Receding Hareline
Run 2052 Sat 12 Aug 1500 hrs coming Needed
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Achtung: This Shite is defunct! Please monitor the facebook group and/or for the latest hash locations. If you are here looking for an archive of old locations to post on the new shite, look no futher!

You can submit photos or videos to be posted above. Please pre-screen for any carreer ending content.

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Miscellaneous Bowel Movements

11 Sep 09 I've posted a page with thumbnail-size historical HHHH photos here. I seem to remember that most of them were sent to me by Midnight Rambler (aka Juergen). If anybody else has shots of old Runs or other Hash Events feel free to send them and I will add to the collection. GM

Old Hard Shite

Check the shite! In these uncertain times please always try and check the shite around 11 am on Saturday morning to see whether there are any last minute changes to the instructions.

Facebook shite: The Himalayan Hash House Harriers are now on Facebook. This is meant for uploading and sharing your hash photos, news and comments about hash things. The FB group is a closed group; so your non-hash friends will not be able to find out about your hash shit. You need a Facebook account to join. From there search on 'Himalayan Hash House Harriers' and 'request to join'.

What's with this 3 words malarkey? What3words is an addressing system that divides the world into 57 trillion 3mx3m squares. Each has a unique 3 word address, which is easier to communicate than a gps coordinate. You can use the what3words to find a location with a lightweight app that works offline, to open a different navigation app of your choice, to copy the GPS coordinates, or send mail to Mongolia

What are some other Apps useful for finding On-in's and running around aimlessly? They need to use open data obviously!

Try OSM Android or for offline maps, or Navmii for offline driving directions (It's even has native what3words integration!)

Any complaints? Send any complaints, miscellaneous repartee, exposes or requests for advice on sensitive medical conditions to Keeled or Techneilogy for posting on this webshite.

Hash paper: We always need more shredded paper. Bring it along to a hash and hand it over to the GM or whoever is setting next week's hash.

Hash song: Click here for the words to the hash song and some alternative versions.

The Hash Database: The Hash Stats are now online. Click on Hash Database on the left panel and the sign-in screen opens in a separate tab on your browser. Enter the user name and password as announced at Hash 1850 to see the read only version. Or email the GM (extinct) or KO for the user name and password. Click on arrow at top left to get different types of info. Also see number of hash runs for hashers. Only the GM and KO can currently edit it and enter data.

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