Himalayan Men's Hash Run No 0030 Monday 19 May 1980
Location The Marine House Hares Bob Brown and two other US marines
Hashit The rubber duck to the scribe Scribe Pagella

Turnout: record of 31

Hash number 30 was notable for the record turnout (30 + 1), the absence of the scribe (on nefarious business) and the continuing tardiness of the Australians.

The Marine house was the setting for this auspicious occasion and the fast hard trail laid by 3 members of the US Army/Marine contingent. One can only presume it is Service uncooperation that necessitates this proliferation of hares. The ranks, swelled by a hard drinking RAF Hercules flying squad, set out into the paddies behind the royal guesthouse, crossed the ring road and romped around the hills beyond. One member of the flying squad lived up to his profession by descending a cliff in a nose down flaps up position. The checks were well spaced (a little too well according to some) and could be easily observed from a distance due to the 20 heaving bodies that occupied them for considerable periods of time. The rest of us searched high and low, led by the infatiguable [!] Wolczanski who trains for the hash by running up Pulchowki (that must be hashitable offence). Woods and Russell were also seen struggling in the front pursued by the nimble deputy scribe.

The hash ended with the onset of rain and we decamped in the Marine house sitting room be-spoiling carpets and chairs with muddy (and worse) shoes. The evening ended with two teams of padded American giants knocking hashit out of each other in pursuit at a piece of pigskin and an equally interesting film on American social conditions in the 60's - Thank you marines.

The scribes absence allowed him the honour of keeping the rubber duck for another week and to this was added the hash walking stick (donated by JWS, who will not be needing it for a while). However the scribe redeemed himself by obtaining full remuneration for the hash shirts, let's hear one for SNC - ONE - .

Congratulations to Tony Russell on the birth of a lock forward but leaving the hash early to feed him is a hashitable offence. Welcome back Guy Stone who judging by his performance on the hash must have had a truly debauched time.

'Meet for Hash No. 31 at the Ministry of Topographical Survey office on the Chinese road to the airport opposite the Trolley bus terminal. Time 4.15 sharp and that means the Aussies too. Bus transport to the hash site will be provided.