Himalayan Men's Hash Run No 0041 Monday 4 August 1980
Location Ring Road-Thankot Road intersection Hares Fallon and Rosenwasser
Hashit Hashit and walking stick again to Guy Stone Scribe Pagella?

Turnout 20

This run was a success perhaps because Guy Stone was not there and despite the fact that he had organized a rival function where the US Ambassador was providing free beer.

Seventeen of us including four juniors set off at the appointed time from the Ring Road-Thankot Road intersection. We headed north up a dirt road and found our first check in the middle of the track which fooled all but our redoubtable Swede. As usual he then more or less disappeared as far as the rest of us were concerned. His absence was soon made up however by the presence of our newest member who is large, black, and has a lovely bunch of hanging udders. She streamed past several of us; we think it was Arnold Boulter who said "We haven't seen you here before" but this can be excused due to his obvious exhaustion. The next two checks were found fairly quickly and for some distance we were cheered by large numbers of the local beauties. Obviously something to do with the actions of our hares earlier in the after non We think you should investigate this Hash Masters as it looked very suspicious.

Dave Kedwell (needless to say another bloody Austxxxxian) now got in the lead and took us up many thousands of feet with clear calls of ON-ON and ON-PAPER. The trail began to look a bit like last week's for lack of paper when the truth struck home. Last week was Dave's first run and he had never seen the genuine material before. Back we went down a few thousand feet to join the trail and two agitated hares. The crowds thickened to witness the run's pièce de resistance. Hare Fallon's pirouette (for those of you not familiar with ballet this is a rapid whirling, about of the body) on a paddy bund is truly one of the finest acts in hashing and leaves the ladies helpless (Rosenwasser later confirmed it was the third time he had done it that day).

We were now back within sight of' the Ring Road but the last check had us all over the place before we found the outward trail and headed back to the chariots. Somehow twenty of us finished. The rumour was put about that Ken Bransky and Eric Cruikshank had joined us from Run No. 38 which started from the same spot, someone was even rude enough to suggest that it looked like it too.

That was a good run. Just about the right length for most of the geriatrics. We were told we missed 1.5 km but perhaps we'll make it up next week.

Hashit - Guy has set too high standard

Walking Stick - same

Welcome to - Gerry Neville (yet another bloody Austxxxxxian)

Next Hash - From Ring Road at Balaju go 6 km (3.75 miles) along Trishuli Road - past entrance gate to forest. Hares - Malcolm and Julian Gough

Hash No. 43 - Hares Fred Nedegard and John Frandsen
Hash No. 44- - Hares - Keith Robinson and Roger Binks
Hash No. 45 - Hares - Eric Cruikshank and Tony Russell