GM 1982-84 Rediscovers H4

Wow!! ON ON !! I was so impressed to find your website! I figured it for a long shot, but there you are!

I don't even know where to begin. So perhaps I will begin somewhere around the beginning. I am David Shannon. I was Hashmaster of H4 from sometime in 1982 to the beginning of 1984 and I was a fanatic - even among the nutcases that made up H4.

I created the little rabbit peeking over the mountain that is on your website! I have the original rubber stamp to prove it! I started out as Scribe in about August 1981 and became HashMaster when Derek Millbank left - I would have to look the date up. I also have a copy of every Hash Report from number one through January 1984. I could probably arrange to get you copies if you want them for your archives. I also have copies of all the Mixed Hash Reports over that 1981 - 1984 period.

I was the one who thought up and organised the great Himalayan Hashtrek in 1983 - when we had 140 Hashers from around the world show up - and trekked up to Panch Pokhari for what was up to that time "The World's Highest Hash." I also organised three subsequent Hashtreks to Langtang, Annapurna and Everest Base Camp, though I led only the first of those three. I have a collection of mugs, walking stick, patches, and such from those wonderful days. Ah, the memories. After my own wandering from America via Iran (2 years), Niger (1 year), Haiti (2 years) and Nepal (2.5 years) I met a Kiwi woman in Kathmandu (a Mixed Hasher, natch) and followed her to New Zealand where I now live.

What led me to look for you is a collection of H4 tee shirts I saved - all brand new, unworn, in their original packs. I have tee shirts from the 150th and 200th Hashes and several different ones from the Hashtreks.
I have tried to sell them here in New Zealand, but no one is interested. Then it occurred to me that perhaps someone in H4 would be interested in these vintage tee shirts. Whaddaya think? Is there anyone on H4 today interested in a rare "oldie?" Surely you have a Kiwi among your lot - or even an Aussie - who travels home on occasion so we could arrange to get them up there. I can send pictures if anyone is interested.

I will also be happy to correspond with anyone who wants to know anything about Hashing back in the early 80's!


David Shannon, Auckland, New Zealand, 9/4/06

Dave Shannon was G.M. when I joined the hash in 1983. He WAS and probably IS a fanantic. I think Keeled has all the old trashes which Slow Drip gave him. I suspect our wimp pack will not buy expensive old shirts, except, perhaps, Griot and Grumblewald (if he visits!). Fox, 10/4/06