Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0009 Monday 10 December 1979
Location Half a mile south of Kirtipur Campus (in trash but 'Shanta Bhawan' in logbook?) Hares Colin Barron and Derek Millbank
Hashit Apparently not awarded Scribe Robinson Hashers 15
The venue was changed for this Hash as it was discovered that the Students at the Kirtipur Campus were holding elections. The hash though young strong and handsome did not feel up to this challenge. Colin and Derek revised their trail and we actually started off about 1/2 mile further south. It was a good turn out of 15 although Guy Stone was late having rung up a hash master as usual to find out where the meet was even though it is written on the last week's report. Is there something going on between them?

The trail started off through the countryside with Niel guessing wrong at the first check, more about him later! We then ran through a cheerful throng of brick makers before swinging down towards the Bagmati river. A check which we took some time to find - not across the Kathmandu sewer surely - but yes it was!! Roger led the way - wishing he had not agreed to share a bath when he got home-too much explaining! The rest gradually with many a thought to their Cholera and Anti tetanus jabs followed - however one stalwart cried never!! - 'what will it do to my athletes feet'? - various suggestions sprung to remind - however Niel -yes it was he, took a short cut via a bridge, all of a 3/4 mile detour. Once across with our shoes full of sand and old bodies we ground on and upwards, a stiff climb then away across the fields to the Campus road. Roger gave up the lead after the river, the experience had left him drained and David with his 'ever glow' orange shirt with Go Native on the back, as if he wasn't - led the way unerringly. Malcolm Iles came up with him, which was a pity as

their shirts clashed, but still it was getting dark so they blended together more easily.

All' of a sudden we were again faced with the cold greasy water of the Bagmati and again we were led across. Steven appearing from the rear kept on crying. 'I've already had Hepatitis' and plunged for the far shore - Again the rest followed without the usual enthusiasm that the Hash normally showed - Guy even decided to wallow a little to test some off beat theory about the more you soak the less you suffer?! A short run over the shoulder of the hill and we were back. Before anything else one must congratulate the hares on a well laid hash. Two crossings of the river were however a big strain on our failing health, which reminds me we had of course once more lost Niel who now had a good mile to run around the ring road to join us - how the feet Niel?!


East side of Airfield runway - take the Bhaktapur road turn left shortly after leaving the ring road rim along parallel to the runway and then where the road turns right take the dirt road to the left towards the runway. Follow this till you get to the Contractors Camp where we will be waiting, Got that Guy!

28 JAN ILES + 1