The Hash Commandments

I. Thou shalt have no other clubs before the Hash.

II. Thou shalt have Mondays, and keep them only for Hash.

III. Thou shalt not put any other, i.e. wife, work or pleasure, before the Hash.

IV. Thou shalt perform the rites of the Hash at each meet, urinating away from all chariots, and view.

V. Thou shalt not start before the allotted time.

VI. Thou shalt not learn from aging Hashers, as their guiding leads to all forms of perverted ideas.

VII. Thou shalt call out on paper as such, “On, On.”

VIII. Thou shalt not short-cut, or be caught shortcutting.

IX. Thou shalt not check within a village, or within sight of the chariots.

X. Thou shalt not partake of any juice of sustenance before a run.

XI. Thou shalt honour Hash, and become a Hare.

XII. Thou shalt honour Hash Cash, and keep him in subs.

XIII. Thou shalt not bring females or children to mens Hash.

XIV. Thou shalt not throw the container or any part thereof of the Golden Liquid, anywhere but in the receptacle provided.

XV. Thou shalt not waste any of the Golden Liquid, but by the Oral Cavity.

XVI. Thou shalt “Check in” at the end of each. run, lest thy companions think thou art lost in the wilderness.

XVII. Thou shalt honour all these Commandments, and keep them Hash Holy.

XVIII. Thou shalt tell of Hash to all peoples.

XIX. Thou shalt not break any of these hallowed Rules, lest thou incur the wrath of the Hash, and shalt receive the Hashit.

From "Quickstep" An HHHH magazine published in 1982. Author not known.