Herman "Finger In The Dyke" Grimminck - Farewell

Dear friends,

We are very sorry to inform you that Herman has passed away. A cerebral hemorrage occured in the right side of his brain causing him to fall into a coma for 4 days. His body fought hard but the struggle ended at 18.25, April 20.

The cremation will take place 25th of April, at 14.30 in Vlijmen, the Netherlands. You are all very welcome.

Sudesna, Sarban and Danny Grimminck


From the RA:

The Himalayan Hash House Harriers mourn the loss of Herman Grimminck, our GREAT GRAND MASTER. We offer our condolences to Sudesana, Sarban and Danny.

Herman generously saw the hash through years of mismanagement -- weekly supplies of paper and drinks, and creative hash trash. He planned and oversaw several Hash Weekends and published hash souvenir books.

Herman's engineering skills helped build several hotels and hospitals in Pokhara and Kathmandu.

Herman was a faithful husband and father who cared well for the family who patiently assisted him in working for the hash. The family returned that faithful care while Herman was handicapped during the last two years of life.

We have various beliefs, but are sure that Herman's good life is rewarded. We promise whatever support we can give to Sudesana, Sarban and Danny.

The Fox

Appreciations from friends and hashers
Dear Sudesna, Sarban and Danny,

On behalf of the members of British Gurkhas Nepal who Hashed between 1992 and 1997, please accept our deepest condolences on the sad loss of Herman.

Always in our thoughts, Fergie

Sudesna, Sarban and Danny, Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time. We will always have fond memories of Herman and yourselves and you will always have a special place in our hearts. Regards, Jim, Salma and Ooways Nugent

Dear Sudesna, Sarban and Danny,

First of all, please accept our deepest condolences on the sad demise of Herman, a true friend whom we shall never forget!

They say the ones who are close to God are called first. Well I guess he was one of them.

Herman was a real fighter, an avid hasher, and one of the best classical guitarists I've ever listened to. I always remember Herman when I listen to a tape he presented me before he left Nepal - Julian Bream and John Williams - wanted to tell him so much how I really enjoyed listening to this tape , but never got the chance. Wanted to visit him at Tulin someday with my buddies, but that never happened.

Herman was a true Nepali at heart though a Dutch by birth, probably due to his long stay here in Nepal. Whenever you visit the Summit or the Raddison or the Hyatt or the old International Club, Herman's spirit will always be there !

I can almost hear Herman saying . . . . . . On On . . . . . . The impermanence of life . . . . . . .

God bless, Ashok and family

M.B. "Megabyte" Shrestha
"Hurry" Krishna Maharjan

Hi Buddies. There's a old Nepali saying: once there's a death in your family circle, expect more deaths sooner than later-more like superstition! -- Same here, there have been 3 deaths within my distant relatives in the past 2 weeks - mostly old folks. This is what Ashok wrote me a few weeks back. The saying came true once more - I also have 3 deaths in my inner circle now. I never thought that Herman's life could be so fragile.
On Easter-weekend as the weather got 22 C warm and sunny I asked myself why I haven't used the good opportunity to visit Herman in Tilbourg? . . . . . . (in Germany the Monday is holiday too)

Ashok wrote a nice condolence letter to the Grimmincks. I think that we all feel this way. He found the best words for our common feelings. I'll hope that they give me one day holiday so that I can attend at the ceremony on Friday that I can give him our last honour and respect. I'm not long time working there, hope it goes well like I want. Jurgen

Sudesna, Sarban and Danny:

We are very sad to hear this news, and our thoughts and best wishes are with you at this time. I am sorry that because of our distance, we cannot be with you on Friday. I hope that maybe Jurgen can come to Vlijmen to represent the Kathmandu buddies, but he working now, so it may be difficult. At any rate, our thoughts will be with you. I am currently in Kathmandu, staying in the Hyatt Hotel that Herman helped to build. I took a walk around Bauddha stupa this morning, and was thinking of Herman.

Sudesna, please keep in touch, as I am sure we will have an opportunity to meet in the future, either in Holland, or here in Kathmandu.

With all of the best wishes and condolences. Brian, Phulamu, Douglas and Daniel

A great Dutchman. I will always have fond memories of setting runs, running circles, and ranting in drunken Dutch/English/Nepali H4 dialects that only we know and understand.

I will raise a Down Down to him on the 25th at the appropriate time. Crash (Burt Levenson)

Dear Sudesna, Sarban and Danny,

I am also deeply saddened to hear this news. Herman will always be a fixture in our Nepal memory, and I have his farewell plaque to our hashing family on the wall next to me as I write. It was a privilege to serve in Hash mismanagement with Herman, and we always appreciated his and your hospitality, Nepali-style with a little Dutch mixed in. It is largely due to Herman that the Himalayan Hash stayed together and ultimately thrived again, and he keeps us together still in memory. On on faithful hound, your "finger" is no longer in the dyke but pointed at our hearts.

We wish you Godspeed, Reed "Rambo", Son Chong, Ryder and Travis

Dear David, Sad news indeed. Doubly sad as I have just returned from NZ where my mother has just died also. I have sent a personal note directly to Sudesna and family but would be pleased if you could add our names to the list: Kate, Doug "Lao Lover", Indri and Arifah Clendon

I didn't know him for long, but yet enough to appreciate what a great Grand Master, and nice guy, FITD was. Driving home from the Hash (in an "adjoining" car) will never be as wild again! David "Rotter" Potter and family

Dear Ashok, What terrible news from the Netherlands this week. Like you, we feel shattered by the news that Herman is no more. Over the last 2 years Herman had still continued to send me snippets of email, photos from his collection, Jim Corbett websites and info and the like. I never sent him much back, always thinking I would send him more soonest, and now? I also entertained hopes of seeing him in Holland. Well done to Jurgan for going and seeing him. I dont think many of his other hash friends made the trip. So many memories have been flashing through my head these last days. Herman was really a True Friend to me and the family. He was one of those few out of the many people I know who I felt I could go to if things went wrong. What a loss. My father, too, on his many visits here in the 90's had a fantastic friendship with Herman. H. really went the extra mile in looking after my folks on their visits, taking them to Pokhara when the Eye hospital was being built, to Charikot to see the Orphanage there, and on many picnics and excursions around the valley.

I always felt very sad, as it was after the last run that we set together that the trouble started. I didn't run a single hash since that one. I feel I want to go back on the runs, call me fanciful but it almost feels like something supernatural to me . . . . like I was blocked by something. However, I do feel I want to see you and Bill and the other old timers and remember our Dear Friend. Should we organise a Memorial run, I wonder? I really understand what you said about Herman being a little bit Nepali.I feel that it would be nice to make a Puja for him. I always think of that temple out on the spur above the Bagmati, beyond Sano Khokna. That was where we placed our last holding check I think. Maybe we could go out there together sometime and put some flowers or something?

Anyway Ashok, I hope we may meet soon. Its good to have you around, ONONON! Graeme.

Dear Sudesna, Sarban and Danny,

Please accept our deepest Condolences on the sad demise of Herman, our best friend and Great Grand Master. I heard this sad news from our friend Colin from Scotland. Herman the real man, who worked for our country, most of his life. We can't forgive that last day hash party in his house in Patan and next day he became sick for this long time, now he is with God for ever. Sudesna, God is always with you, no one can be against you. God bless!

Subash & Merina

I received the sad news about Herman. Just when, judging by emails about KH4 history he was initiating, he seemed to be getting over the stroke effects. I sent condolences by email and told 'Road Runner' over the phone. Please include Rita, Sally and me in anything you send from KH4.

Regards to everyone and ON-ON! Pheasant Plucker@

Hi Friends, this visit was quite sad. I arrived on Friday morning.

Herman's body was laying in state in the living-room, but I avoid to see him as I want to keep him in mind like I knew him all the years and not as a corpse. When the undertakers brought the coffin out of the house, Sudesna had a nervous-breakdown- the situation was kind of fearful for me.

Some cars with mourners went behind the hearse via highway from Herman's home in Tilburg to the Vlijmen crematory in 35 km distance. I was surprised to see so many more mourners-well over 100 attending the service there. Herman was one of 6 Childs, big family and he was quite prominent in his hometown Tilburg. There were also relatives of Sudesna. I met Hasher Willem Gulcher ,the ex-manager of the Summit hotel. Some of the Summit board attended plus people connected to the eye-hospital in Pokhara and many more in some relation to Herman's life in Nepal.

During the ceremony they played Herman's recorded guitar music in the background and brothers and former colleagues were holding speeches in Dutch which I couldn't follow. Danny and Sarban played a niece piece of guitar music to honour their dad. The open coffin in front, over and over decorated with flowers for his last journey.

Afterwards I made photos, some I'd sent in the other mail. Relatives and friends came afterwards to his house in Tilburg. We discussed his moving life with a few beers and delicious food until the late evening hours. Saturday afternoon I drove back from this tragic meeting to Germany.