Himalayan Men's Hash Run No 0047 Monday 15 September 1980
Location Chobhar Hares Malcolm Gough and Millbank
Hashit Nobody Scribe Pagella?
Turnout 26

This run was notable for three things, Firstly, Champy was gone, definitely. Secondly, Pagella and Zonneveld looked pathetic and performed even worse after their long and obviously debauched leave periods, and thirdly, 26 runners started, 24 finished and 6 nearly had to spend the night in the bush - more of that later.

True to form Gough and Millbank always find bloody steep hills so away we went straight up to the snowline above the cement factory and also true to form Kedwell disappeared in a red streak at the first check. But it was a false trail and such a hashitable offence has rarely been committed - how the hares escaped the deadly water is beyond most of us - someone said the mistake was just ignorance (agreed) - you see a false trail must be five blobs picked up within the established 200 m from a check, not 1 km of paper and then 5 blobs as we got. The idea is that from the false trail you go back to the chock and start again.

After that little lesson we did some good running and checking until we got to the valley below Kirtipur where the paper stopped for no apparent reason. We never found out why there was no paper, but after a local worthy got worked up and nearly fell out of a window directing us, we took some notice of him and found paper in his back yard. Now cometh the second lesson. Our two front runners at this stage found a check on paddy bunds and checked north towards Kirtipur but paper was found close-by going almost south. A silent Hash then took off leaving our checkers up north still looking. YOU MUST ALWAYS SHOUT ON-ON when you find paper and wait to see if the run is following you. No idea what happened for the rest of the run but Lawrence P. and I had a very cultural evening in the streets of Kirtipur and ambled back to find you all guzzling beer.

We finished the beer and all the horrible soft stuff that people keep bringing along. Jan had a flat tyre which meant that those of us without hernias lifted up the car while the wheel was changed. After we got down to the hard core George Nowak tried to leave but this time with two flats. What to do? Dave Kedwell left in another red streak with two wheels and came back 1 hour later with them inflated (we think he used his lips). Hares are 'instructed 'in future to bring enough beer for such contingencies.

Someone said it was a good run so I'll take their word for it.
Hashit - nobody
Walking Stick - not seen
Welcome to - Richard Kohn
Next Hash - At the entrance to the King's forest, Gokarna Hares - Duncan Jackman, Alex Levitsky
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