Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0013 Monday 21 January 1980
Location Gokarna Forest (King's Forest) Hares Gough and Nielson
Hashit Apparently not awarded Scribe Robinson Hashers 15

The urgings of Hash Scribe seemed to have done some good and; not only did 15 stalwart and true men, but they were almost early! Gokarna is not as far as you thought, but it makes an ideal setting. Before the start, Keith was heard to say that he had to "cut it short" -- and disappeared towards the wild country in his politically immune vehicle. Meanwhile Julian thought that he had espied a can of petrol at the top of the nearest tree and was trying to prove it by climbing the same while watching where Keith was going. Both to no avail. The Australian Foresters thought they could recruit Julian and in obedience to an earlier plea, brought a friend; welcome to David Loane, we hope you were not put off by the interesting trail that followed,

With a quick burst of enthusiasm we were off and then rapidly on-on into the short but steep [fields] away from the forest. The first checks brought about confusion and searching on an uphill slope. Once more on the trail and over a hill into a valley from whence the route could only be up --- it wasn't; it was just round the spur that the energetic had climbed and then had to fall down the sheer on the other side, Steve was [mistaken] for a goat despite his striped shirt and the hares wanted to know [why] we weren't running --- up 1 in 2 hill's??? Out in the back of beyond we fully expected John Sanday to emerge to show us the way home but this was not to be and we had to find our own way. Somewhere amidst farms, fields, hayricks, middens and Granny's loo, Keith disappeared and has not been seen since. (He has rewritten Hash Commandment 1 which now reads: "Thou must put nothing before the Hash, save for Permanent Under Secretaries"). ** ADD LINK

Even without his help we found the rest of the trail,

the Marines leading the way often, especially to the check on the bluff, which [fooled] none of the idle and wily, viz. Binks, Stewart, [Young] etc, but it was interesting to watch. The run in after a good check was short enough and a few were observed to be vying for position.

A well laid and varied trail which has earned a "Shabash" from the Joint Masters. On completion it was decided to repair to the Marine House, if only to extract their fees from them. Good news for determined Marines. By a unanimous proclamation from the Masters the following is now allowed "Any Hasher who registers as a guaranteed non-alcoholic drinker may be allowed to run at a special reduced rate of 10 rupees, at the discretion of the Joint Masters."

In the warmth of the struggle Inn (?) the rum disappeared closely by the beer, Steve was accused of having stood on paper and not called on-on. He claimed he knew it was there but wanted a rest; everyone else thought it because he cannot look down his nose on account of the hirsute feature on his upper lip. With that he left and so did the rest to the calls of the two Marines saying "Aren't you coming to the film, it's superman?" Thank you Dave and Ed for your hospitality and Malcolm and Niel for wearing us out.