Trashes for Men's Hashes 76-100 Revealed to the World

Finally, in Trash 90, long-time scribe Malcolm Gough managed to pass on the onerous task of writing the trash every week to someone else. In Trash 91 the new scribe Dave Shannon shows his ambition to keep up hash literary standards with a dreadful spelling mistake in his third ever sentence. I guess typewriters did not have spellcheckers.

Trash 90 records the full list of hash officials with Keith Robinson as Hash President, Tony Russell and Derek MIllbank as Joint Hash Masters and Jan Zonnerveld as Hash Film. Does anybody know how to contact Jan so we can try and get hold of his photos. Hash Words, Hash Cash, Hash Beer, and Hash Song are also named.

Trash 88 voices concerns about the pack getting too spread out. It suggests that nobody starts checking until five people arrive at a check. Trash 95 has a few words on hash protocol.

Trash 78 records the first appearance of British Gurkha officer Mike Barrett, a prominent future GM whilst Trash 97 relates that nature films were going to be shown after Hash 101.

An interesting fact is captured in the log book entry for Hash 89. It records that four cases of beer were purchased at $43.60 or 519 rupees, giving an exchange rate of 11.8 rupees to the dollar.

Trash 90 is the first mention of "that other mob" i.e. the Himalayan Mixed Hash. On a not unrelated theme Trash 100 records that at the bash that followed run 100, "some truly foolish proposal [was made] about allowing women to run in THE HASH.” But the Himalayan hash remained a bastion of male chauvanism for a while longer as“these fantasies of some diseased mind were dismissed quite decisively."

The stats up to Hash 100 are given in the log book with Tony Russell on 88 hashes as the most dedicated hasher to that point.


Keeled Over, March 2004

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