Other Hashes in the World


"A catch me f*ck me run was fueling the gossip of towns for month!!"


By Bandidos

aka Bendytoes

'The first time I came in touch with HHH was 1978 in Cairo. I was a member of an running club and somebody intro-duced us to the Cairo Hash. Runs were regularly on Saturday out of Cairo in the dessert. But there were no such funny things like circles or down downs. We just saw it as an change in our daily running training. The Cairo Hash was such a good reservoir for runners that it could afford to start with two 10 men teams by the yearly 24 hour race in Egypt. 1979 the Hash team one came in first.

"In order to prove true hasherhood you had to swallow at least five to ten down downs"


From Cairo my job brought me to Jakarta. What a difference! First of all there is a Hash almost every day:g. Monday Jakarta Hash, Wednesday Pussy Hash, Thursday Batavia Hash, Friday TGIS (Thanks God it is Friday) Hash. And on weekends you will probably find a family hash. And for whom this is not enough one can find other groups in the satellite towns of Jakarta.

Hashing itself was a real culture shock. I first went to the Batavia Hash. A surprisingly small group of 3 to 6 Hashers. After having experienced two runs I did not show up again. In order to prove the true hasherhood you had to swallow at least five to ten down downs. I think the record that time was 24 down downs by a Dutch guy. Needless to say that after such a torture people were not so well behaved anymore. Later things changed and my intelligence network has confirmed to me that the Batavia Hash is still in function.

A** on an iceblock

I was later with with the Jakarta Hashers. Big nasty group and commited to the old hash ideals: Unmentionables (female) were not allowed to hash officially. A catch me f*ck me run was fueling the gossip of towns for month. And punishments ranged from down downs to sitting with the naked A** on an iceblock. Surely not everyones taste. But the Jakarta Hash had up to 300! participants. And you thought the Kampala Hash was big!

Worth mentioning is the support of the local breweries. To each hash the breweries sent a lorry with draft beer facilities. And every year the hashes get large amount of free beer and other gifts.

Kampala in 1994

In 1994 I was based in Fort Portal. Occasionally I ran with the Kampala Hash. Surprisingly at that time some of the Hashers did not know that Hash is a worldwide issue.


In 1999 I moved to Johannesburg. Big City small Hash. The only mega city has only a small group. I never experienced more than 20. The danger of extinction is always there.


Anyway my next destination was Nepal. Whoever comes to Nepal should run the Hash in Kathmandu. The hashes are set Saturdays afternoon in the Kathmandu Valley. It is an experience of its own. You would see places the tourist guide would never show you. The circle is a professional entertainment from the Grandmaster which I also never found in an other hashs.

Back in Kampala since July 2004. Next hash experience will be in El Salvador on Christmas.

"Unmentionables (female) were not allowed to hash officially"

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Bandidos, December 04