fluffy towels). Can put an extra mattress in the rooms. Alternative cheaper accomodation is available five minutes away. Places are limited in the Panorama Hotel.

Cost of Panorama Hotel: NR 3,500 including two nights' accomodation and dinner on the Friday evening, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. (Meal package = NR 1200 a day for those not staying at the Panorama).


Cost of alternative hotel: c. NR 500 a night for accomodation only.


Transport: A bus will leave from the south side of town.


Booking: Email He Bitch (Jimmi) and pay him a deposit of NR 1500 to reserve your place.


The Hash 1600 weekend mismanagement committee: Kwik Kwok, DoggyStyle and He Bitch

3 Jun 09 Dear GM: Re your bankruptcy: don’t expect the Hash to cough up $30 billion for your retirement fund! KO
1 Jun 09 Stop Press: BBC is reporting 'GM files for bankruptcy'. Is this the end of Rotter?

Hash 1600 Weekend 2

31 May 09 The Run 1600 attendance list has just been opened by HeBitch (although he probably is unaware of this). If you want to come email him, letting him know, a) dates of nights you want to stay, b) number of rooms you want, c) if you need an extra matress in your rooms (see below), d) if you do not have your own transport.

Bookings will be provisional until you pay a deposit of Rs1500 to HeBitch. To get a good deal on the hotel we need to guarantee the number of guests, so the quicker you all get your name on the list and your deposit handed over the easier it will be for DoggyStyle to negotiate a good price. GM

Hash 1600 Weekend 1

28 May 09 Last weekend we drove up to Charikot to check the area and hotel accommodation for Hash 1600. Here is what we found:

Distance to Charikot: 130 km - Driving time: 4 - 4.5 hours each way

We stayed at Charikot Panorama Hotel, a joint Swiss-Nepali venture. Very nice accommodation and excellent location. There are 16 double rooms with attached bath (with fluffy towels). They can add a mattress in each room so that we can accommodate 48 Hashers. They also have a hall that can sleep another 6 people. Tariff: Rs. 1750 pp per night (based on double occupancy) - includes dinner and breakfast. There are other lodges not too far away which might be cheaper.

Management Proposal: Goo Goo Doll (formerly known as Kwik Kwok, Sweetcheeks) and DoggyStyle to negotiate a weekend package with the city office located in Sanepa and report back by the end of this week.

Tentative plan for the weekend: Friday, June 26: Leave KTM at 1300 hrs - Saturday, June 27: Hash 1600 at 0800 hrs - Sunday, June 28: Hash 1601 at 0800 hrs - Depart Charikot at 1300 hrs - Expected arrival at KTM: 1800 hrs. We can book buses, if needed. We need to circulate sign up sheet. On On. DoggyStyle

29 May 09 It's me again: tomorrow's run will definitely start at Brahmakhel School, and it will probably finish there as well, although you never know with Trouble. OnOn GM

29 May 09 I am the new Nepal Himalayan Hash House Harrier who ran with my colleague Minako last week. My colleague Kathy Jones and I want to come to tomorrow’s hash and was wondering if there was anyone we could get a ride with from Sanepa. I remember last week someone mentioned he had a car from this part of town. Any help on this matter would be appreciated. OnOn Christian

If anyone can help phone me and I will email Christian. He did not give me a phone number and I don't want to publish his email address here for the spam trawlers. Behaviour like this obviously means he will be promoted to the Mismanagement Committee in no time. OnOn GM

28 May 09 Hi All: I will apply all my non existing organizing skills to start gathering a list of Charikot hashers and forward it. OnOn. Hebitch
29 May 09 Dear All: we are not entirely sure that the location for Run 1596 will be as described, so check back here on Saturday morning. OnOn GM
28 May 09 Doggy, Sounds really good! Hopefully on the days we want there will not be many other residents so that we might be able to take over the whole place. I see in today's Kathmandu Post that the monsoon will be starting early so this should keep others away (except perhaps for failed Everest bidders!). On the other hand, what news of the leeches?

The price seems reasonable but it would be nice to negotiate it a good amount lower. If the numbers of participants are right it would be great for everybody to stay in the same place, with those having difficulty with affording the amount being subsidised by the rich section of the HHHH, particularly that meanie Keeled Over. (But the drivers, who I think enjoyed being together in Bandipur, could hole up in a cheaper place.)

I reckon that the 8:00 am start for the runs is too early. People will want to have breakfast and let it go down a bit beforehand.

Delete Goo Goo Doll and reinstate Kwik Kwok, unless you have a VERY convincing reason for the rename!

We need to get a participant list started quickly so that we can find out how many car places we will have before booking a bus. Looking forward to those fluffy towels (there's a hash name for somebody in this). Good luck with the negotiations. OnOn. Rotter
28 May 09 Gee Em: Charikot was declared a leech-free zone last year. The problem is that the inhabitants have not been able to enforce the decree. Despite the hotel manager's assurance to Goo Goo Doll, the local villagers down the hill told us that leeches come in abundance. So Goo Goo Doll might have to be renamed Leech Leech Doll if she keeps stepping on them during the run.

We shall put our negotiating skills to test with the city office. If we can get the hotel to agree on everything - breakfast, lunch, dinner & bed - for Rs. 3500 per person for the entire weekend, then I think we'd have done our job well. We also have to make sure that we are allowed to bring our own beer.

The 8am run was proposed to allow the Hashers to relax and enjoy the entire afternoon. But you are right about letting the breakfast settle. How about we start at 9:30am then? OnOn. DoggyStyle
28 May 09 Has anybody got photos from Run 1594?. If so, send as many as possible direct to the GM for adding to the trash and putting into the HHHH record files. GM
30 Apr 09 Swine flu alert: In view of the worldwide epidemic the mismanagment committee has decided to raise its swine flu alert level to 9.9 meaning that no swines are allowed on the hash. The Mismanagement Committee
23 Apr 09: Noel and the Big Guy - photos: Please send me or the GM the photos for Hash 1588. Tibetgal said: Hash 1588 were taken by the visitors, Noel and the bigger guy (nobody else was carrying a camera). The duo promised to send the photos. Keeled Over
7 Apr 09 What hashing with the HHHH looked like in the Bad Old Days: responding to a request for historic photos Rob Elvery (see below) forwarded a few, four of which can be viewed here. Clearly visible are Slow Drip, Griot (note fag between fingers), and Lao Lover and his Lover (obviously before that famous beer destroyed them). I can't recognise anyone else; even The Fox does not appear to be there. So help invited from other aged HHHH'ers. The mountain shot was a during a 1983 Hash Outing to Panch Pokhari. GM
23 Apr 09: Help! Trouble cannot set Hash 1591. We urgently need someone else to step in and do Hash 1591. Let me know if you can set it. Yogi saves the day - see above. Keeled Over
10 Apr 09 Hash 1588 photos: Does anyone have any photos of last week's hash? Send them to the GM! KO
27 Feb 09 1600th and 30th anniversary hashes: According to my calculations Hash 1600 will fall on 27 June and the 30th anniversary at 4.30 pm on 15 October. DoggyStyle and friends have offered to organise Hash 1600 (see below). It'll be just at the start of the monsoon and still pretty hot so we should try and avoid too many leeches and have it somewhere a bit cooler. So, any suggestions for locations with overnight stays to DoggyStyle, the GM or Keeled Over. Wherever it is there needs to be good potential for setting two hash runs. Doggy has suggested Helambu for the 30th anniversary hash. On-On KO
31 Mar 09 Strange Webshite: Strange to find your website, great job, brings back loads of nostalgia, lots of happy and boozy memories - it's been a long time since we were hashing in Kathmandu . I even found our names in the archive. Marieke and I will be in Nepal again soon with our son Madhu and very much hope to join you for the run on 18th April - though "run" may be a bit ambitious, amble or stagger more like it. We've been living in UK now for 20 years, no hash anywhere near. On On Rob Elvery (regular at both runs 1982-87 - Mixed Hash Booze (83-85) and GM (86-87), Marieke Alkema (mixed hash artist 82-87).
24 Mar 09 Praise the Shite: Working our fingers to the bone maintaining this fine webshite is a pretty thankless task as we hardly every get any feedback on our labour of love. Well sometimes it all becomes worthwhile when a well-known ex-Himalayan hasher writes in praising a trash. But why did it have to be the first ever H4 trash written by Likker! We'll never hear the last of it now! KO
24 Mar 08 News from the Gee Ms: 1584 is a beautiful writeup. How's it going? Looks like you all have had some adventurous hashes. So nice to see the return of Hashahoric (god bless the Japanese). Life here in Baltimore is fine. I have electricity all day and water. Have found a hash to run with. They're OK - We did a night hash ...and then a green dress run last week that provided some amusement. I'm the hare this coming week - Kwik Kwok and Carla will be joining. There's no hills, so the fun will be to get people lost in the woods. [KO: And that's all I'm posting for fear of being sued!] Caroline 'the Gee Ms' Jacoby
12 Mar 09 Ponzi scheme: Rumours are flying around that the GM invested his retirement fund with Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities Inc. as part of the deal for shifting the WebShite to a dodgy cheap server in America. As a result the Hash is now bankrupt and will be forced to triple the Hash fee for beer drinkers. We'll keep you posted. KO
12 Mar 09 Charikot: Charikot is standing out as the best potential location for the 1600th hash in June. The terrain looks great for hashing and it's at a higher altitude than Kathmandu (it's at 1850m). This amount of forward planning seriously contravenes the protocol of the Himalayan Hash and somebody deserves to be severely punished! KO
12 Mar 09 Dear much esteemed KO. Having read 'Likker's Premier' trash [Trash 1584] I am most pleased to announce that without the slightest doubt or hesitation he has been made a full member of the HHWU [Himalayan Hash Writer's Union] and is now fully qualified to 'Right trashs'. Lets hope the Hash Mismanagement can solve the current problems of posting the trasheess on the web site in a timely manner. As you No we HHWU members are a very 'highly strung' grouping and are seriously considering having a mismanaged bandh at the next hash circle. On On Howe'sZat!
2 Sep 08 Hash T shirts are available from HeBitch (when he's above sea level) and copies of the Hash 1500 film from Rabi Aryal.
27 Feb 09 My fellow hashers: you may have had trouble trying to get to this page and read the instructions for tomorrow's run. My apologies. In the last week I have moved the Shite Server from World Link to a Linux-based server company located in San Luis Obispo, CA, USA. The reason for the move is the cost, which will be substantially less that I am paying to World Link at the moment. And of course there's the backups, quick help, enormous storage capacity, huge monthly data transfer allowance, etc. etc. It should also allow us to upload all the photos we have of each run, so that everyone can download the ones they like. The only restriction on this is that I shall receive $10 for every shot with me in it. Gracias. GM
27 Feb 09 Hash 1600 special offer: Kwik Kwok, He-Bitch and I ( DoggyStyle) would like to offer our services to the hallowed HHHH in organizing Hash 1600. With an illustrious combined portfolio, and a proven track record that includes the ravaging success in organizing Hash 1500, I hope that we will be considered worthy for the job by the HHHH executive body (who is he? - GM). Bearing in mind that it will be a monsoon Hash, we have started considering venues with minimum probability of leech invasion (We will offer a fewer-than-10 leech attack per Hasher guarantee, including money back for anyone who gets more than 10 bites per leg.) [ed. really!]. However, we cannot guarantee that we can save the chariots from being torched. Insurance highly recommended. On On DoggyStyle
27 Feb 09 Old Fart: Dear Keeled, I’d like to be first to apply for the post of resident old fart. Can I get an honorary down down for this on a regular basis? Far too much ‘running’ in the hash these days – not enough farting about. Arf arf arf. On-on Brainy
17 Feb 09 Contact details: A couple of weeks ago the hash location changed at 11 am on Saturday morning and there were a lot of regular hashers we could not contact by phone. So do send your email address and phone number to Keeled Over for including on the hash contact list. I've not sent the list out for a while. I think you know if you are already on it or not. KO
28 Jan 09 Khukuri rum: Has anyone suffered from more visual problems than usual or died since drinking the Khukuri rum at Keeled's Kompound after last Saturday's rum? The Himalayan Times today reports that this hard drink has been withdrawn from sale following complaints and the deaths of consumers. Keeled
28 Jan 09 Don't worry imbibers, you are completely safe. Keeled Over doesn't buy the genuine stuff. What we probably drank last Saturday was a mixture of tea and old engine oil. GM
5 Feb 09 A word to the wise about Hash 1580: it's the end of the Jatra festival so it's going to be crazy busy in Sankhu, but also really neat if you want to check out the festival before or after the HASH. Also totally easy, not to mention environmentally friendly, to take the microbuses to Sankhu. From Ratna bus park [or wherever] go to Jorparti, get off there and take another microbus to Sankhu - they leave every 5 minutes. Peace and Happy Hashing! Annie
21 Jan 09 Whereza wurds for Trash 1576? ThumbSuction promised them a long time ago. As you know Suction in your Hash contract TOR these words are inscribed in bold type in the deliverables section. GM
21 Jan 09 Congrats to Barack! Does his takeover mean that Over Exposed will be down-graded back to Kathmandu? (especially as the new pres seems to have done a bit of running) He still owes me for a broken tow rope. Don't expect me to pull his 'Beast' out of the bog again. GM (As I am on this subject I'd like to remind Towed that he also owes me a towed rope.)
21 Jan 09 Out of Africa: Dear Rotter, New years greetings from Botswana! Here, where the highest mountain in the country is about 1500 feet above sea level, I feel definite "saudades" (an untranslateable Portuguese word meaning something like nostalgia) for Nepal. Next week's hash in Gaborone is at the Lion Park - though we are assured that all the lions which might have gone for slow moving runners or walkers have died... Usually the temperature here is around 35 degrees C which is not conducive to over-exercising, so hashes are either short and sweet in Mondays at 6:00 p.m. or more laid back and leisurely on Sundays at 1000, followed by a barbeque lunch. I am building up a reputation for laying runs which are long and devious with lots of back checks but when anyone complains the run took more than an hour I remind them that if they were in Nepal the walk would be at least two hours and the run the same or longer.... Some hashers are just not serious! Best wishes for 2009 Victim
21 Jan 09 Barbeque after Hash 1578!! There will be a barbeque straight after Saturday's run in the garden at Keeled Kottage. Sausages, some veggies, momos and hot rum will be on offer. Do bring other food and drink to share.
15 Jan 09 Run 1577 saved! Michael will set it. Location information will appear soon. GM
14 Jan 09 Dear GM, I would love to coordinate the next run from the lowlands but since it has been proven that it is hard enough from me do set a run when I am in Nepal I will leave this opportunity to my fellow Dutch and set run 1578, adding a Dutch touch to it, On On Holland Bitch

1 Jan 09 Happy New Year Hashers! To provide a full-stop to 2008 StripTies, venturing into the world of fantasy fiction, has delivered the words to Trashes 1562, 1571, and 1573. If anybody has photos of Run 1562 I would be pleased to publish then. Or instead I could go and take a few pictures of the southern part of the Ring Road, which seems to have featured heavily in this event. GM

Here's StripTies' Ranting: Of course I stand above people like SuperSuction that try to smear my name on open forums like this shite. A reaction is not warranted. But it can't hurt to point out that while all that people like SuperSuction do is clowning around in the circle, drink our beer and make accusations. Ppeople like me provide t-shirts, brownies, set hashes and write trashes. I practically carry this chapter all by myself. Just now I once again concocted three true gems of literary brilliance in a row. None of that trifle my contemporaries dare to publish. I even dug in the archives to see the gaping hole where Trash 1562 should be (probably SuSus responsibility), and plug it. And please don't make me a statue. My humble nature would make me feel real strange about such an honour. Yours, StripTies

25 Dec 08 Merry Xmas, Chief. Hope you had a good one. I hardly celebrated at all, I used the day more to hang with wife and chile, as I also had to give my driver a rare day off. Details about tomorrow's run follow tomorrow, as there was no time today. But there will be a run and I expect a damn good one. On-on, Likker In Front

24 Dec 08 Dear GM, ref "many people deciding that getting out of Nepal for Christmas is more important than Hashing" I feel that I must report that many of the "missing" hashers who failed to make Run 1571 were actually to be found at the Kumari picture emporium enjoying the 3.30pm showing of Transporter 3! Led by the head "truant" Striptease, they could be found skulking behind large buckets of popcorn justifying there actions on the basis "that it was a bit cloudy for hashing". A full list of those "spotted" can of course be provided, although it would be nice to think that those involved in this reckless abandonment of their responsibilities to the HHHH would be prepared to own up at the next circle they are able to attend! I should of course add that my own absence was legitimate. I had a sore tummy and got a note from my mum saying I didn't have to hash! On, on SuperSuction

24 Dec 08 Dear SuperSuction, I must point out that another reason Striptease may not be showing his face at the Hash is because he promised to write the Trash for Run 1571 but has yet to deliver it. OnOn GM

19 Dec 08 The Road to 1572 - next episode: Based on Google Earth, 4.62 km from Narayan Gopal Chowk (I assume that is what Likker meant by the famous poet's statue (surely 'backside' - GM)) is close to Park Village Resort. So my guess is that the right turn-off point from the main road is opposite the Resort entrance. OnOn. DoggyStyle
19 Dec 08 Brainey is trying to live up to his name: Dear GM, RE: Instructions for Saturday's hash. I'd like to be the first to pre-empt the thousands of complaints that the hare is going to get from potential hashers who got lost and scattered over the landscape north of the ring road trying to find the on-on i.e. What exactly is meant by "Drive RIGHT, or straight" - is this an option to take a scenic route or what? Also, to point out on behalf of those carbon conscious enviro-hashers who don't arrive in gaz guzzling 4X4s that cycles have neither rear view mirrors or mileage counters (in kms) - neither do most taxis!. See you about 5pm - maybe !! On ON! Brain-E
19 Dec 08 Personally, I don't mind a bit of uncertainty in the OnSite directions; it certaily reduces the boredom of having to make an ass of myself for the Hash's entertainment each week. If you can follow a trail of paper while walking or running, surely you can do the same in a 4x4 or on a push bike with no mirrors. OnOn. GM
16 Dec 08 A sensible comment for Kruel and his Run 1570 map from an old Hasher of Note: "Put an arrow on the map so that the viewer will know if the trail went clockwise or counterclockwise!" Stats
15 Dec 08 After being harassed by Kruel for the last week about posting his Google Earth map with the route of Run 1570 shown, here it is. That OK Kruel? (Don't bother to reply) OnOn GM
13 Dec 08 Deer Gee Emm, I note with some interest the you are now employing the "talents" (I use the word with some reservations with respect to Kruel's poetry) of two scribes to write three separate pieces that barely come to the total amount of verbiage included in the average Towed Trash. I also note a slight mathematical miscalculation on your part in the comment on run length. Kruel suggests that an additional 2km should be added for slope correction and you surmise that this represents a total height gain/loss of 2,000 metres. A simple Pythagorean calculation reveals that if the slope distance is 12km and the horizontal distance is 10km, it is necessary to rise, or fall 6,633 metres. Doubtless Kruel will set that as a target for his next run. We, in Dhaka, do not have such complications! On On, Towed
10 Dec 08 Too much trash!! I notice with some concern that dreadful mismanagement has led to two trashes being independently submitted for posting on last Saturday's hash. I think that Kruel and Howezaat deserve a down-down for the malfunctioning of the local Trash Writers Union Coordination Committee. Keeled Over
8 Dec 08 Dearest GM, it appears you are confused. I know it can be complicated when the grown ups talk, but please pay attention and I will try to explain. Katherine took Rob's bike to the Hash. She then found Rich's lock attached to it after the Hash. Rich complained via the shite. Rob attempted to inform that the lock was safe but with Katherine. Katherine will not be back from Whoop-Whoop (translation for non-Australians, the arse-end of nowhere) until the next Hash. Clear as mud? RD
5 Dec 08 Dear Jee Emm ji, If only you came to the Hash regularly, you'd know that Jannie already has a Hash name: Sweet Cheeks. Too bad you weren't there on that day to find out why she got that name. I recall that it was a cold rainy day. No wonder you were AWOL. On On. Dogg` Style
3 Dec 08 A typical tale of an HHHH idiot, Exhibit 1: Hi David, Somehow left my bike lock behind at the hash. If it turns up (which is unlikely) please let me know! Many thanks, Rich Exhibit 2: Hey GM, The bike lock was left attached to my friend Katherine's bike. Unfotunately (sic) she has gone on a field trip this week, but will be back for next week's hash. Rob The Hash Dunce Committee (sole member the GM) wants to know why you locked the wrong bike and why you appear to have two names. A new rule: all hash bikes will be stolen unless locked to the front bumper of the Beer Wagon. (Keeled Over need not respond to this. He's so boringly pernickety). GM
3 Dec 08 Hello All, We are finally back at home (Estonia, that is) and here are our pics. Sorry for not providing the hash trash in time, 'cause we preferred to stay on Goa's Baga beach, instead of writing. But I see you already have some Trash on your website :) OnOn Stains the Couch, Short'n Curlies and Hooker Sniffer :)
3 Dec 08 A word from our tormenter: Dearest GM, I believe the first photo is of Towed after he shaved off his beard. The second is the self portrait he drew after smoking on that hooka too long. He began hallucinating his mustache was back. I also want to announce that I am available to set the next 8 hashes. Finally, the outline of last week's run looks like a fluffy little bunny rabbit if you ask me. On-on Kruel
Later the same day. Does anybody know this man? The photo on the right was sent to me from Bangladesh, together with a threat to 'get this in the national newspapers at any cost, or else'.

Is it therefore a coincidence that this other photo appeared in today's Kathmandu Post?

You will note that both persons have black hair lipstick, and not a lot of head above the eyes. They also appear to be drinking beer, by one means or another. Could they be related? GM

Yes, it's still 1128 Towed, You may have noticed that Alice and Tony share a surname with Jannie. They had obviously been briefed by their daughter to get the hell out as soon as I softly suggested 'FORM A CIRCLE'. OnOn Rotter (and another 'by-the-way', why haven't we given Jannie a hash name? Could I suggest 'Kwik Kwok'?
Sometime Later in 1128 Click here to see Kruel's Google Earth plot of Run 1569. Confirms Kruel's masochism; we really did not have to cross the main road and do a circuit of Naikap. (By-the-way, we could start judging the quality of runs by how close their maps are to a recognisable object. If anybody is able to perceive something hidden in the 1569 map let me know.) OnOn Rotter
Sometime in 1128 Deer Rotts, I was interested to note that two of your virgins last week were also recorded as leavers. Normally they don't announce it - just quietly slip away never to return. You must have been extraordinarily impolite on this occasion. Towed
18 Mangsir 65 Arrived back in Ireland yesterday (1st December) to find that in Nepal you have gone back in time by a month. Dateline on the Fresh and Steamy Blogshite latest entries is 1 Nov 08. (ok, corrected - GM) Yes, I did like the chicken momos and Philly chicken cheese-steaks. Anyone know where I can get them in Dublin. OnOn Turd Herder
1 Dec 08 Did anyone pick up a bicycle lock at last Saturday's event? Please let me know. Richard said that he had left it behind. I assume that the bicycle was not attached. GM
1 Dec 08 That's it. No further advertising on the Shite, unless a very reasonable sum of Swiss francs is deposited in my pension fund, or a large Philly chicken cheese steak sent round to Rotter's Redoubt. For, dear hashers, I was trampled in the rush at last Saturday's run and did not get near the food. GM
1 Dec 08 And now, a word from our sponsor: Did you like the chicken momos and Philly chicken cheese-steaks? You can get more of the same at Rock's Restaurant, Patan Dobhighat (proprietor Kruel, so it causes painful contractions and takes at least two and a half hours to digest). On-On Kruel
1 Nov 08 Here's Lao Lover complaining again, this time with my full support: Hi GM, After yesterday's run (1569), I see why Kruel got his name! Also, I think we should take a leaf out of SpiderWoman's book and all depart for Bangkok (ASAP) for sauna and massage in order to recover. On-on! LL
1 Nov 08 Hello Walkers, according to Google Turd(TM) the pile of crap through which we walked had a total mass of 8.9 kg (are you sure is wasn't 9.99 kg - GM) (90% human; 8% dog; 2% bird and miscellaneous). Hares take note: Spur of the moment attempts to improve on the route may not be wise. Give my regrets to your folks Jan. On-On Kruel
29 Nov 08 Sorry, been a bit slow in picking up on the latest hash competition. How about a clutch, or should that be crutch, of virgins? Towed
29 Nov 08 Towed, I think we could think up some pretty crude phrases using different combinations of the four words, clutch, crutch, crotch and virgins, which I am not prepared to put into writing as I am under contract to UNDP. KO
29 Nov 08 OK, what about a bonk of virgins, a bang of virgins, a roger of virgins, a phalanx of virgins. Towed
29 Nov 08 Oh, and another thing. Over Exposed has a new look. He dyed his hair black for the glitter ball (his table were vampires!) back in October and everyone took the piss at the next hash, so he henna'd it the next week and everyone is still taking the piss! Towed

26 Nov 08 Dear GM San and K.O.San, Konnichiwa. We've just completed the Bangkok Marathon on Sunday. Me, 42.195km: 4h29m22s (9th position of my age group). Laxman, 5km. Now, we're enjoying Thai Massage to cure the tiredness of hard running! On On from BKK Spider Woman (Could she now be stuck inside Bangkok airport trying to get back to the Hash and brag about her running? - GM)

27 Nov 08 Well I Never! A new communication from Spider Woman: Hey GM San! All flights from Bangkok have been canceled. We may enjoy BKK Hash (or another marathon?) in this weekend. On On..... Spider Woman and Her Husband

26 Nov 08 Hello David, This is Liv from Norway writing you! Remember me? Thomas, the big Dutch guy, and I were there in 2000-01, eagerly running the Hash. I will be coming to Kathmandu on Thursday (for one week) and plan to join in on the Hash on Saturday. I see it will be close to Tribuvahn University. Nice if we meet there - looking forward! Best, Liv
26 Nov 08 Dear Faker, you will be pleased to hear that the HHHH has another couple of tall, thin Dutchmen to service your needs after the run. GM
23 Nov 08 Everyone who enjoyed the Estonian Travelling Hash Team on your Nellie I once tried to write a trash in the form of a poem for a hash from Tokha and it was a complete disaster (cf HeBitch's recent effort). KO

6 Nov 08 GM Sahib: the Asian Mountain Bike Championships are going ahead at Chobhar Gorge from 9 to 11 am this Saturday and 2 pm on Sunday for the downhill race. On another matter of equal importance, I welcome the Government's move to ban smoking in public places; but, will this apply to the GM's Landrover as well as to Puffing Billy Super Suction? Klean Living Keeled
6 Nov 08 Dear All, I have just posted the words to Trash 1565. They come from the pens of a pair of Scribes with lots of boring things to say. As the length is fairly substantial, I am inviting everyone to add their own contribution. With relay scribing we should be able to wrest the Trash length record from Towed. GM
4 Nov 08 Dear enthralled H4'ers, I see that Google is now guaranteeing that its web applications will work 99.99% of the time, with a down-time of only a few minutes every month. This is obviously the future direction of hasherkind, so I am raising the top score given to Hares to 9.999% and, to save beer, reducing the permitted down-down time to zero. %n%n. The GM
30 Oct 08 The Scribes are Restless: Sirs, Your communication has been received (what communication? I haven't seen anything - GM) and noted and included for further perusal/discussion at the next WHW comrades meeting. I regret that we cannot give it immediate attention as all our lawyers and scrutineers are busy preparing to challenge the November 4th election for the next president/GM and committee of the NYH3 - which promises to be a tight race. Unfortunately the campaign has lately turned ugly with scurrilous attack ads and robocalls accusing the Hon Sec of misusing hash cash and abusing hash virgins - a complete misinterpretation of the facts. OnOn KL
17 Oct 08 Why Do We Hash? Part 1 - The View from HeBitch: Dear GM, Perhaps an apposite theory in these dark financial times: 'If you had purchased $1000.00 of Nortel stock one year ago, it would now be worth $49.00. With Enron, you would have $16.50 left of the original $1000. With WorldCom, you would have less than $5.00 left. If you had purchased $1000.00 of Delta Air Lines stock you would have $49.00 left. If you had purchased United Airlines, you would have nothing left. But, if you had purchased $1000.00 worth of beer one year ago, drank all the beer, and then turned in the cans for recycling, you would have $214.00. Based on the above, the best current investment advice is to drink heavily and recycle. This is called 'the 401-Keg Plan' OnOn HB
10 Oct 08 Dear GM, I am well aware that being a Dutchy makes me use some funny phrases at times, and that the latest publication is not of Pulitzer prize quality. But for you and Keeled Over to collectively ignore my trash on the last hash . . . Think I'll have to talk to Howzatt about joining the Trash Writers Union! On-On. HeBitch
10 Oct 80 Oh, all right, I've added the words. GM
1 Oct 08 At an emergency meeting of the HHHH Mismanagement Committee, called by the GM after he noticed the way his pension fund has been declining over the past few months, (and causing, as everybody will no doubt have seen, financial turmoil on world markets) the decision was taken to raise the Beerdrinker's Charge from Rs 300 to Rs 350, AND to allow a maximum of two hares per hash to enjoy free drinks. Please address all complaints about this to Keeled Over, whose email address is at the lower left. GM
3 Oct 08 Hello Hashers. Tired of leeches? Rub salt all over your shoes, socks and feet. It helps a lot. You might also try soaking your shoes and socks in salt water, letting them dry and then donning them. I scouted on Thursday without salt and got about 20 bites per foot (do I get an extra down-down for that?!) Then on Saturday I was out there 6 hours all in all and I got but one tentative bite. On-on Kruel
24 Sep 08 I have consulted the Hash Rules and verified that The Gee Em and The Gee Mizz are permitted to place advertisements on the Shite. So if you are interested in buying the Gee Mizz's Maruti Gypsy and/or her dog Max click here. GM
17 Oct 08 We're having a house party tomorrow night. Hashers are welcome to come. Grab anyone from the U.S. Embassy if you need more details or directions. In general, any taxi driver should be able to get you to Prime Minister's Road. Once on that street, you'll go over two speed bumps and then turn right at the first alley (marked by a blue gate on one side and a black-and-white checkered gate on the other side). Saptarangi is the tall red apartment building about halfway up the alley. Alex and Alex live in the same neighbourhood, so they could help with directions as well. Hope to see some of you there! OnOn Kyla
1 Oct 08 In case anyone hasn't read the Hareline above:
Hash 1562 will start at 14:00 hrs
Moreover, the Hares will be distributing free t-shirts which they have procured especially for this event AND will make extra beer available AND it is the GeeMizz's last hash, AND it's the GeeMizz's100th run!

26 Sep 08 Hey Dear GM, Kindly find the KTM Marathon (Half) Reports & Photos:
Marathon Blog 1, Marathon Blog 2, Marathon Blog 3 - Oh....but, it's Japanese. OnOn Spider Woman

1 Oct 08 Seen recently after lots of booze at the GM's is Turd Herder himself. News is that he was back in town to set up another few years of consultancy for the Melamchi water project. On the night we met, Kathmandu received the highest rainfall for a day in September since records began. Must presage something. GM
26 Sep 08 Some words from DoggyStyle about the Kathmandu Marathon: Gee Emm. No idea about people's times. The relay was fun, and we managed to do it without being noticed by the organizers. But with the event so poorly organized, there was no way they could have taken any notice. But even with fresh sets of legs being added every 10.5 km, the Hashers need a lot of improvement to compete with the marathoners.
24 Sep 08 Below is the Hash's contribution to the recent Kathmandu Marathon (and Half-Marathon) on the morning of Hash 1559. GM
16 Sep 08 The Gee Mizz's last hash (for the moment we all hope) will be Hash 1562 on 11 Oct. She is suggesting that there may be a small celebration party afterwards. GM
16 Sep 08. Dear Super Suction and Impressive, how about adding to this organization by offering to set the run on 11th October. We really would be in unknown territory then (as I hope your run would also be). GM
19 Sep 08 What's going on? We've been coming to HHHH for about 6 months now and never before have we seen the Receding Harline with hares already signed up for three future runs, let alone directions for in three weeks time! This is far too well organised - doesn't feel like Nepal at all! Super Suction & Impressive
16 Sep 08 In order to combat the decline in numbers since my return to the Hash the Hare is going to provide a barbeque after Hash 1559. Great! GM
15 Sep 08 Hi to the hashers of Kathmandu from the hills of Addis Ababa! I've finally landed at my new job in Ethiopia, and ran my first hash with the crew here last weekend. The hills are higher (we started around 3000m), but there are no snowcapped peaks in the background. Lots of goats around, but no puja to be seen. I do have to say though, the Ethiopians know how to put on a post-hash party! On on! Shaggy Baba
15 Sep 08 Oh come on Shaggy B, you know that, in the HHHH, the run has always had precedence over the party afterwards. My deduction from this is that the Adis Alibaba hash is so downright short and easy that you are actually able to have fun afterwards. GM
21 Aug 08 Canadians! Dear all, I had no idea Canadians were so touchy! It should be pointed out to the offended that there can be no retraction. The scribe made it clear that he was half pissed at the time of the circle and it would be unfair to hold that against him. I'm sure that there is a standard disclaimer to the trashes making it clear that appeals for material inaccuracies may only be considered by the mis-management at the next circle. It's also worth noting that the said harriet was described as a "nice American". As everyone knows there is no such thing as a "nice American", ergo the scribe was clearly thinking of a Canadian (a race well known for being "nice" but with American accents), so in the scribes opinion it was pretty close literal translation! On, on SS P.s. Actually come to think of it, up until now I'd thought John was a "nice American" too ! If it goes on like this we'll need to start issuing badges to the Canadians !
20 Aug 08 Deer Rotts an' Keeled, I am becoming increasingly concerned to see that you still have no Hares for Run 1555. Is this part of a deliberate plot to rank the weekend that Towed came back along with the day after the royal massacre as the only two Saturdays in living memory that HHHH has not run? And NO, I AM NOT VOLUNTEERING!! On-On in anticipation, Towed
20 Aug 08 Another Nice American (sic): My gawd, can’t Supersucker recognize a polite Canadian when he sees one. Holy buffalo, we Canadians are quiet, unassuming little beavers, not frigging elephants.. We may live in igloos and get around on dogsleds, but we don’t ever win 8 gold medals and a hummer is still a hasher who after two beers can only remember that the song has something to do with “blue virgins”. How ironic that with all the “imitation Canadians”(SS’s wording…Canadians wouldn’t think of disparaging new Canadians) at hash 1554, my friend poor Cathy gets called a yankee. Galling to say the least, and Scotland isn’t even a country, so I’m told. Retraction!!!! Not so Quiet John
12 Aug 08 T shirts etc. for sale: Dear all, after losing his wallet while coming home from last week's hash, He Bitch is requesting every devoted hasher to buy one of the already famous T-shirts He and Stripties will bring to the hash next week. This is to provide him a little financial stability and avoid him joining other gender-confused persons who make a living standing in front of the Hotel Ambassador at night. Cheers HB
3 Aug 08 Hash film. The new hash film is now on sale. Contact Rabi Aryal or The Inner Circle for a copy at next week's hash. The film is made up of footage from the 1500th run at Bandipur and a hash run from Godavari and there's quite a few scenes of walkers doing there stuff as well. A not-to-be-missed bargain at 500 rupees or NR 300 for those of limited means. KO
29 May 08 Hash photos: The GM has offered to make up DVDs with all the hash photos from 2001 onwards. The DVD will have all the originals from most hashes since then. Email me if you would like a copy at 200 rupees per DVD and we'll get them made up. KO
24 Jul 08 Trash publication logjam. I am too busy to post trashes and need someone to take on the onerous task for a while. Anyway I haven't received any photos for hashes 1548 and 1550 or words for 1549. Can some Geek take over for a while? I've just posted a couple of photos on trash 1549. KO
24 Jul 08 Bye-bye: No more On-On for me in the Kathmandu Valley... And perhaps a new tall blonde on the back of Jimi's bike ;) No, thanks a lot for the great hashes the past couple of months. I had a great time. If I'll ever come back I'll definitely join you for some more running! On-on! Mirjam
13 July 08 Auspicious Hash 1550 at Nagarkot: So it's confirmed, next Saturday the hash will run from the Farmhouse (hotel), Nagarkot starting at the earlier than usual time of 2pm. And then all hashers are invited to stay overnight there at a cost of about 1400 rupees each, sharing a room and including food. Send an email to Jannie by Thursday if you want to stay overnight. There are only limited places. Also 1, let her know if you will be making your own way there or would like to join a hash-organised bus. Also 2, there may be a group cycling up. Let Jannie and Trouble know if you want to cycle up leaving Koteshwor at c. 9am. KO Note: I am away from Monday so send anything for posting on the Shite to Rotter and cc me.
3 Jul 08 To the Assistant Sheitmeister. I trust this will come unscathed and uncensored through the review committee: What a shameful dumping of responsibilities and twisting of reality Keeled! If only the Americans had you justifying to the world their invasion of Iraq. Trash 1547, paragraph 9, sentence one, clearly states: "as an official hare [SpreadEagle] failed to do the actual haring". Case closed. But even if the trash wouldn't have been so blatantly clear, there are two points that have to be made: a) if Keeled would have paid any attention during the hash he would have known this for himself b) Keeled knows very well one should never trust a trash or the scribe that writes it for any character within its bounds, as know we all. StripTies (shakes head in disbelief). [From Keeled: I am not posting any more of this shite on the Shite. I have a job to be getting on with! This correspondence is closed!].
3 Jul 08 4. To DoggyStyle: Oh dear, oh dear DoggyStyle. Things are heating up quite a bit here, I must say. And I don't like it. I don't like it one bit. How can it be that brethren, once closer to the heart than blood, now stand on opposite sides, ready to drink it. I want to resolve this situation. In the name of all that is reconciliatory, i truly do! Tell you what old chap, next time I set out a Hash, you're almost guaranteed to win.
Let us say the competition might run into an 'accident'. Wink, wink. What are old friends for eh. Cheerio! ST
2 Jul 08 Hey Bryan Redirect the B-52s to the Dutch polders as it was scribe StripTies who wrongly put SpreadEagle as the hare omitting to recognise your great efforts at mismanaging last week's hash. On-On Keeled
2 Jul 08 A Complaint! Hey, I want to file a complaint with the HHH grievance department. After days and days of reconnaissance, hours of meticulous laying of trail and finally drinking as the lead hare in the circle, James--Spread Eagle and the lame-ass hare -- get the credit in trash 1547 for being last week's hares. My dignity, pride, and general well-being are greatly damaged by this oversight. I'll refrain from overreacting, although I will note that the U.S. has invaded other countries for lesser offenses. Bryan
3 Jul 08 3. Correction. I did not finish last. I beat the 10 year old girl by few steps. I guess StripTease was too busy basking in the glory on your imaginary podium to notice such important details. I'd say that StripTease can keep his "valuable lesson" to himself so that he can lighten up a bit in the years to come. There is no place for bitterness, hatred or frustration in Doggy's world. It is all in the scribe's head. So chill. - DoggyStyle.
2 Jul 08 2. Accusation reply: Dear DoggyStale, just because you finished last, doesn't mean you have to become all bitter and nasty towards an impartial recorder of history! This kind of behaviour will just result in more hatred and frustration, both inside your own being as well as in the hearts of those you lash out to. As I pointed out in Trash 1547: being a true winner isn't about winning the race, it's about one's attitude. As you can now see quite plainly, this both defeats your accusation, and can teach you a valuable lesson which can enrich your life in years to come. Yours (if somewhat hurt), StripTies
2 Jul 08 1. StripTies Race! Dear GM. Since when has the leisurely Saturday afternoon runs of the Himalayan Hash turned into a "race"? Seems to me that the strike by the Hash Writer's Guild left us with novice writers who have little or no knowledge of the hallowed Himalayan Hash spirit (not talking about beer). I suggest that the GM use his authority to clamp down on any such effort to turn our runs into a competitive event. Is StripTies trying to console the dismal showing by his team at the Euro 2008 by staking claim at his imaginary podium of Hash 1547? On on, DoggyStyle

21 June 08 Some of today's headlines from www.NepalNews.com/hhhh:

GM Predicts Disaster!

Beerdrinkers Stage Chakkajam to Protest at Hash Fee Hike

Softies Demand 57% Hash Discount - Trouble in Jawalakhel

Beer Rises to $200 a Barrel on International Market

Steep Decline in Cost of Carrots

Hash Location Changed

GM Locked in Charpie for Mismanaging Hash Funds


20 June 08 Dude, Doggie's got it all wrong.. Don't blame him, its maybe the jet lag! Besides, notice cash getting carried forward, am sure the leftover beers should be getting carried forward too! Just that there is no mention of it. 11 Beeries couldn't have possibly had 38 beers! There was a truckload that went back the last time... guess that didn't quite miss my prying eyes or maybe it was just me.. hallucinating after 3.5 beers! Cheers, BUTT
20 Jun 08 Easing the Hash cash crunch: We need to increase the Hash fees for Beeries to Rs. 500!!! Here is what my calculations tell me from the 1545 HashSheet below: Total cost for beer: Rs. 6530 [Per beer cost in the market: Rs. 130 (average) No. of beers consumed: 48, plus 4 bottles drunk by the two hares plus another 6 bottles for down-downs.] That means the 11 beeries drank 38 beers (about 3.5 beers per person). If each beerie is drinking Rs. 450 worth of beer, then slapping them with Rs. 500 fees is not unjustified. What do you think GM? On-On Doggy w/ Style
19 Jun 08 More on the hashcash crunch: To justify the recent outrageous increases in the hash fees, the GM has sent me the hashcashsheets from Hashes 1334 (June 2004) and 1544 (June 2008) for posting on this Shite (see below). Although there does appear to have been a substantial increase in the price of beer, we must not overlook the 25% decrease in the cost of carrots. Is this all a ploy to bolster the GM's Retirement Fund? KO
1 Jun 08 Here's another journalistic take on the Hash: an article from InfoTourism Nepal. GM
Hey Itchy Balls -- we'd love to see you. Make the effort man. KO
29 May 08 Hash locations: The further out we go the better hashing territory we usually get in to so please let the Inner Circle know how far out people can manage to go for a hash these days given the fuel shgortage. With the shortage in mind this week's hash has been relocated to the Ring Road and the idyllic surroundings of Pashupatinath! Roll on petrol at $200 a barrel and it will be bring your own beer to the hash as the GM won't be able to afford to move his gas guzzling global warming chariot out of his driveway! KO
27 May 08 Re. the fuel shortage: Dear AssShite, I am pleased to report that the small attack of hash aversion which came over me at half past one last Saturday afternoon has receded as much as your topknot, and I was fully intending to make it for next Saturday's run. But then I went to the Shite Hairline and saw the distance the Beer Wagon is expected to cover to attend the event (throwing out half its fuel in the form of small black bits, as you well know). Come on Keeled, can't we have it in a sensible place like the flatlands of Bagdole, five minutes from Rotters Redoubt? I can't guarantee the attendance of the blue coolies unless either a) you take turns with Prem in the Pulchowk diesel queue for the next three days or, b) you take everything on your push-bike, on which I am pretty certain your are going to get there on, or c) Howeszaat and Half-a-Lunch, agree to push instead of being passengers. Yours ever. The Gee Em.
16 May 08 More on Beer First from Griot: Must not have been a true Aussie - more like an immigrant from the UK or Canada? A 'real' Aussie would have left the kid at home and had a second 30-pack of beer on the floor! griot
15 May 08 The Hash 1500 film ... is on it's way! Yesterday two well known local artistes recorded the script and now Rabi A. and Bijay will go ahead and fit the film of the Bandipur weekend and other miscellaneous footage to these words. The 45 minute film is expected to be ready for general distribution in a few week's time. KO
14 May 08 Beer first! The BBC reports that a car driver in Australia has been fined for strapping down his beer rather than his young child. Police said they were "shocked and appalled" when they pulled over the car south of Alice Springs in Australia's Northern Territory. They said the 30-can pack of beer was strapped down between two adults in the back, with the five-year-old child unrestrained on the floor! On-on ASM
8 May 08 Hash Credit Crunch: I have to report the sad news of the greatest financial loss ever suffered by the HHHH on a regular hash event. After Run 1539 the GM's pension fund is lower by Rs 2,394. I am sure everybody is aware that to finally get rid of me will require a reasonable quantity of money. Therefore I recommend that, forthwith, the fee for beer drinkers be increased to Rs 300 (rather than increasing the 'beer tax' which the soft drinkers pay). This will also solve the ever-present Rs 50 note shortage problem. If anybody has any objections to this please send them to Rubberlegs, our outstanding beer quaffer (at least when he's haring). Rotter
8 May 08 69 produces a heir: Dear Friends, Despite a little delay, we are very happy to announce the birth of our son Erik on 15 April 2008!!! See for yourself on the right. Everybody’s fine after a bit of a rough time trying to get a grip to the new task in our life. Many thanks to my wife Janet! Many regards, Richard '69' Heimel