A Page of Miscellaneous Old HHHH Photos

File names are used as titles, with names of those recognised by me added. Any additional identification, information, comments, or slander will be gratefully received and added. I've got a lot more shots which I will add when I have time. Rotter
Changunarayan 03. Left: Dave Judge, 2nd From Left: Alan 'Spare Part' Christer 3rd From Left: Rodney Changunarayan 04. Spare Part and Hans the Canadian Changunarayan 05. Left: Centre back: Mike Osborne. Quaffing: John Waldron, Right: Slow Drip, 2nd From Right: Rodney
Changunarayan 07. From Left: Mike Hilton, Mike Osborne, Slow Drip, Jim 'Half Hash' Nugent, John Kuiper

Changunarayan 13. Centre: Hash Master Bill Green

hw_200111. Finger In The Dyke
june_1985_19: Karl Fitzner and Midnight Rambler june_1985_9. Rob Elvery with Ray Malipati, the owner of the 'Up and Down' Disco jurgen_download-vi. From left: Slow Drip, Don 'Griot' Clark, Jim Nugent, Midnight Rambler, Mike Osborne, John Waldron
1987_hash_from_rob_elvery_01 Quaffing: Marieke, wife of Rob Elvery, Behind: John Waldron 1987_hash_from_rob_elvery_02 Left: John Waldron, Centre: (the guy in yellow I presume) Ron somebody, who was working on Spare Part's airport project 1987_hash_from_rob_elvery_03. Left: Marieke, 2nd From Left: John Waldron, Shirtless: Geoff Avent, To His Right: Scottish Nurse who was the Hash Mattress Right: Bonnie
300th run and issue of 150th run mugs. Photo from Rob Elvery. Left: Lao Lover's Lover - next right: John Waldron's wife, then Bonnie in blue, Stats behind her, then Jamuna from Africa (Slow Drip's former sister-in-law Ekram Fadlemola) - right: Mike Osborne hashmusicians. Centre: The Enlightened Tourist divhashpics5. Burt Levinson gets Jim Nugent (Half Hash) on ice? Standing at Right: Don 'Griot' Clark
after a run - location is 'behind the Chinese Shoe factory' which presumably means the Bansbari Shoe Co now the Ganga Lal Heart Hospital post-hash event at Rob and Murika's house - Rai and wife Bibi seated 1985 - Slow Drip at top left - others? the right hand side of the same shot
after a run at an area which seems to be just below the Suryabinayak Temple, Bhaktapur. Could be Grumblewald standing left. Mike Barret's Gurkha Brigade Land Rover at the back. He's the one in the red shirt propping it up. second shot of same event. Looks like Slow Drip now supporting the Land Rover Mike Yeats (the supplier of this row of photos and the row above) being grilled in the circle. Don't know who the other guys are. Anybody know? Same hash as the left hand photo one row up.