Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0020 Monday 10 March 1980
Location Bansbari by the bamboo patch Hares Young & ?
Hashit Apparently not awarded Scribe Pagella Hashers 16

Where did Ian go this week? Under grey skies the gentlemen of the Hash and the Australians gathered in the rain to celebrate our 20th run, though of course the term "run" is used loosely, as very little that I saw could be described as running. Ah well, with some of the old gentlemen back little more could be expected.

Off we went up the road of all things. A nice roller coaster through the paddy fields and a long check before paper appeared down in the valley. Dave (USM) anxiously protesting that the route had nothing to do with him failed to convince the general membership. It also proved impossible to outguess Dave (The Younger) and a great deal of disgruntled back tracking was observed. Roger (W) overtook the field at least three times. We won't follow him next time. The weather steadily improved, quite in contrast to the terrain. Once again we were up and down like yo-yos, until [brought] up short on the edge of a precipice. Even

the mad Dave (either) wouldn't do down there!! He did. You should believe those hints from the hares Malcolm.

J.W.S. by now had effectively disappeared in the lead. Even the "On On" failed to rouse the field, floundering around in confusion amidst the villages and memories of a previous run. Roger (B) soon found the way along the sewer line, from which point Neil was observed mishashing along the road; What should have been a nice trot back to Bansbari along the road was ruined by the Hashmaster's insistence that the way was up the only hill for miles. At least the diversion gave some time for G.S. and S.M. (No names please note) to decrease the gap and allowed them to come in a respectable last. A good hilly hash and a nice crop of ale particularly appreciated by the hundred or so young spectators. We are going to have to be even trickier with our checks if' we want to slow JWS down. Don't forget the 100m rule through.