Himalayan Men's Hash Run No 0046 Monday 8 September 1980
Location On Bhaktapur Road past Manohara River bridge Hares Young and Robinson
Hashit Nobody. Walking stick to Wyatt Smith Scribe Wyatt Smith

Turnout 24

This was supposed to be a Young/Champy/Schaffer run but ended up a Young/Robinson run because of some strange secrets that that our strange Americans had to sign. It was also supposed to be finally, definite1y, without doubt, Dave Champy's last run. We shall find out next Monday. He turned up late, but with cold beer, so all was forgiven.

We met on the fastest stretch of the Bhaktapur Road (thank you, hares, for valuing our lives so highly) and were glad to be away in a southerly direction down towards the Hanumante River. There was no check on the river bank and it was quite obvious that paper continued on the other side of deep, muddy and leech infested torrent. After much pretence about looking for paper Dave Kedwell finally got up courage and took the plunge so we all followed. The check was on the other side and paper was found up the hill to the left: This went on for bloody miles through rice fields to the next check and so on for two more checks until we came to one in a fairly large community where the local cow was being inseminated. All good hard running but a very bad experience for our returning Millbank.

It must have been 15 minutes before we got the paper. Whoever it was had checked back so we found ourselves a bit strung out and very out of breath as most of us then had to run through the next two checks.

The secret of Hash running is to turn up late, short cut the first half and slip in unnoticed on the home run. JWS misjudged a bit this time by slipping in at the front. Somebody grumbled something about a worthy candidate for the Hashit but this was quickly quashed on the grounds of being too young. Besides he has webbed feet from forty years of hashing and water has no effect. There was one final check back by the big river. Lawrence Priestley got it and led us in to the chariots. Roger Woods was so far behind this time that the stick had obviously done the trick.

For beer we moved to a less dangerous spot but got surrounded again by the local worthies. There were some announcements made which nobody can recall but you must keep free SATURDAY 9 OCTOBER 4, 1980 for the 50TH RUN and ON-ON-ON at the new premises of the International Club. Further details in next week's report.
Hashit - nobody
Walking Stick - JWS for having webbed feet

Welcome to - Ron Limekukler, Tim Tullock, Bert V de Patte
Farewell to - Dave Champy, again. Good luck in Manila

Next Hash - At Chobhar. From Ring Road take road past main entrance to Tribhuvan University Campus. Keep going until you reach the hill overlooking the Himal Cement Works. Keep going down the hill until you reach a hairpin bend STOP.
Hares - Malcolm Gough, Derek Millbank
Hash No. 48 - Hares - Duncan Jackman, Alex Levitsky
Hash No. 49 - Hares JWS, ?