Himalayan Men's Hash Run No 0038 Monday 14 July 1980
Location Thankot road beyond Ring Road Hares Sarit Rimal, Russell
Hashit Still held by Wolczenski & Leverich. Walking stick to Zonneveld Scribe Gough

Turnout 17

A very smart and keen crowd of 17 turned up on time at the Thankot Road/Ring Road junction. This must be said because at least we seem to have rid the Hash of' the Austxxxxxxxians who have lowered the tone of our proceedings ever since we started, Hopefully we will now be recognised as a respectable and serious minded organisation. Where are you Malcolm G? You were seen alive and well (figuratively speaking) earlier in the day.

The track led out on the Thankot Road with everyone tightly bunched waiting [for] Scholey to make his break. After 100 metres (the Hash has now gone metric) Eric was complaining as usual about having to run too far but soon we came to a check overlooking the river and he was able to have a rest. Yes, you know who found paper and off he went with his walking stick. Another check however sent him in completely the wrong direction while the rest of us followed Roger and found paper leading across the river. It was a bit deeper than most of us expected. Jan Z. got his unspeakables doused leaving him in a state of shock and miles behind the rest of the run. Some good running followed across paddy fields then back to the river and into the special effects part of the course. After a check, paper was found up a ravine, across rocks and through waterfalls to a very precipitous path and eventually to a bridge on the old Kathmandu/Thankot footpath at the back of Kirtipur. During this section the HM was seen observing the race from a very safe distance - were you on paper, sir? Jan complained that he was born in Holland and shouldn't be expected to do things like that, and Dan said something obscene about obstacle courses for marines. We then ran up the bill to the edge of Kirtipur and down the other side to a slippery but direct run back to the chariots.

Good running by all. The beers proved particularly tasty and the rain was not noticed until about 7 o'clock.

Hashit - continues to be held by Jerry Wolczanski and Ed Leverich. Will someone please commit an offence next week?
Walking Stick - awarded to Jan Zonneveld without hesitation.
Welcome to - Johan Frandson

Next Hash - On Ring Road 0.8 km (1/2 mile) east of Maharajganj/Ring Road intersection.

No. 40 - Hares - Guy Stone, ?
No. 41 - Hares - We need volunteers.