Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0003 Monday 29 October 1979
Location Ring Road roundabout at road to Godavari Hares John Wyatt Smith and Binks
Hashit Apparently not awarded Scribe Robinson? Hashers 13

Lucky 13 again, but even more encouraging as there were 4 new members from the Marine House, hopefully their enthusiastic reports will encourage their Commanders and other pen-pushers in the Embassy to join the Club. I should add here that Embassies as a whole seem reluctant to let their hair down and mix it, why not try your diplomatic charm on the Hash it is bound to get to your Ambassadors ears!

The hares were a little late getting back so we started off without them. Paper was soon found, and apart from David who had some pressing purchases to make in the Patan Industrial Estate - all headed off in the right direction. After a short run we were checked and then fell into the first of a series of false trails which had us well and truly foxed. It was at this point that Ron decided he did not wish to be associated with the rest of us and was only seen hereafter away in the distance doing his own thing.

The trail wound down to the river and across, there was the usual milling about while the timid tried to find a way around the water - but no luck in we all had to go. Paper was a little thin here but we picked up the trail eventually and headed off into the paddy. A good check at this point had us all well spread out and turned the field inside out. We now did a length of narrow paddy bunds looking like a new class of ballerinas - it was at about this point that Niel who had guessed right for a change turned to yell encouragement to his fellows and promptly disappeared from view. He reappeared later with rice straw sticking out of his hair - it really was no time for a roll in the hay Niel!

Dusk was falling and it was obvious that we were only half way around, Tony felt the need for solace and nearly allowed himself to be lured from paper by a beckoning female of undoubted dusky charms. John still smiling as only a hare can, waited while

we again cast around for shredded paper heavily

impregnated with carbon which was difficult to find in the failing light. The trail when found led onto a main track which at last was pointing for home. We ended up on the Godavari road on the other side of the radio station and bridge. The trail led off the road in an arc over the paddy and back again to the road. Niel stayed on the road and then picking up the paper where it joined the road again plunged into the paddy on a back trail. The rest of us were surprised to see him flash past yelling ON ON - however he obviously had some well thought out plan so we continued on the road for the long long long run in. Niel running out of paper and friends eventually turned for home a small red figure all alone in the gathering darkness. The rest of the run is best forgotten - but it must be recorded that we all did eventually arrive back at the Chariots safely. It is at this point that we again pick up the story of Ron, he appeared out of the paddy leapt the barbed wire fence and was once again reunited with the hash. Where had he been? and what had he done - well he was a little coy about the day's events and so it is perhaps best forgotten.


On the ring road in the dip South West of Swayambu. A yellow Corolla Toyota Estate car will mark the spot.


1. Again please do not run through crops. Most ploughed fields have something growing in then so go round.

2. Why not join us Ron, one should not get further than 260 yds away from paper there is a danger of picking up the return trail if we range too far afield.