Himalayan Men's Hash Run No 0037 Monday 7 July 1980
Location First bridge on Godavari Road after Ring Road Hares Iles and Woods
Hashit Still held by Wolczenski & Leverich. Walking stick to Scholey Scribe Malcolm Gough

Turnout 20

Nineteen runners who can read assembled on the Godavari Road more or less on time. Eric who is still learning was persuaded by his driver that "across" the Ring Road is not the same as "along" the Ring Road and arrived 10 minutes after we had all left. Can someone explain how he managed to arrive back 30 minutes after everyone else? The Australians let us down yet again. David Young said he couldn't run (who ever suggested that he could) because his g1ands (!) were all swollen up.

Off we went on what can only be described as an epic. Down the road towards Kathmandu off the road on the left side through the river, under the bridge and then joined the road on the right side again. Ha ha bloody funny and very wet we all said but little did we know what was coming. Our Swedish friend in the odd socks and army hat who shall remain nameless decided this was too much for him so he ran back to the road and over the bridge. Next week we'll have someone bring you a pair of wellies Fred.

We then had a check from which paper was found west of the road leading us along a track and 'then across paddy fields. The inevitable soon happened with that xxxxxnx front runner from last week taking the lead and disappearing off into the murk. We all followed, now through heavy rain, up a hill and down the other side to a river valley where, one of the best pieces of' hash trail yet was laid. There were Hashers everywhere, some on the river banks, some waist deep in the river, some crossing over, all apparently on paper and shouting ON-ON. But the time we had crossed five or six times we were all soaked thank you hares. Was it Ed who said "I'm going to tell my Mudder on you"?

The trail then went uphill and along some treacherous bunds which slowed us up behind Guy - correction, Guy ran on the bunds after which then was nothing left for the rest of us to run on! Dave was stopped short by some dog shit - yes, it even tasted like dog shit he said; "Good job I didn't stop in it" he said.

Soon we spied the road again, but miles from the Chariots. Relief was at hand however. The next shouts, of ON-ON were heard from inside that friendly looking bus where we were plied with cold drinks while the natives fell about laughing. There were then some peculiar people who insisted on running back to the chariots while the real Hashers were driven back.

A really great run. Pity there were only twenty of us. Where are you Malcolm G.?
Hashit still held 'by Jerry Wolczanski and Ed Leverich
Walking Stick - awarded to Mike Scoley in the hope that it will slow him down
Welcome to John (?) Busby
Next Hash On Ring Road just south of Thankot Road (Rajpath) Hares - Sarit Rimal, Tony Russell
No. 39 . - Hares - Jerry Wolczanski, Bob Brown
No. 40 - Hares - Guy Stone, ?