Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0017 Monday 18 February 1980
Location The International Club Hares Nedegard and Midgley
Hashit Apparently not awarded Scribe Malcolm Gough Hashers 13

Coopted, coerced, volunteered, Joe'd into, call it what you will, MRG is the scribe for this week, only? J.P. has a good excuse one presumes, where for art thou Julian?

At 17.10 sharp, 13 fine and fit bodies emerged from the International Club to do battle, over a course set by a combined Scandinavian, Australian hare team. Who said no chance of a good route from 'that' starting point?

We should have had 16 but rumour has it, that Tony (rush on) Russell had some unspeakable illness - upper body - and could not be present, get well soon Tony. John W.S. was another notable absentee, why not do it on your own doorstep? Robert (on the brink) Binks claims he was in the land of sin!! Not again surely?

The trail set off across Lincoln School playground, led by Tony Fearnside, and it was immediately apparent that the country to the South of the IC was imminently suitable for a Hash. A good check, on top of a cliff, seemed fair, for a Lemmings departure, but not so, it saw Malcolm (ere tis) and David (Wer be to) caught out, yet again! They were left well to the East then had to let it all hang out catching up again, as the hash fled West, having crossed the stream. More ups arid downs then another water crossing. Our tame Marine skipped across with ease and left the rest of us debating our chances of doing the same thing. John (stick at it) Perrott got his feet wet, Keith, almost, made it dry shod, the rest took a run at it which, if nothing

else, left the local juvenile audience falling about laughing.

Across the ring road, another check and into the boonies again, no sign of that marine, after his goat like ascent of a steep bank! Some of' the hash - we have your names - were seen to be crossing the newly planted 'dope', (HASH?) gerroffit! We know its hard to keep it on the island but try and stick to the bunds and paths lads, it avoids getting ones eye in a sling later! (QUIS CUSTODIET IPSOS CUSTODES?)

Another fine check, in a valley, led Keith to comment, "if its up there I'll eat my hat", from the top of a hill a faint cry, On, on, which hat was it Keith, SD or beret? Under the ring road and on, to a muddy patch, where check again and away to the stream, check, all possible routes under assault except one, this had to be it, it was!

Then a long run in, on cobbles too, and a very good hash. Well done the hares, you were just as devious as your predecessors!

There followed a good, on-on, at the bar, which did brisk trade in imported beer, An errant hasher unwise to enter on this happy scene, was good enough to buy a round. Just as well it was happy hour or it could have meant an overdraft, hic!.