Trashes for Men's Hashes 51-75 Revealed to the World

These 1980/81 reports were mostly written by Britishers Malcolm Gough and Roger Millbank. Highlights of these 25 trashes include the first awarding of the Royal Loo Seat hashit in Hash 68, the banquet at Boris's farm (Hash 71), and the 'earthquake' documented in Trash 73.

Also it seems that political correctness is a recent invention with the log book entry for Hash 67 reporting Jerry Wolczanski as saying: "'Jeez, if I go home sober the wife will think I was out with a woman." These trashes also have some stylistic interest with Trash 60 being written in RAF flying banter and much of no. 72 in Latin!

Happy reading and don't forget that we need photos of these early hashes. Trash 68 records one Lawrence Priestley taking photos of that particular run.

Keeled Over, February 2004

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