Himalayan Men's Hash Run No 0027 Friday 28 April 1980
Location SOS Village, Thimi Hares Stevens and Russell
Hashit Walking stick to Wyatt Smith Scribe Pagella
Turnout 20

The Hash met near SOS village just off the Thimi road and the "regular" field of about twenty assembled for photographs prior to the start. It was fortunate that the scribe decided to give you all plenty of time to get ready, but even so the place was in chaos when I arrived and needed my guiding hand. The new shirts were much in evidence and looked great. Lets hope we get some money soon.

Off we went through the fields. It was an open sort of hash with the hares playing the up and down trick and the double back game. It took us a remarkable amount of time to find some of the trails -- could this have had anything to do with the heat and the need for a breather? The territory appeared familiar as we were bordering on one of Tony's earlier trails set round the other end of the airstrip.

Both the minor" hashers kept up without the slightest trouble, though the same could not be said for their fathers. The marines have definitely slowed down since those early days - it's rare to have one in the front these days. Lucky really as if they do get in front they spend too much time trying to catch the scribe hashitting and not enough with their eye on the trail. It's not the same with the army eh Bob!! At least we can rely on you guys for some cold beer and that is VERY much appreciated. (Even if it is AustXXXXXXian).

There may be some moans and groans that the hash letter is late. These are justified and I apologise! However it was a bad week with too much holiday and we just didn't get it out. As General Braddock once said "We shall do better next time'.

Dave wanted me to announce that he is desperate to see some friends and the place to meet was the Marine Bar last Saturday. I want to hear it for the Marines next hash! Dave must have some friends.

The Hash walking stick award for the week went to John W Smith - not because he was walking - but because he wasn't running fast enough!!

Tonight's Hash is here!

Note: Your popular scribe will only be able to complete the reports up to Hash No. 35, when he regrets to announce that overseas leave is being forced upon him. It would be a good time to change scribe anyway - ANY OFFERS?

HISTORICAL FOOTNOTE: General Braddock died soon after these words.

Advance Warning Hash 31 will be "Out of Town". We will meet at 4.30 and travel in a couple of vehicles. Details later but we must have an early start, so make the necessary arrangements.