Himalayan Men's Hash Run No 0039 Monday 21 July 1980
Location Half mile east of Maharajganj-Ring Road intersection Hares Jerry Wolczanski and Bob Brown
Hashit Sarit Rimal. Walking stick to David Young Scribe Gough

Turnout 14

Only 14 of us this week - well, actually only 12 but then there were two Austxxxxxxxxians to lower the tone of the proceedings once again. The Marines had some excuse about being inspected later in the week but nobody dared ask for what. Others had paltry excuses like being on leave, or sick, or mother-in-law had arrived, surely all hashitable.

From the Ring Road east of Bansbari we set off north along a track which never ended. By the time the first check came up Sarit had to sit down with the other young ones and let us older generation find paper. Fred, who is definitely looking older every week, found it straight on and we were away again on another long leg across paddies to a river bank. Here Jan was directing people very efficiently with his stick, Duncan crossed over but then stood on the other side muttering that the trail couldn't possibly go up that hill. He was right, Rover W. found paper at our own level so we all got wet crossing the river and then up a muddy trail to the best check on the run. It need hardly be said that here the scribe moved into his own finding paper at check after check and leaving you all miles behind. Sorry to do that chaps, but you saw real experience at work there.

When we eventually got together again Guy's bleeper system went off - actually it was more of a groan than a bleep which suggested the deadly instrument was susceptible to smell. At this point it must also be said that he was running without his shirt (surely an offence) for reasons quoth be "my bare breasts should turn on a few rice planters.' Strange fellow.

By this time we were heading in a homewards direction but with some hard and steep climbs. Sarit was [now] sitting down at all the checks and the rest of us were floundering around in such deep exhaustion that we couldn't see the paper when we crossed it. Mike sorted us out eventually but Roger (I think) found the way home and led us in. A good run if a little long.

The main [event] then started and we lingered long into the evening talking about bitching wives when we got home. Roger complained that he never got mentioned in reports so here it is:

Hashit - awarded to Sarit Rimal for sitting down at checks - wise man

Walking Stick - awarded to David Young but I can't remember why. Maybe just because he's Austrxxxxxxian

Farewell to - Bob Brown - thanks for running with us and for several good trails. Good luck back in the States.

Welcome to - Ron (?) Howarth

Next Hash - Ring Road at Swayambhu

Hares - Guy Stone and someone who can stand the smell

Hash No. 41 etc.- we need volunteers for hares.