Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0016 Monday 11 February 1980
Location Pagella's house Hares Nielsen and Pagella
Hashit Apparently not awarded Scribe Julian Pagella's first trash Hashers 14

At this memorable point in the H4 history the venerable hash scribe has laid down his pen and for the foreseeable future your deeds will be looked at and recorded with considerably less kindness than has been the case up to now.

With the prospect of returning to "gluevine"? and a hot fire we expected to pack them in this time - but it was the usual assortment of faithful old crocks who headed out into the paddy fields at about 5.10 PM. An insight into the cunningness of the new scribe could he gained by the fact that he managed to avoid actually running on the hash - really an advantage as by report the rest of you hardly put a foot right until the thought of me drinking the hot wine forced a concentrated and undignified scramble for home around and probably through the New Russian Embassy.

The route was pretty much a village tour and the local dogs certainly enjoyed their chance to snap at a few strange heels. Midgley's unerring attraction for the sewers unfortunately defeated some of the

hares' well laid plans - surely no-one (else) would have considered looking in the kind of places that we usually find Steve crawling out of. We were relying on it. By report our well planned check in the middle of a field surrounded by impenetrable-thorns caused some confusion - a lesson for the hares there, to look before leaping. Did I see Malcolm, Colin and Tony arriving home disgustingly early - obvious trail cutters. I shall watch out for THEM in the next report.

We were delighted to see wives and friends for our post hash refreshments. Sorry if things were a bit quiet but the way the wine punch disappeared no one was too keen to be rocking anyway. A word of thanks to Keith for keeping the record these last 15 meetings. Don't forget my scribe ship terminates if we get more than twenty on a regular basis. If you want to avoid the poison pen - BRING A FRIEND.

Next Week's Hash No. 17 on Feb 18th at 5.00 PM. Meet at International Club