When? There is a Mixed Hash every Saturday at 2:00 PM in winter and 3:00, 3:30 or 4:00 PM in summer. There is also sometimes a mid-week Tuesday Fast Hash, depending on enough Hashers overcoming lethargy following the previous Saturday's outing.

Check this website for exact times of each event.
What? Except when Keeled Over or Yogi Hare are laying the paper, the Saturday Mixed Hash involves a run of from one to two hours duration mainly off-road, sometimes in-river and, in the monsoon, deep in mud. Hills of both the up and down type do not impede the HHHH.

But wait, don't be put off. While the hashers who call themselves runners will do the whole course trying to look like they aren't walking, real walkers are mostly able to keep up due to the Hare's clever laying of paper and judicious choice of short-cuts.

After everybody gets back to the start, which usually happens, refreshments are taken, followed by certain quaint but enjoyable rituals which cannot be described here.

For more comprehensive (but somewhat dated) guidance on How To Hash see The Rules
Where? A different location every week, almost always within the Kathmandu valley. See the Forthcoming Events page for details of each run, and how to get there.
Who? Anybody able to suspend taking themselves seriously for a few hours. But be advised that the Hash has no insurance so don't come with a serious heart problem or, more likely, gout at an advanced stage hoping to sue!
How Much? Rs 600 for beer drinkers and Rs 250 for soft drinkers.
How to Book You don't have to. Just turn up.