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Achtung: Saturday, July 1st is a Canada Day hash, led by your three Canadian hares. "It will be followed by a Canada Day Party in honour of 150 years that the UK let us be our own country!" Wear red and white and get ready for an after party at Base Camp.

Cycling Hash, Keeled's Kottage
Saturday's hash will be a cycling hash from Keeled Kottage, Dholahiti. Bring a bike! It will also be possible to run in a normal hash set by He-Bitch.

HASH WEEKEND 11-12 feb. at Summit River Lodge Kurintar.
Rs. 3500 net per person on twin sharing basis with breakfast and dinner. 5000 for single room. let Hole-in-One know by wednesday (or post a comment) if you are interested and he will make the booking accordingly.

The Hash in the Good Old Days.
Ex hasher Paul Whiteman recently sent this film in saying: "I found this video clip I took of the Nepal Hash House Harriers in 1990 that I thought you might like for your archives. My family used to run the Hash occasionally when we lived in Kathmandu from April 1989 to October 1990. Great fun!"

Keeled Over offers a free down-down at next week's hash for the first person who can provide convincing evidence of where it is in the form of e.g. "1 min 3 sec shows hill x in the background so it must be y."

You can submit photos or videos to be posted above. Please pre-screen for any carreer ending content.


On the occasion of Teej, this week's hash will be a Red Dress Hash. It is manditory for all men to bring and wear red dresses. A small supply will be provided for those who "forget" this requirement.


There will be no bus arranged this time as Dulikhel is very easy to reach. The Gaia holiday home is near the bus park so we will have hash paper from the bus stop up to the guesthouse for those that come by public transport. If you are driving, make sure you have a driver for the hash 2000 as we will not return to the guesthouse. Please also post on the facebook site if you have seats available for driving up to Dulikhel.

For those that don't want to take the bus and don't have transport of their own, we have arranged reliable taxis to drop you for around Nrs. 1200 a car, not too bad if you are sharing, send me a message if you need to be in one of those. As such, you can arrive anytime you like, we'll have snacks from around 7 o clock and dinner at half past eight.

All beds in the Gaia Holiday home in Dulikhel have been fully booked so please let me know if you want to join and all meals and social stuff will be arranged for you at the main guesthouse, there are several guesthouses next door where we can get you a room.

For those staying in Gaia guesthouse, the package price is Nrs. 3,000 p.p., this includes food Friday evening and Saturday before departure and accommodation. For those that want to join and will stay at the next door guesthouse, the food package price for Gaia is Nrs. 1,500, on top of that you will have to pay for the room in the guesthouse. In addition, there is the normal fees for the hash itself, with the exception that you get the number of runs you have done deducted at the exchange rate of one run/walk = Nrs. 1. As an example, Apple has done 852 runs, so that would be 600-852= us paying him 252 runs.

The hash is now only an A to B. That means there will be no longer an eagle run but from A via B to C and good walk from A to B. We will start the run from the guesthouse at 2 pm and the walkers will start their adventure at 10 am. The cars will then move to B where all the walkers and runners will finish. There will be some drinks and samosas for those dehydrated and starving. Once all have arrived, we stuff everybody in the available cars and drive down to the new 1905 restaurant in Naxal, where we have a proper millennium hash circle, there will be snacks after which you can order more food off the modified menu, drinks and a few groovy tunes from 6-9pm Please post on the site if you are planning to join us on Saturday for the start of the run at 2 pm or walk at 10 am in Dulikhel so we can have others joining you. On On

On On

Hare Krishna set a nearly perfect run #1994 (10.1k)

We apologize for the fault in the previous run length. Those responsible have been sacked.


You can submit photos or videos to be posted here. Please pre-screen for any carreer ending content.

Hash Latest


You can submit photos or videos to be posted here. Please pre-screen for any carreer ending content.

Hash Latest
Hash Latest

May 21 2016: Hash Weekend

Final Details:

Hi Hashers,

It's Shovha's Birthday! Please join us for the festivities at Pataliban beginning Friday afternoon/evening,(CHANGED TO SATURDAY) overnight and up through to an afternoon hash. This is also a farewell of sorts as we are leaving in July for the US for at least five years, perhaps permanently. I've been able to secure 25 rooms, which can hold 50 of us comfortably, and they said they could put some mattresses down. As soon as you can get out of work on Friday, just head out there.

Pataliban Resort has called and the cost is 2800 per person for dinner, room and breakfast. They tried to pass off a lunch included package, but it cost more than buying lunch separate, so I declined. You will have to buy lunch.

Please find a map showing the alternative route to the Bhanjyang by which we escape Kathmandu. It is increasingly known, so may not be super fast, but it should be significantly faster. It is also a much more pleasant route.

After you have escaped the valley, keep an eye out on the right for a small sign saying "Pataliban Resort" That is the turn off. I am pretty sure it is the first turn off after the escape.

Sorry, I'll not be able to travel there before Friday to get better directions. However, once out of the valley, it's not hard to find if you are watching. As for the alternative route, it can get a bit confusing, just keep asking people and looking at the map. The alternate route is marked in red. The short blue line shows how to access the route from just north of Kalanki. Not sure, but I believe it is near a petrol station. Anyway, as the map shows, it is the first significant right after passing Kalanki heading towards Swayambhu. I recommend this way since it is less congested. Otherwise, heading out of valley from Kalanki, the first right hand turn gets you on the alternate route.

Almost forgot, I could not fit the whole route onto one map, so it is cut into two pieces. The part near Kalanki is at a more magnified view than the rest of it. I think you can figure it out by looking at the "Armed Police Barracks" which is visible on both maps.

If you would like any more confusion, please feel free to contact me.

Jimi, I need to confirm, so please let me know the numbers of people expected.



You can submit photos or videos to be posted here. Please pre-screen for any carreer ending content.


You can submit photos or videos to be posted here. Please pre-screen for any carreer ending content.


26 Jan 16 - Begnas Triathlon: Like Triathlons? Got Facebook? Head on over to the Himalayan Hash House Harriers group and interact with He-Bitch's Poll. From the Bitch's mouth: The annual Himalayan Rush triathlon is on 26 March near Pokhara..."We are looking at a few good options close to the lake that can offer high/medium/economy package price, including transport on Friday and Sunday form and to Kathmandu. Please let us know [in the Facebook poll] if you are thinking of joining and what you would like to do, of course you can still change your mind but this only works if we know who's up for it, spread the word!"

2 Feb 2016: Hash 1970 Burns Hash video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Qz5eUPsYU0
11 Sep 15 - Hash Ordinance no. 9.9: An extra-ordinary meeting of the Mismanagement Committee has decided that in view of the ongoing crisis and with immediate effect from Hash 1951 (i.e tomorrow) hash fees will be increased to 600 rupees for beer drinkers and 250 rupees for soft drinkers. This still represents great value for money: Where else can you drink as much beer as you want and get publicly humiliated for 600 rupees? If you object to this then please submit any complaints in triplicate to HeBitch when he's sober. And please try and bring the right money or suffer the wrath of Keeled Over. On-On!

February 2015: Hash 1919 overnight stay at Dhulikhel on 6 and 7 February 2015 -- At the Himalayan House, Dhulikhel run by well-know hotelier Anil Shrestha (Dip. Hashing)

The hotel has 11 rooms. Anil says that his hotel can accomodate up to 40 people with some people on mattresses. Hashers are welcome to arrive the night before (Friday) with prior notice to KO. The hash will be on the Saturday afternoon and there will be dinner, breakfast and overnight stay for those who want to stay on the Saturday (you can also do it as an out-and-back hash from Ktm). The cost is reasonable (at NPR 1,800 per person per day). Email Keeled Over to reserve a bed. Phone the hotel at 011 490752 or Anil at 9841330879 with other enquiries. We need to know numbers by Thursday evening.

Pls arrange your own transport; maybe via the Facebook page.

It would be best to arrive early at Dhulikhel (1230/1pm) to arrange the rooms before the hash starts.

Rooms will be allocated by order of booking by email.

October 2014: *Attention* Hash 1900: "Break away to Chitwan" has been cancelled!

Hash 1900: Break away to Chitwan Dear all, the Chennai hash is coming our way and will travel in a pack of around 100 dedicated hashers to join us for a hash on the 11th of October. However, before that they will be in Chitwan and will have a hash there on the 9th. We like to use the opportunity to organize a little post Dashain hash getaway for the Himalayan Hash as well. Hole in One has been talking to Safari Narayani Hotel http://www.safarinarayani.com.np/ and they have limited rooms available for the following rate: Nepali (Nrs. 3000 for single, Nrs. 2000 double) Foreigners (USD 65 for single and USD 35 for double) This includes breakfast as well, other meals and activities should be arranged separately. Please let me know (jimioostrum@gmail.com) whether you want to confirm joining, we will also organize transport from Kathmandu after knowing the number of people that want to join. On On

2 Dec 2013: Hash Weekend at Brigand's Bend: See details below - limited places so book soon:


Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 December 2013
Can also arrive on Friday 13 December

Hotel and website:

Brigand’s Bend


There are a limited number of rooms (7–priority to the infirm and elderly) and the rest go in tents.


Kurintar, about 2.5 hrs drive from Kathmandu on the road to Mugling.

Cost/person (room):

NR 3,000 (for dinner, overnight stay and breakfast). Lunch available separately from the menu.

Cost/person (tent):

NR 2,500 (for dinner, overnight stay and breakfast) (bedding provided). Lunch available separately from the menu.

Hash runs:

Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.


There may be some lifts available. Keeled Over is probably cycling via Bhimdhunga on the Friday. There are frequent buses from Kalanki.

To book:

Email Nice Hash (Shasa) rsrpradhan@gmail.com - giving no. of people, phone no. and if you need or can offer a lift.

6 Feb 13: Hash weekend

We need the final numbers by this Sunday 10 Feb
Dates: Friday 15 to Sunday 17 February
Hotel and website: Life Cycle Resort
Location: Nawalpur, 3 km from Hetauda on the Chitwan road. Car parking is 400m from resort on N side of the river. Resort is on S side. A great hashing location!
The package:  2 nights' accomodation and all meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch
Cost/person (room): NR 5,000 (all rooms are taken)
Cost/person (tent): NR 3,500 (need to bring own sleeping bag and pillow)
Fat cats surcharge: Rich ****ers who can afford to go on holiday to the Maldives, Bali or Thailand can pay a surcharge to subsidise 1 or 2 lower economic quintile hashers.
Hash runs: Saturday and Sunday morning
Transport: Own transport or get Tata Sumo jeep from Balkhu. We will try to arrange pick ups from Hetauda
Maximum no. 40
No. booked so far: 23 people confirmed so far (6 Feb)
To book: Email Keeled Over. The limited places mean preference will be given to long term local hashers.
Deposit: An NR 1,500/person deposit payable to Keeled Over to reserve a place.
Get out clause: The mismanagement committee accepts no liability for the inevitable cock-ups. On-On


11 Oct 12 Note the change of time for the start of the run from 15:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs as the HHHH moves into winter mode. And please, please arrive on time. Including you, Jimi. OnOn. GM
5 Oct 12 Thanks to a metaphorical whipping by DoggyStyle via email here is Trash 1780! OnOn. GM

13 Sep 12: Breastfed takes spectacular Hash Crash! Check out Hole-in-One's videographic record of Hash 1777 at Haatiban by clicking here - and see Breastfed go a**e over t*t into a ditch. KO

13 Aug 12 Click here to watch Hole-in-One's take on Run 1773. OnOn. GM

6 Sep 2012: Hash 1777 overnight stay with hash - To celebrate the departure of Pawan, Corrisa and Linda from the Federal Kingdom of Nepal (constitutionless) an overnight-stay-with-hash is being disorganised at Haatiban Resort (40 mins drive from Kathmandu). Let Linda know if you are coming (linda_ris@yahoo.com

Date: 8th-9th of September

The plan:

1 1500 hrs we have a nice run (Hash 1777 - 11 Km up and down a beautiful hill through forest and meadows) (Walkers can walk!)
2 Get back to the circle (resort) and begin drinking
3 Dinner & Party
3a Bed (optional)
4 Short early morning run (compulsory) (Hash 1778?)
5 Breakfast and leave.

The price is Rs. 2362 per person (2 people sharing a room) including 3 meals and a room at Hattiban Resort. P-L-C

14 July 12 Note that the venue for today's event has changed from Sankhu itself to a place just off the Sankhu road much nearer town. OnOn GM
12 Jul 12 The videos that Hole-in-One shot during Run 1768 can be seen by clicking here. OnOn. GM
3 Jul 12 We have a Trash for Run 1766! Composed by Virgin James who describes himself as 'a writer' (which as you know is one of the least appropriate professions for Trash writing). Nevertheless click here for lots of interesting words arranged in an order which appears not to be random. OnOn GM
12 Jul 12 Run 1769 is probably going to take place from the car park of the Vajroyogini Temple, north of Sankhu (Google Earth 27°44'26.48"N, 85°28'1.34"E). I will post detailed instructions as soon as HeBitch confirms. OnOn. GM
30 June 12 Stop Press!!!! Modification to instructions!!! The main road to Bhimdunga from the Ring Road turnoff is closed, so do this: Heading north on the Ring Road from Kalanki reach the normal turn-off at Bahiti, and then KEEP GOING 650m FURTHER NORTH before making a left turn. Watch for paper at the turn. If you are coming from the north on the Ring Road the turn is 100m after passing through the Swayambu area. Head west and you will eventually get back onto the main Sitapaila road. GM
15 June 12 A menacing Dead-In-The-Water (still unable to accept the score of 'zero' that I awarded for his recent haring with Million$Visa) has pressured me into posting Trash 1759 with his wonderful prose dotted with guide book filler. GM
14 Apr 12 You've all been waiting for this for weeks: here is a Trash!! - of Run 1753. GM
18 Jan 12 The HHHH has, shall we say, 'drifted' into the cloud! Click here to go to the HHHH Database which is a record of all hashes and hashers after Run.1599. In time, I hope to add more data. To log in: the user name is 'hhhh' and the password is 'hasher'. Please let me have your thoughts about the amount of privacy. Is it OK to post phone numbers? The security log-in prevents anyone getting in unless they have visited the Shite. We could have a more private system if you want. Selected editors (each with an individual password) will be able to add and modify data. I am working on pages for this. OnOn GM
Midday 16 March 2012: Hash weekend is cancelled!
16 Mar 2012: Hash Weekend Update: It's definitely going ahead and there are still places left. Phone Keeled Over at 9808 209987 if you want to come. KO
image removed by the GM
1 Dec 11: Above: the climax of Run 1733

Hash 1750 Hash Weekend
Friday 16 to Sunday 18 March
Balthali Village Resort, Kavre

The hash mismanagement committee is delighted to announce the that this year's much anticipated hash weekend is at Balthali Village Resort, which lies less than two hour’s drive east of Kathmandu. It’s a great hashing location! Hash 1750 will be at 2pm on the Saturday and Hash 1751 will be at 9am on the Sunday.

Booking: The resort can accommodate about 50 persons, but a few rooms may already be taken so book early. You can either arrive on the Friday evening and stay two nights or on the Saturday morning and stay one night. If we get a large number of people booking then priority goes to those arriving on the Friday for two nights. Email Keeled Over (Steve) to book. Book early letting Keeled know: 1) names, 2) which nights you/they want to stay, 3) how many people you can offer a lift to or whether you need a lift and 4) contact phone number.

Getting there: The resort lies about 1.5 to 2 hours drive east of Kathmandu. Head out east on the new six lane highway bypassing Bhaktapur and arrive in Banepa. At Banepa turn right at the central junction with statue and then head south to Panauti. At Panauti carry straight on by/through the congested bus park heading south-south east to Khopasi. Those with 4 wheel drives, motorbikes or cycles can drive all the way to the resort via the steep unmade track by the Soviet-aided hydro plant. Those coming in cars or by bus or taxi need to make the pleasant 3 km walk from Khopasi. There is a safe place to park cars at Khopasi. We will try and organise some means of chaperoning walkers to the resort as long as they arrive at the same time at Khopasi. For those coming on public transport catch a bus to Panauti from Koteshwor and then another bus on to Khopasi.

Price and booking: The cost is 2,000 rupees per night per person inclusive of all meals and taxes if staying two nights and 2,200 rupees if staying one night. Personal beer is extra.

Website: The resort's website seems to be down, but may be back up soon. The resort's phone number is 011 681271.

12 Aug 11: Important announcement: The Himalayan Hash House Harriers are now on Facebook. This is meant for uploading and sharing your hash photos, news and comments about hash things. It's not meant to compete with the official webshite: For all official Hash shite visit the official Webshite. The FB group is closed, so your colleagues and non-hash friends will not be able to find out about your hash shit. You need a Facebook account to join. From there search on 'Himalayan Hash House Harriers' and 'request to join'. Techno Handcream
29 Dec 11: Sad news: The Himalayan Hash House Harriers express their deep condolences to the GM, Simon and Kirstie on the death of Durga. Durga passed away during the night on 27 December and her funeral was held at Pashupatinath yesterday. In her fond memory we remember all the help she gave to the hash every Saturday over many years. God bless. HHHH
11 Dec 11: Lunar Eclipse Hash: On 10 December Doggy Style set the first ever H4 Fullmoon Lunar Eclipse Saturday hash. A spectacular run through the bahals of Patan old town with the phases of the eclipse observed at each holding check. The total eclipse happened as we were at the Patan Durbar Square holding check and was marked with a mass Hash Howl to the eclipsed moon. Good turnout of 52 hashers. KO

3 Dec 11 Hi all: I was wondering if it's possible for you to send out invites to all the different HHH clubs for the "Himalayan Rush Triathlon" and Facebook Himalayanrush. We will be having a special discount for hashers.

And what do you think about a "Triathlon Hash" in the near future? Handcream said he's done one of those. If people are interested I would like to hare one sometime in January. OnOn, Pawan

1 Dec 11: The End of the Trash Writers Union (aka a miserable attempt to voice the blues of our dying hash trash tradition).

This Scribe sits down after a long day, committed to tell the world about the greatness of Run 1733. And greatness we got. A nice day, good weather, balanced running, just the amount of checks and holdings we were longing for, well marked trails, views of Langtang Lirung, and even a slight possibility that we can drop the GM off at the KAT feline center to be neutralized...umm, put to sleep...umm, I mean sterilized.

No the Himalayan Hash has truly nothing to complain about lately. With fast food chains throwing free and boneless chicken at us, T-shirts that will actually appear at next week's run, good numbers of runners and walkers, additional full moon hashes, and even the return to mobility of PomPom the complainer and Keeled Over, these are the high times for sure!

So why is it that This Scribe can't help drifting off in romantic rapture to the harsh ancient days: full of old farts telling the GM to 'get on with it', when Howezatt covered the ears of Half-a-Lunch as Trouble tried to explain him where he was conceived, when there were people writing the trash even during the run, and when StripTies perverted his Trotsky rhetoric to describe the never-ending efforts of the Gee-Mizz to keep the hash standards to a minimum.

Whatever happened to all of our Hash Trash Heroes! They got SuperSucked back to their home countries, retired on tropical islands or, even worse, were employed by the UN as editors to ensure they would never write about muppets or big birds again. Meanwhile the phone rings, the T-shirts exist and they are out there waiting to be picked up.....a Happy Ending after all. OnOn. Hebitch

12 Nov 11 We had a great Full Moon Hash last Thursday. Thanks to Hares Pawan, Hole-in-One, and Ritesh Scholar. Additional thanks to Pawan for supplying beer and softs at holding check 3 in his garden at Ekantakuna. No thanks to Moksh Restaurant for attempting to sell us beer at Rs 450 a bottle!

Here's a list of the participants. If you were there but not on the list, and you want your presence to go into the Hash Record let me know and I will add you: Ashesh Acharya, Christian Clark, Max Clark, Nika Clark, Tom Delatte, Rabi Karmacharya, Steve Keeling, Chiuki Matsumoto, Sarina Piya, Bruce Pollock, David Potter, Raj Pradhan, Ritesh Pudasaini, Pawan Rana, Pankaj Rayamaji, Larisa Rossen, Shasa Shrestha, Mike Soulsby, Izumi Takai, Prabal Thapa, Miki Upreti, Nishta Upreti. OnOn. GM

12 Dec 11:

Annapurna 50/70/100 km Races

We are getting closer to the ANNAPURNA100 Ultra Trail race and have to finalize our logistic arrangements. It is very important for us to have a reasonable idea of the numbers we can expect. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU INTEND TO RUN via http://annapurna100.com/register/

For those who want to leave for Pokhara only on the 31st of December, we will arrange a bus leaving Kathmandu early that day. Wanna join that ride? Let us know! Roger Henke

4 Nov 11 Anybody in the HHHH fancy undertaking some serious international hash mis-management in 2013? Read on:

All, This is Bootlegger, GM from the Colombo Hash House Harriers. As I hope most of you are aware, we are hosting the South Asia Inter Hash (SAIH) 2011 in Galle, Sri Lanka, this coming weekend. In true hash fashion, it has been mismanaged all along the way, but we carry on (on) with what promises to be a wonderful event -- in spite of our efforts! The attached program is our latest effort to nail down a schedule. Otherwise, updates will continue to flow in through our website (www.colombohhh.com).

As has been done in the past, the hosting GM runs a brief meeting at some point to discuss the next SAIH, scheduled for 2013. Being that many of you will not be present for this year's SAIH, I would like to solicit nominations for the next SAIH in advance. If you are sending anybody to the SAIH this year, please do let me know who your representative is. If not, please do send me an email so that I know who you support for the SAIH, or if wish to defer to another hash.

Unfortunately, this late notice gives you very little time to prepare. My apologies. At present, it is my intention to hold a meeting some time this Saturday (Oct. 29, at an undisclosed time and location - meaning I do not know where or when yet) to discuss who gets SAIH 2013. If you have any preference (or comments), please send me a note or nominate a delegate if you cannot be present in person. One vote per hash.

I am certain I've missed many SAIH GM's. I collected the above addresses through the Global Trash website (www.gthhh.com), which does not appear to be completely up to date. As best I can tell, the SAIH consists of Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan (no hash listing), and the Maldives (no hash listing).

Again, my apologies for the late notice. In this instance, you may shoot the messenger! My hash feet still have room for a few more bullet holes! On On. William "Bootlegger" Martin, Grand Master, Colombo Hash House Harriers

4 Nov 11 Typical scene on Run 1728: the serene Apple, and Dead-in-the-Water's butt. GM


9 Nov 11 Come to the Full Moon Hash tomorrow. With the return to clear skies we may even have some light to run by. The mismanagement does not operate after 18:00 hrs, however Moksh Restaurant is on hand, so you needn't go thirsty. And bring a flashlight that works (this is a note to myself). OnOn GM

17 Oct 11 The runs are getting far too long! Here are the trails of Hash 1726 Eagle and Turkey runs. The Eagle trail was 11.7km, with 1020 climbing meters (up to 2257m altitude), taking us about 3hr. The Turkey trail was 6.8km, with 540 climbing meters. OnOn GM
15 Oct 11 Amazing! We at last have another Trash. It's from Run 1724 and you can read it here. GM

1 Sep 09 Misdirections: A subtle remainder reminder (this must be the longest (2 years?) that a spelling mistake has survived on the Shite front page - GM) to all budding hares that the way to the on-in should be marked with paper and the directions for posting on the webshite should include the place name of the on-in and approximate distances, approximate times and unmistakable landmarks to reach there. KO

12 Oct 11 Full Moon Hash 1725 was a great run set by Hole-in-One and HeBitch taking us through narrow alleyways south of the National Museum before a small section of the Ring Road up to Swayambu, into the forest on the north slope of the Swayambu hill and then, of course, up the long steps to the stupa where the members submitted themselves to the camera:
run 1725 photo
From the stupa the trail led down to Tahachal and then another bit of alleywork to emerge back on the Chhauni main road and home to Hole-in-One's Bunker. We then had a great party on the roof of HIO's skyscraper with food provided by HIO and Shasa, HeBitch, Dr Death, and Mrs Rotter. GM

11 Oct 11 Here's the Run 1724 data from Hole-in-One's metallic bracelet:

1724 time

1724 distance

11 Oct 11 Erstwhile HHHH'er Takes Up Running!

Hello David and all at the HHHH. I'm happy to report that I've just completed my first marathon in Victoria, British Columbia. I completed this run in 3:42 (units presumed to be hours and minutes - GM) and when the slogging got a bit tough in the last 4 K or so, I thought of those H4 FRBs to help motivate me and keep my pace strong through the finish.

Along the route there was, besides the usual water and energy drink options, one HHH option serving beer and calling on-on for all those who might know what the he'll they were on about. Great fun! Robin also completed 8K in 34:02 (while playing the bagpipes no doubt - GM). A personal best for him! Thanks for the start on some excellent training and the memory of which individuals I'd normally be chasing through the Himalayan foothills. Cheers, (see, she's even forgotten the On-On final salute - GM) Annalise


7 Oct 11 Well, I've not had a Trash for Run 1723, but here's a shot which tells most of the story!! GM

run 1723 photo

2 Sep 11 I have had a communication from worldhhh.com inviting us to become a Premium Hash. The spiel is is here. Personally, I am quite happy with our present Sub-Prime status. GM

11 Aug 11: Vertical running! As a warm up for Hash 1717 why not try the vertical running race in Shivapuri on 27 August. Find more information on this bizarre event here. A proper horizontal run will take place at 3pm on the same day as detailed above! Horizontal HeBitch
9 Aug 11: Hash 1714: See the GPS trail of the 11.5 km long Hash 1714 here and a digital recording featuring our very own lycra-clad hashers including Dobberman below. HandKream

31 May 11 Come on people, make a contribution to the Trashes for Run 1704 and on by adding to the page on the Hash Wiki. If you want the url of this send me an email. GM

31 July 11 Hash 1713 trail: See the GPS trail of run 1713 here. The run was 13.4 km long. Handcream
30 July 11 Dear hashers, somehow my brownie tin disappeared during last week's hash (coincidentally Fingerlickin's first hash). Without a tin I have been trying to hold them while baking but the results might be less desirable for vegetarians amongst us....has anyone seen it? If so please let me know since I will need it to make brownies for tomorrow... That's right! I've said it! No tin no brownies! On On Masturbaker
21 July 11 DoMeSueMe took a video of last week's Hash (1711) and uploaded it to YouTube. I just about managed to stream and watch it in Damak but it was in 2 second flashes so I cannot confirm HeBitch's review which read: "It was the greatest movie ever!!!!" Go here to watch it. GM
Should have been 12 July 11: Dear GM, I'm extremely concerned to see the HHHH as headline news item in one of Kathmandu's most prestigious newspapers (Himalayan Hares, Friday 8th July) since these insights into the inner workings of our secret association could only have been obtained though illegal hacking into the GM's mobile. Something should be done about it! If we don't put a stop to it now we might find that the inane mutterings of all and sundry are splashed all over the next edition of the Himalayan Times. Brainey
It's not only the GM who had shoe trouble on Run 1709:
4 Jul 11 Hey GM, During last Hash on July 2nd, someone took my shoes from Casper's garden. Must have been by either by mistake or by someone who wanted better shoes, because in the end I did find same sized shoes left over in the garden, which I then took home. But I really do want my own shoes back. Mine are Saucony (brand), size 12ish (so not many people in Nepal who fit them), grey/silver with yellow and white. And damn good shoes. OnOn. Karel
4 Jul 11 Dear Karel, What u no likka my shoes?! U insulting me?! Mya shoes veddy nice - veddy veddy nice - so much better dan your lousy shoes - steel eef u want them back meet me at Bagmati bridge tonite at midnight - come with 100,000 rupees CASH in a big brown bag and u get you shoes back capiche - understand - but come alone!

Kidding sorry my lad - where do you live will drop them off - hope u r in Patan! Sorry about that same size same colour etc etc. OnOn. Dead-in-the-Water
4 Jul 11 Hey DITW: "Two rather large white men, barefoot, size 12, meeting on a dodgy bridge in Kathmandu at midnight. One hands the other money. ..." That could be the start of a very good indie film in almost every possible genre. Dolph Lundgren can play me, will get his career going again ("You. Shoes. Give."). OnOn. Karel
9 Jun 11 Due to losing my camera on Run 1704 the trash for this hash has only one photo. Of me. With the Hashit. It's awful. Please, please someone send some other photographic record of this Hash. OnOn GM
Weekday Run
Run in the week: If you want a midweek crutch competition with the crippled Keeled Over, and can get to his house (located here - 2 km south of the Ring Road in Lalitpur) by 5 pm in the winter and 5.30 pm the rest of the year, then email Keeled or phone him on 5570 165 to find out more. The run is about 40 minutes long along some great tracks.
20 May 11 Hi there: Andreas (UNDP) has offered to do the hash from his compound on 28 May. That is the day of a heavy bandh and so it sounds like a good idea as we should keep a low profile that day except for Dead-in-the-Water who should be lynched on that day when the constitution is due! Keeled Over
20 May 11 Excellent! We should have a beer holding check in front of the CA Hall. On Doggystyle
24 May 11 Hash Get-together: at 19:00 hrs in the Sunrise Tibetan Momo Restaurant, Ekantakuna, Patan. All welcome. Buy your own drinks and snacks and one for the GM. Below is a photo of the place (red ground floor frontage behind the central motorbike) with the big Ekantakuna tree on the right and SDC in the background. There will be no paper, no run, and certainly no circle. So it'll be like a hash without the bad bits. OnOn. GM
12 May 11 Dear All, after Run 1702 Himalayan Hash House Harriers will be closing down. The reason for his, apart from being the only way I can rage into the night of retirement, is that we have run out of paper. The only possibility of revival is if someone appears soon with large quantities of laying mixture. GM
5 May Go straight to the Hash 1700 Weekend list for the latest attendance and transport update. GM
12 April 11 It's the event you have all been waiting for since Run 1600!!!:
This will take place over the weekend of Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of May at the Famous Farm Hotel, Nuwakot. Nuwakot is north-west of Kathmandu on the road to Trisuli, Dunche, and Langtang. It takes about four hours to drive there from Kathmandu. Keeled Over has stayed in the hotel and reported it as very beautiful. Handcream has also stayed there and you all know the high standard of his life!

We intend to book the entire Famous Farm Hotel which consists of the following rooms:
  • 2 with a big bed (I presume this means 'super-size double' but Doggystyle will update me) and space for another single
  • 2 with three single beds
  • 2 with one double bed
  • 2 with two single beds
  • 3 with one single bed
  • an attic where 3-4 single beds can be installed
  • a kennel next to the kitchen waste heap for Doggystyle
By my reckoning that means a total of 27 can be accommodated if all rooms are at full capacity. If the number of hashers who want to come is greater than this then the hotel can provide tents.

Doggystyle has negotiated with the hotel the excellent price of Rs 3850 per person. This is for accommodation on the nights of the 6th and 7th and all meals from evening dinner on the 6th to midday lunch on the 8th. There would be some adjustment downwards for anyone in a tent, and it may be that people in rooms should pay a

Oh, and the runs: we'll have Number 1700 on the Saturday afternoon and be fresh and joyous for Number 1701 on the Sunday morning. Number 1700 will be hared by DoggyStyle and HeBitch, Yogi Hare will do 1701 (won't that be wonderful).

We haven't sorted out transport yet. There are lots of options: use the local bus service (exciting): use our own vehicles: hire a bus: cycle (Keeled did this).

At Hash 1696 last Saturday a show of hands in the relatively poorly-attended circle indicated that about 15 people want to come. So I reckon it's very likely that we will be able to fill the hotel.

In order to secure your place can you please send me an email with the following information:
  1. name:
  2. number of persons:
  3. room type preference:
  4. transport preference:
I have started a list of attendees here. I will add participants to it as I receive intent emails. OnOn. GM
24 April Hash trails: See the course taken by my gadget and I on hashes 1695 (7.7km of running and 565m of climbing), 1696 (13 km of running and 1000m of climbing) and 1697 (9.5 km of running and 690m of climbing) Handcream
6 Apr 11 What does Million$Visa get up to when he is not hashing or pushing his old BMW motorcycle around the rutted gallis of old Patan? Actually, something rather nice in the Patan palace compound, which was formally unveiled this week. (No, of course I was not influenced in posting this by a personal guided tour by $1m and a night of plying with beer, girls, and glossy architectural photo-books with captions as long and impenetrable as a Towed Trash) OnOn GM
29 Mar 11 Hash 1700 Location Suggestion: Here's the website for the Famous Farm, Nuwakot. When Rumi and I went, we paid about 60 USD for 2 people, 1 night, incl. 3 meals. Here's the trail we walked in Nuwakot, going to a top nearby the famous farm, with some pictures: Cheers, Handcream
29 Mar 11 Hash 1700 Location: I think Nuwakot is an excellent idea. It's fairly close, and I know the guy who owns the place. So if you want, I can do the negotiation. On On. DoggyStyle
2 Apr 11 12:53 hrs For those confused by the instructions here is a map showing the route described by the Hare. GM
31 Mar 11 Hash 1694 route: Here is the the track of Hash 1694 as recorded on my thingy. Handcream
13 Mar 11 Hyolmo marathon: A marathon is being organised around Helambu on 23 April starting and finishing at Shermatang. Trailrunningnepal.org says: "Should be a wonderful, low key, friendly race the likes of which you don't see very often! The scenery is wonderful, the trails should be soft and enjoyable. Don't hesitate to join in." Check out the details here. KO
8 Feb 11: Handcream's Gadget: Check out the routes taken by me and my Gadget thingy on hashes 1690 (11.8km and 690m of climbing) and 1691 (14.3 km and 760m of climbing). Handcream
8 Feb 11: Note: I am posting all 19 of Handcream's GPS hash maps (hashes 1630-1691 [pretty irregular pathetic 32% attendance record!]) in the trash sub-indexes. KO
17 Jan 11: From Keeled Over: "Thanks to Joss and Pawan I made it to the hospital after my paltang pultong on Saturday after Hash 1684. I have a broken bone in my hand and bruised ribs but plan to make it to next week's hash. In spite of my Hash Moniker, I assert that this was only my second serious hash krash in ten years of hashing and that I am usually pretty steady on my feet. A much better record than the GM who specialises in crashing into softer stuff; i.e. shiggy". Keeled Over last Saturday
14 Jan 11 Dear All: As you know I have had my tenure as GM extended many times, despite my pleas to quit. Having consulted with Hash Central I have to tell you that I will now be departing the HHHH. The official leaving ceremony will take place at tomorrow's run. I urge the Members to sit down with a beer and work out what they will do to protect the OnSites, prevent The Scholars being allowed to run wild, and secure the tuna dip in an easily verifiable, resealable tupperware container. GM
15 Jan 11 Dear GM: Indeed! Is there any connection between your rash decision and the end of the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN)? When and where will you be holding your flag lowering ceremony and what will become of the GM's Pension Fund and the Hash's fixtures and fittings? As with the peace process, we will we be making a formal request in today's Hash General Assembly for you to extend your tenure by a further six months (three more times). The alternative will be to hand over to indigenous mismanagement. LONG LIVE THE HIMALAYAN HASH! Keeled Over
7 Jan 11 As of 18:40 today I have three empty seats in the Land Rover. I will be traveling through the centre of town before heading out to the OnSite. Book now to ensure disappointment. GM
7 Jan 11 Yogi has finally let me have the location for tomorrow, so click above and get wise. The site is quite an exposed and possibly windy small ridge so remember to bring sufficient warm clothes. GM (last week at Buddhanilkanth it was freezing so the circle was held upwind of the Land Rover and wanking was allowed)
Pension Fund Problems:
8 Dec 10 Dear All, I am unhappy to report that the amount of my Pension Fund continues to decrease. Moreover, there is a demand for yet more snacks to be provided (we ran out last week. Even I got only one bite of the tuna dip). So, we have to raise more money. I do not want to penalize regular participants further, so my suggestion, after conversation with a senior ex-GM in Namaste Supermarket a couple of days ago, is to raise the fees for virgins, newcomers, visitors, and returnees who have been away for more than six months to Rs 1000 for beer-drinkers and Rs 500 for softies. What do you all think? How can we make special provision for less wealthy Nepalis and GMs? Your response is invited. OnOn GM
15 Dec 10 GM. How about charging returnees who have been away for more than 6 days?

But seriously, I don't think the pension fund crisis will be solved by overcharging virgins, newcomers and returnees. We need to work on a serious bailout plan that will call for severe austerity measures and will make the GM more unpopular than Assange at the US State Dept.

Two simple suggestions, and if they do not yield a better balance in the fund, then I will resign from my self-appointed post as GM's Special Counsel:

1. Need to curb the flow of beer during circle. Start by Giving softie down downs to softies
2. Limit 2 free bottles per non-softie, and charge Rs 200 for each bottle beyond the limit.

ON ON, DoggyStyle
2 Jan 11 OK DoggyStyle, I appoint you to stand around while we are having fun and diligently collect the Rs 200 whenever you see any beer drinker reach for a third bottle! GM
31 Dec 10 Happy New Year to all! I look forward to 2011 as a year of of sharply increased GM's Pension Fund contributions by fewer hashers. GM
We Need Some Trashes Written:
12 Nov 10 My beloved wankers: You will notice by looking at the links on the left that I have posted lots of recent Trashes. Those for runs 1668, 1669 and 1670 have photos but no words. The one for that very enjoyable Run 1671 has no photos, an only a few words from Keeled Over who was not at the event and who made his contribution only to get a free beer (see below).

SURELY SOMEONE CAN COMMIT WHAT THEY REMEMBER OF THESE EVENTS TO A TEXT FILE AND SEND IT TO ME FOR POSTING. As a special reward (and I am very sure that the Hash Committee support me on this) anyone who can let me have a decent report will get free beer at their next Hash Run. So get your fingers tapping. And you'd better be quick, because HeBitch will already be eyeing up four weeks of free hashing.

Lastly, if anyone has better captions to some of the photos, you are welcome to send them to me. GM
12 Nov 10 In a fit of hash record making I have posted Trash 1607! Sorry about the delay. Again, it has no words, so the above offer applies. Vicky might like to try her hand as I believe that it may be her first outing with the HHHH. GM
12 Nov 10 I should have expected this. Keeled Over has just sent me the words for Trash 1671 and claimed free beer. Before I acquiesce to this, particularly as KO was not present at this event, I am appealing to Thomas with the Million$Visa to read it and let me know whether it is an accurate description of the event. For a start, he hasn't covered the main feature of the run, which was the wonderful weather. GM
Photos needed:
We have been updating the post-1640 trashes - check them out here. We still need photos for hashes 1642, 1644, 1648, 1650 and 1651. Send your photos to the GM and KO. Check out trash 1645 -- it's a hoot. KO
8 Dec 10 Dear All, by the time that the runners arrived back at the circle last week it was almost dark so that many of the walkers and cyclists had left for home. Part of the reason for this was obviously the marathon run set by Slimline Dicky. Another part was the number of people arriving late causing us to set off late.

As the days are getting even shorter can we please have everyone ready to perform just before 14:00 hrs. That includes you too Jimmy. OnOn GM
15 Dec 10 Dear Christmas Day Hashers. As you can see above the event will take place at Keeled's Kottage in Dholahity. Note that the start time is one hour early. This is not because Keeled wants to make sure that an ultra-long run does not end in the middle of the night, but because there will be a barbecue in his garden afterwards. To make this a really great event it would be great if you would bring along some snack contributions. Normal hash fare will also be provided and I am even prepared to allow a more severe reduction in my pension fund to prevent us running out of drinks. OnOn GM
Ex-HHHH'er Shriveled solves middle-east problem, climbs Everest without beer, writes book:
15 Dec 10 Howdy Folks, From Arafat to Everest, an aid workers journey through six conflict zones and a climb up Mount Everest, is now available at: www.marksquirrell.com

The book was launched last week in Melbourne. Check out the following link for a quick insight into the Book Launch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqNYd3qYeu8

Please feel free to pass this info on to others in your network that maybe interested. Merry Christmas, Mark Squirrell (Squiz)
15 Dec 10 Dear GM, 'From Doti to Dhankuta written by the H4 GM - not for sale!!' When are you opening your training institute and publishing a glowing account of your many notable achievements? Also, I note with some satisfaction the latest cricket score from down-under. On-on. Keeled Over. P.S. HeBitch, do not include the word pus*y in your emails to me as the UNDP spam and obscenity filter will not let it though!
15 Dec 10 Keeled, Don't know what your talking about with the cricket. Only wankers follow that crap. Could you do me a favour (that will be a bloody miracle) and pass on the details to your unruly lot. Pretty sure that you guys can't read but there might be a few newbies amongst the pack that have still got a few brain cells. OnOn, Shriveled (although still in fine working order)
The Aged Apple returned to Hash last week as it is only another ten years until he becomes the first HHHH'er over 100:
15 Dec 10 Dear All: Fauja Singh, Britain's most popular Sikh is 98 now, the oldest runner in London Marathon. He is threatening to break his own world record of 5.40 hours in the 90 plus age bracket that he set previously. While running Marathon races in London, New York and Toronto, he raised thousands of pounds for various charities promoting Sikh culture around the world. He has also raised money for B.L.I.S.S., a charity dedicated to the care for premature babies. He describes it as the .oldest running for the youngest'.

Fauja's jogging skills were developed on an Indian farm in Punjab, and then at the magical age of 81, when he moved to the UK, his love for the sport became more .serious..

Fauja Singh (born April 1, 1911) is a Sikh marathon runner in his nineties from India who is a world-record holder in his age bracket. His current personal best time for the London marathon is 6 hours 2 minutes, and his marathon record, for age 90-plus, is 5 hours 40 minutes. OnOn Apple
30 Nov 10: Hashileaks. Amongst the many documents leaked by Wikileaks slagging off world leaders is a communique to the White House from erstwhile American Ambassador to Nepal and hasher James M. In it he says that the Grand Master of the Himalayan Hash is a reprobate and w**ker. This astonishing revelation deviates from JM, aka Over-Exposed's standard cautiously optimistic approach to affairs of state. Reported by all networks. Keeled 'call me Jules' Over
1 Dec 10 Let me assure all that hashileaks represent raw assessments from the field that do not necessarily conform with U.S. policy. In this case, however, it is true that the Grand Master is a reprobate and w**nker.
On-on! Over-Exposed
2 Dec 10 I am deflated and cheated. Do you mean, Over-Exposed, that while you were worshipping me as an outstanding person and the greatest Grand Master since the Roman Era, you were reporting to the Washington Hash House that I am a reprobate and w**nker? No wonder Griot's Department of Giving never employed me for a high-paying low-output consultancy, even though I am in the target group of the desperately poor. GM
Saudi Prince Invited to Hash . . . shares in GM's pension fund soar:
26 Nov 10 Hi All, you will see that Hurry K is going to set a live run tomorrow. For those of you who do not know what this is, it means that, no paper having been laid beforehand, we give him a 10 minute start and then have to follow his paper to see if we can catch him, drag him to the ground, and kick him unconscious. Catching him will not be as easy as you think as he can lay checks so that we waste our time looking for the way he went, and he will probably also be quite scared. Krishna's marking system will be thus:

a) one circle of paper is a check. From a check within a radius of 50 to 100mthere will be single blobs of paper as usual, but if there are two blobs it will mean a false trail so you will have to go back to the check and try again. The real trail will be identified with three blobs of paper.
b) two circles of paper will mean a temporary holding check where front runners must wait for the slower runners to arrive
c) three circles of paper means normal holding check for all runners (and if you can't work out how checks b) and c) are different, neither can I - GM)

I need a walking hare so if you are willing to volunteer please send an email to the GM. OnOn Hurry Krishna
15 Nov 10 After reading about the government conferring its highest honour on visiting Saudi Arabian prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, (see here) the HHHH has sent out an invitation for him to attend next week's run with the intention of awarding him the Hashit. The mismanagement committee are suggesting to Prince bin Talal that he uses some of his US $ 19.4 billion fortune to sponsor a Hash T-shirt. The prince is staying at the Hyatt and on Friday night was seen out taking a midnight run through the salubrious precincts of Jorpati. KO
16 Nov 10 Unfortunately the Prince will be unable to receive the Hashit as the Mismanagement have lost it. See here. He will therefore make a return to the HHHH some time in the future. GM
How to be Prepared for Orienteering Hash 1674:
11 Nov 10

1. Bring you own compass and any spare compass if you have one. You will need it, because this is a orienteering hash and there is paper only at the checks (called control points'' in orienteering)

2. Runners will have only one route option, however there are opportunities to do short cuts. All runners will be sent out to the terrain in groups of 2-4 people. Safety first: there will be enough mismanagement anyway because of lack of orienteering skills.

3. Walkers will walk in one group with a map of their own, and they will have to follow control points accordingly.

4. The map scale is roughly 1:18.000 and it was last updated in 1994. The area is fully bordered by roads, but even road descriptions on the map cannot be fully trusted. However they are generally going in the right direction. Happily all the mountains were still there when I checked last week. They have not vanished, so it's basically impossible to get lost in this terrain (always assuming that you have carefully deconstructed the Hare's instructions and also understood them).

Slimline Dickie
Oh No! Anybody up for Another One?
28 Sep 10 Dear All, I would like to reserve 13th November for an Orienteering Hash. I know it's far away in the future, but I need to do some reconnaissance on the terrain. I need to visit the place at least three to four times to check possible locations of control points and accuracy of the map. This time it might be south of the ring road, or other place (I think that covers everywhere Slimmy - GM). Don't know yet. OnOn Slimline Dickie (BTW 13 Nov is my grandfathers 93th birthday, so this will be dedicated to him.)
28 Sep 10 Dear Ever Slim, I am sending Hole-in-One to your house right away to clobber you with a 3 wood. OnOn GM
24 Oct 10 Where was Hash 1659? Does anybody remember where Hash 1659 on 24 July 2010 was held and who hared it? I've just updated the Hash Index and there's a blank for this hash. Keeled Over
The Scandi-hoolies return to the HHHH to pape and rillage:
22 Sep 10 Dear GM and Keeled Over, I'm writing to you to warn you that Viaggro, Siggi and I are planning to join the Hash on October 30, and if feasible also to be Guest Hares. We will return from a trekking in Langtang the day before, probably by midday, but time of day might be a bit unpredictable. In any case, being almost incapable to act as hares, we would need some support from co-actors (Keeled, is this not 'report-speak'? - Hash Stakeholder). That means that we need someone to organize some paper and be responsible for laying it in case we return too late on Friday. What do you think of this idea? You, the Grand Master and 'co-master', should make a decision here. We anyhow think it's fun to be returnees. All the best, Lost Ark.
22 Sep 10 Thank you Lost Ark. I delegate the Hare backup to Keeled. GM
24 Sep 10 Dear GM, Who are the hares who go by the names Lost Ark, Siggi, and Viaggro? Really, who might they be? I am scared because these names look to suggest hard, back-breaking hash/runs? Of course I could be wrong and I would be glad to be; but in case I am right, what do I need to do in the next one month in preparation for the "Guest Hare Hash"? Would KO's assistance make me feel less scared? (Chris, believe me, KO is NOT the person to turn to in a moment of distress - GM) On-on........... VSO Miss who hates being seen in a white t-shirt but can happily handle a bit of r and p.
29 Oct 10 The Scandi-hoolies, acting with their usual lack of hash decorum, phoned me up yesterday evening and insisted that I should deliver paper to them at the main Bhaktapur junction at 14:00 today. The minute I have seen where they are going to start the run from I will hi-tail it back to the Big Smoke and post instructions. I am sure that I can count on your support for reclaiming the cost of this mission, and my loss of earnings, (a considerable amount on a Friday afternoon) from the Hoolies. GM
9 Oct Today's run location is confirmed as the one we have used before. GM
9 Oct Dear All, the GPS trail of run 1669 can be found here. Although in a reasonably flat area, Keeled still managed to include 620m of climbing. Cheers, Jurgen 'Handcream' Hulst
9 Oct By the way; did you guys know that Moire has a pretty nice blog about running? Click here to go to it. Best Regards, Jurgen 'Handcream' Hulst
7 Oct 10 Hi All! I'm back from the hills of the mid-west after a great trip. Just a note to say that this Saturday's Run will be roughly in the location described, but will only finally be confirmed after the Hares check that an instant slum housing estate or an eleven storey block of flats for elevator destruction testing has not been put up on the land since we last visited it in May. OnOn GM
30 Sep 10 Well I never. In a moment of distress the Hare has successfully turned to Keeled Over for succour. Read on: Hi Steve, So it turns out I came down with a pretty bad case of typhoid. I've had a fever since Monday, felt quite a bit better last night but took a turn for the worse this morning. Doctors have put me on antibiotics but I fear I won't be back in good enough shape on Saturday to participate in the hash. I'm truly sorry, I feel terrible about bailing like this but I haven't been able to leave my room since Monday. I know it's short notice but do you think it would be possible to find someone else to set the hash this weekend? Unfortunately, I think you can also disregard the previous email we sent you about the cross dressing costume themed hash. We will definitely try and do this another weekend however when I back in shape. I apologize for the inconvenience. Off Off In-and-Out
29 Sep 10 Dear GM: Has is come to HHHH's attention that all self-respecting Hashes enforce a dress code in the circle? Meaning all Hashers - virgins excepted - are required to don some sort of Hash gear (for example a Fat Cat Charity T-Shirt) on pain of humiliation and a soft-drink down-down. (not to waste good beer on slackers)(and I wouldn't even waste soft drinks on that beggarly KO person, let alone beer - GM). I'm told there are some pantywaists in HHHH who can't wear cotton next to their skin. Dearie me! They could still buy a Fat Cat Charity T-Shirt (at the full price) and wear over it their nylon or spandex metroman outfits. Up with the Hash dress code! On On. MacPole
29 Sep 10 Dear MacPole, I am wondering who this cotton-scratcher is. Does he set Runs with compasses, maps, and torrential rain, instead of paper by any chance? OnOn. GM PS. I regret to say that I will be out of Kathmandu for next Saturday's run, and yet again unable to buy one of your Fat Cat Charity T-Shirt's. But anyway, hash business is so weak these days that I have to make do with sack cloth.
29 Sep 10 OK You rats; the pink background indicates today's postings. It is an attempt to raise Towed from his stupor and lead him to responding to a current hash issue. GM - Indeed, others may also find breaking hash news somewhat easier to identify. Sorry, I have no idea of how to program a scrolling line of text at the top of this crap.
28 Sep 10 Your Towedness, (on the subject of expensive t-shirts I think - GM) I did suggest that they should provide free beer instead of some lousy T-shirts, never mind the fact that they are charging 1000 rupees for them. Whatever, only about three people bought them at yesterday's hash and so they will probably become available at a heavily discounted rate in weeks to come. On-On Keeled Over
Happy Clappy runs for Pens and Paper:
22 Sep 10 Dear All, On Saturday 2nd October I am going to run the Kathmandu half marathon to raise money for Khilang School, 7 hours walk from Pokhara. The half marathon is 21km long and the route mainly follows the Kathmandu Ring Road which, due to its very high levels of pollution, adds a certain extra challenge to the event... http://www.kathmandumarathon.com/events-half-marathon.php. The other challenge for me is that I have to be there at 5.30am. Oh and then there's the running...! :) Please click here to find out about Khilang School, how I came upon it, and how you could help me with a donation. Happy Clappy
22 Sep 10 Dear Happy Clappy, you mention Khilang School's need for pens and paper, but are silent on the matter of OLPC laptops. DoggyStyle will be mortified! GM
The T-Shirt Mismanagement:
22 Sep 10 Special Hash T-Shirts have been managed for Run 1668 by MacPole and other road bods. Cost will be Rs 700 each, irrespective of size. Not sure what colours will be available, but I am sure Christine will be more satisfied than she was with the shirts on offer at Run 1667!. Kindly, MacPole and WSP have specified that all proceeds from the sale will be handed over to a charity of the Hash's choice. I know which one I will choose. GM
23 Sep 10 Hi GM: T-shirts are in production BUT our cost is Rs 675 per shirt for 100 so we need to raise the price to minimum Rs 800 (for unfeeling cheap Republican bastards), Rs 900 (for unfeeling cheap Conservative bastards) or Rs 1000 (less than a lousy pizza and beer at Fire and Ice). Can we weather Rs 1000? You choose. On On. MacPole
23 Sep 10 MacPole: Thank you so much for shifting the part of the blame for the T-Shirt cost increase on to my shoulders. I am stunned at the amount you are paying to have them made. Is this by any chance due to extra colours required to print the WSP Logo? Or the usual shady practices that road engineers get up to in this country? Anyway, the GM never shirks a decision, and it is in the usual direction of fleecing the members for what I can get. Rs 1000 it is. OnOn. GM
Important Announcement which will be ignored by many but will keep the numbers down and the GM's Pension Fund up:
14 Sep 10 Change of Time!!!!! starting with Run 1667 . . from 15:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs GM
No-one should be distracted by this poor substitute for a Hash Run:
16 Sep 10 Annapurna 100 Races: Saturday 1st January 2011. 50, 70 and 100 km trail races through fantastic forest trails with stunning views of the Annapurna range. An unforgettable start to the year! The Annapurna 100 is destined to be one of the world's great trail running races. Click here for more details.

Message from Roger the Organizer: Last year we only had three hashers out in Pokhara: Miki, Moire and Narayan. I hope more are joining this year! And 2011 is going to be a much nicer course!

Note from the GM: January 1st 2011 is a Saturday, therefore a Hash Day. Those who get get their priorities wrong will be charged their hash fee in Euros and then severely punished in the circle. GM
17 Sep 10 Dear GM, I fully agree, those who don't show up in Pokhara should receive severe punishment. Obviously we will allow them to classify the race as participating in a Pokhara hash so as to ensure the continuity of their hallowed record of hash presence, they may wear hashing outfits, sit on ice after the race if they feel inclined to do so, and drink as much beer as they want, even during the race.

All of this would obviously be under much better control if the Phnom Penh GM (why is another GM getting a mention here? - GM HHHH) would take personal charge and lead his flock on this outing to the mid-west. Cheers, Roger the Organizer
22 Sep 10. Hi David: excuses for that other GM; after seven years in Phnom Penh and only one here my slowly dissolving brain hasn't yet fully arrived in this part of the world. Here only one GM rules. Vive GM HHHH Could you correct the slip? Cheers, Roger the Organizer
22 Sep 10 Dear Roger, No, I won't correct the slip unless, noting OUR eagerness to be browbeaten into coming to YOUR runs, YOU come to OUR Hash! GM
Help the Differently-aged:
11 Sep 10 Rotter, I'll second Lao Lover's suggestion of reduced rates for OAPs for the hash. After all, over the years he and I must have contributed much to the Rotter Pension Fund (RPF).

Also is it really fifteen years until you become of pensionable age (you must have been very young when I first met you)!!!! Or is it just the result of the recession and the necessity to recoup some of the losses to the GM RPF? OnOn, Turd Herder
MacPole has made a Modest Proposal . . . click here. Yes I know all this stuff has been posted after the run taking place. But people should be made aware of the strange ideas which are bandied about in the HHHH from time to time. GM
18 Sep 10 at 10:16 Please note that the directions to today's run have changed slightly. GM
3 Sep 10 Hi GM, PS to my previous comment: Many countries offer discounts to Old Age Pensioners and free public transport. So how about a discount on the hash fee for OAPs? Say 20-50%? After all, we do far less running and do not indulge in binge drinking! (Thank you Lao Lover, I will consider this request after another fifteen years, when I will become of pensionable age - GM) Also, anyone have any idea how I can persuade a Nepali taxi driver to offer me free rides to the hash......?

PPS A great write up for Run 1664. I hope that the GM has made Leah number one hash scribe and ensured her continuing attendance at the hash. On-on. Lao Lover
3 Sep 10 Dear GM, A response to Macpole's Modest Proposal: Keep it up Macpole (I mean the great ideas of course) - a typical wily Canuck suggestion to ensure shorter time running and more time for drinking - a man after my own heart. And of course we are a drinking club with a very serious running problem. Also if the GM thinks at all, which is rather doubtful, he will realise that the young FRBs running long hashes build up a significant thirst, which is quenched in the circle by binge drinking, thus depleting his retirement fund. Whereas if the hash is only 1 1/4 hours, while there is more time for drinking, it is at a leisurely fashion. On-on. Lao Lover
3 Sep 10 Hello hashers, I will provide paper, and will consider the dress option if that is what it takes. On On. HeBitch
3 Sep 10 Dear DoggyStyle. What is this eagle and chicken crap? I've never heard these strange terms on the HHHH. Has anybody else? OnOn. GM
2 Sep 10 Dear GM, MacPole's idea of FRBR and SCBR has been tried at H4 a number of times. They are better known as eagle and chicken runs. So lets stick with these denominations instead of the abbreviations.

Is MacPole volunteering to set the chicken run every week with the regular hares setting the eagle? Mind you, the downside is that this will put a severe dent on the GM's pension fund.

While we are at making H4 more palatable to a wider audience, can I propose a Doggystyle run alongside the chicken and the eagle? If there are enough takers, I will be happy to work on the details. On On. DoggyStyle
3 Sep 10 Hi GM, So I just thought I'd take a quick peek at the website to check it and what do I find but... THIS!!!!!!...... (see 'A Modest Proposal' below)

Please pass this message to MacPole if possible... "Of course you are welcome to join us to set a SCBR but you must dress as a girl or at the very least wear pink or a hairband. My number is (removed). Schticky Vikki and Happy Clappy will be leaving Patan to set the hash at 10am on Saturday. If you want company then I think He-Bitch may be at a loose end and I am sure will be delighted to dress as a girl... We plan to have a spot of lunch by the Snake Lake before the hash/carnage commences..."

On on, Happy Clappy P.S. We have NO paper... heeeeeeeeelp
2 Sep 10 Happy Clappy whadaya think about the proposal below? I leave it entirely up to you to make the decision to lay an additional 'old crocks' run or not. GM
2 Sep 10 A Modest Proposal: It took a while but I finally figured it out! I can't keep up with front running bastards less than half my age (like me - GM) and I don't want to slow them down and spoil their run.

It may come as a surprise (no, it's not. We know we are tougher than most, which is normally a good way of keeping out those whose prime motivation for coming is the reduction of the Pension Fund - GM) , but HHHH runs are much longer than most hashes and there's no beer stop for runners and walkers to meet, catch their breath and maybe switch. I know some walkers who would like to have a bit of a run but they can't complete 1.5-2 hour runs. I can just get by with some clever short-cutting but it's very hard going and most walkers can't do it.

I would like to split the run into two parts: a run as at present (Front Running Bastards Run) and a run much like I do alone (Short Cutting Bastards Run). I'm sure many walkers would join me and we could attract new Hashers who are shy of running but refuse to walk. The SCBR would bypass several checks and run a shorter distance in the same time as the FRBR. Run Crafty and I used to do this on Canuck Runs, if you remember.

I'm willing to test the idea by joining the Hares setting the FRBR to set a shorter SCBR. If people like the change we could make it a permanent feature and instruct Hares accordingly. If Your Greatness likes this idea, let's try it out this weekend with Happy Clappy and her pals. Why wait? On on, MacPole
31 Aug 10 Thiggy Fingas (Vikki Esplin) is looking for a fit partner for a challenging off-the-beaten-track 16-day trek around Annapurna during the Dessain festival (Oct 9th to 25th). Itinerary will include Naar Phu area, Manang, and over the Thorung La pass to Muktinath. Anyone interested should email Vikki at vikkiesplin[monkey tail]gmail.com: GM
8 Sep 10 GM: A GPS trail of Run 1665, 4 Sept can be found here. The hares cunningly managed to lay a trail in the shape of a dog (en-profile, facing left) with hills for breasts. Total about 9.5km with 560 meters up and down. OnOn. Handcream
1 Sep 10 Fallout from Trash 1664: Can I just point out here that it was a promising virgin trash from Leah but that these brownies are produced every week from my two hands, sweat and blood (so that's why they look like black pudding - GM) (and some additional Hebitch ingredients if this mistake is made again!) and are carefully baked in the good ol' G-Mizz oven! HeBitch, hash MasterBaker!
1 Sep 10 Interesting account of the Run 1664provided by Leah. I remember it quite differently and my version goes like this. Christine
31 Aug 10 We were wondering last Saturday whether the Kathmandu exposure of Joss and Dead-in-the-Water would bring us new punters. Well, so far, I have had a call from a very nice Tamang in Thamel, and then a guy who rang to inquire whether we did mountain biking and then slammed the phone down on me when I simpered 'no'. So we're all safe. GM PS: I will be out of KTM from Thursday pm to Friday pm or Saturday am, so Land Rover riders get your seat reserved at the soonest.
31 Aug 10 A GPS trail of Run 1664, 28 Aug can be found here. I clocked 10.3km while Kimmo had 10.7km, with about 530m up and down. OnOn. Handcream (Jurgen Hulst)
28 Aug 10 Less than a fortnight after the Hash fees were raised, the Himalayan Hash was advertised on the Travel Section of the KTM Post (August 28) along with GM's direct number. A coincidence? Maybe not. I wonder how much of the Hash Cash has been "invested" in the advertisement to increase the GM's pension fund. Would be interesting to see how many unsuspecting virgins will bite the lure for the "cheap-yet-exhilarating experience". DoggyStyle
27 Aug 10 Handcream supports GM on the Hash Fee Raise: I'd like to mention that I fully support raising hashing fees for soda-drinking softies. As we all know the hash has always been a "drinking club with a running problem"; and this doesn't mean a soda-pop drinking club!

Ok, we can still tolerate the soft-drinkers among us, but I think they should receive an "incentive" to make the switch to become true hashers. Furthermore, having more non-sober hashers will also promote the adaptation of a more creative and expanded hash song vocabulary (oh dear - GM) . :-) On On, Handcream
27 Aug 10 One Laptop Per Child Doesn't Add Up: No wonder the take-up is low in Nepal. The spreadsheet designed by Doggy Style's (Nepali project boss) team calculates a rise from Rs 400 to Rs 500 as 11% (see below), whereas Excel, and my brain, report it as 25%! I can only conclude that the OLPC device is clearly designed to let price-gouging Nepali shopkeepers take advantage of vulnerable schoolkids. GM
27 Aug 10 Here's Doggystyle, true to form: I have started boycotting the H4 in protest of the GM's unilateral and rather autocratic decision to subsidize the beer drinkers by unfairly raising the softie's fees by 33% while keeping the increase to a meager 11% for the beer drinkers. I wonder if H4 bylaws allows the 'caretaker' GM to introduce such major changes in Hash policies. DS
18 Aug 10 The Fees for Hashing have Increased!! It has been apparent during the last several months that I am never going embezzle enough from the Hash to be able to retire in the comfort which is due to me after the strain of so many years of abuse in the circle. In fact, if matters were to go on as they are, I would have to stay in work and pay money in to keep the whole thing going.

The main reason for this state of affairs is a substantial rise in the cost of beer. A year ago we paid Rs 1795 for a case of Carlsberg beer. Now it is Rs 2220. Likewise, San Miguel has risen from Rs 1495 to Rs 1840. The effect of these prices has been made worse by the relatively fewer beer payers and the consistently large number of miscreants who get beer down-downs.

To get us back on a sound financial footing I therefore suggested to the pack last week that the run fees be raised to Rs 200 for soft drinkers and Rs 500 for beeries. As I heard not one word of objection to this I declared it agreed and started taking the new amounts. So from now on, to repeat, it will be Rs 200 for soft drinkers and Rs 500 for beer drinkers. I am sure that no-one (except perhaps Keeled and Doggystyle) will be unhappy about this, as you all know that the HHHH remains one of the cheapest forms of exercise and entertainment going. GM (Now I'll just sit back for a few peaceful moments before the complaints arrive.)
31 Aug 10 A GPS trail of Run 1664, 28 Aug can be found here. I clocked 10.3km while Kimmo had 10.7km, with about 530m up and down. OnOn. Handcream (Jurgen Hulst)
28 Aug 10 Less than a fortnight after the Hash fees were raised, the Himalayan Hash was advertised on the Travel Section of the KTM Post (August 28) along with GM's direct number. A coincidence? Maybe not. I wonder how much of the Hash Cash has been "invested" in the advertisement to increase the GM's pension fund. Would be interesting to see how many unsuspecting virgins will bite the lure for the "cheap-yet-exhilarating experience". DoggyStyle
27 Aug 10 Handcream supports GM on the Hash Fee Raise:I'd like to mention that I fully support raising hashing fees for soda-drinking softies. As we all know the hash has always been a "drinking club with a running problem"; and thisdoesn't mean a soda-pop drinking club!

Ok, we can still tolerate the soft-drinkers among us, but I think they should receive an "incentive" to make the switch to become true hashers. Furthermore, having more non-sober hashers will also promote the adaptation of a more creative and expanded hash song vocabulary(oh dear - GM) . :-) On On, Handcream
27 Aug 10 One Laptop Per Child Doesn't Add Up: No wonder the takeup is low in Nepal. The spreadsheet designed by Doggy Style's (Nepali project boss) team calculates a rise from Rs 400 to Rs 500 as 11% (see below), whereas Excel, and my brain, report it as 25%! I can only conclude that the OLPC device is clearly designed to let price-gouging Nepali shopkeepers take advantage of vulnerable schoolkids. GM
27 Aug 10 Here's Doggystyle, true to form: I have started boycotting the H4 in protest of the GM's unilateral and rather autocratic decision to subsidize the beer drinkers by unfairly raising the softie's fees by 33% while keeping the increase to a meager 11% for the beer drinkers. I wonder if H4 bylaws allows the 'caretaker' GM to introduce such major changes in Hash policies. DS
18 Aug 10 The Fees for Hashing have Increased!! It has been apparent during the last several months that I am never going embezzle enough from the Hash to be able to retire in the comfort which is due to me after the strain of so many years of abuse in the circle. In fact, if matters were to go on as they are, I would have to stay in work and pay money in to keep the whole thing going.

The main reason for this state of affairs is a substantial rise in the cost of beer. A year ago we paid Rs 1795 for a case of Carlsberg beer. Now it is Rs 2220. Likewise, San Miguel has risen from Rs 1495 to Rs 1840. The effect of these prices has been made worse by the relatively fewer beer payers and the consistently large number of miscreants who get beer down-downs.

To get us back on a sound financial footing I therefore suggested to the pack last week that the run fees be raised to Rs 200 for soft drinkers and Rs 500 for beeries. As I heard not one word of objection to this I declared it agreed and started taking the new amounts. So from now on, to repeat, it will be Rs 200 for soft drinkers and Rs 500 for beer drinkers. I am sure that no-one (except perhaps Keeled and Doggystyle) will be unhappy about this, as you all know that the HHHH remains one of the cheapest forms of exercise and entertainment going. GM (Now I'll just sit back for a few peaceful moments before the complaints arrive.)
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