Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0019 Monday 3 March 1980
Location Ring Road junction to Anandaban (Chapagaun) Hares Gough and Binks
Hashit Apparently not awarded Scribe Pagella Hashers 13
What happened to the Hashers? We know Ian went to the International Club, and a few must have ended up in the leper colony, but only thirteen bold men and true started out into the sunset. I want to get rid of the scribeship and this looks ominous. Ah well so much for dreaming. It was a good hash made better by a magnificent view of the mountains in the sunset. What a backcloth for hashing. On a clear evening it is certainly an advantage to be on the Patan side of town. The hares laid a snaked trail in and around the paddy fields, which might have provided some useful rest periods but for the uncanny instinct of the scribe, now expert at reading the warped minds of the rest of you. After what felt like about five miles we got into the more usual and comfortable hills, we have to give Dave his moment. A few trips up and down the "hidden valleys" and it become, clear that we could not afford to have Dave in the lead for much longer. What we all hoped for was an 'on on" from Guy, but it turned out to be the usual muffled curse from the rear - we need you in the lead Guy. The first shall be last, it pays to hang back and watch the hare. What were all you lot doing in that last valley? A good run in and we were back at the beer watching Eric help poor old Malcolm home! I think we all enjoyed it and many thanks to the hares. The beer tasted particularly good - and some of us lucky ones got the added flavour of (dried) fruit from the punch of about three weeks ago. Roger!!

Next Weeks (Regular) Hash
Bansbari turning on the road to Budhanilkantha by the bamboo patch (just beyond the shoe factory) 5.00 PM Lets get after the recruits.

Don't Forget Open Hash TODAY Elephant Stables beyond and below Balaju.