Himalayan Men's Hash Run No 0042 Monday 11 August 1980
Location 6 km from Balaju along Trishuli Road Hares Malcolm and Julian Gough
Hashit Steve Midgley, Dave Champy, and Dan Benner. Walking stick to Mark Boultor Scribe Pagella?

Turnout 27

"There is a green hill far away ..... etc" or something like that. Well anyway the Hares Gough found it half way to Trisuli and we assembled there in reasonably good time. Our total of 27 included 6 newcomers and U juniors, the third largest run to date.

We started running back to Kathmandu and then took a steep climb to the left to the first check. A few of us went badly wrong here in our enthusiasm to get fit and spent the rest of the run trying to catch up. The next two legs were run in ever increasing silence as the hill got steeper and Midgley didn't even have the energy to cough. Finally we were checked and Alan Russell, I think, found paper going down, and down -right to the valley floor. On the way down Midgley (again) bent his ankle just so we'll always remember him as a cripple, and Allan Rosenwasser stopped to conduct the local male voice choir in a rendering of "ON-ON xxxxx you" - you fellas at the front miss all the fun. At the bottom we splashed around on a few muddy paths, all very tightly bunched, before starting that inevitable climb upwards. There was some clever checking on the way up which kept us all together. HM Robinson asked a didi where the paper was and got sent up a path to her house - serves him right for breaking his own rules. After that we got home safely through intermittent heavy rain to the real reason for running.

The festivities started with all sorts of offences being committed. Rarely have we seen so much beer spread around - the HM's really must got some control over the situation. Eric promised to provide a Hash Whip for such grievous deeds which strike right to the heart of our raison d'etre (that means "reason for being", stupid).

A really energetic 35 minutes and declared a good run.

Hashit - our first triple award, unanimously to our departing hashers just for leaving
Walking Stick - to Mark Boultor; juniors are not supposed to run so fast
Welcome to - Graham Fary, Senjy, Lawrence Priestley, Fearnside (Junior), Henderson, Klika
Farewell to - Steve Midgley (founder) - 28 runs, Dave Champy - 17 runs, Dan Benner - 9 runs. You never know your luck, you might got posted back here sometime again. Thanks for running with us.

Next Hash Ring Road between Swayambhu and Thankot Road (Rajpath) Hares - Fred Nedegard, John Frandsen

Hash No. 44 - Hares Keith Robinson, Roger Binks
Hash No. 45 - Hares - Eric Cruikshank, Tony Russell