Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0054 Monday 3 November 1980
Location 7 km up the Trisuli Road Hares Gough and Barron
Hashit ? Scribe Gough or Millbank Hashers 12

This run was notable for 2 things: (1) the very low attendance, only 12, seven of whom have been hashing since H4 was in its infancy - remember the hash now starts at 4.30 pm & the first Hash Commandment is “thou shall not put anything before the Hash.” (2) The sight of the Hash President (everyone stand to attention) & Hash Master each trying to blow their brains through sawn-off french horns.

We met about 7 - seemed more like 77 K- up the Trisuli Rd & it was obvious that MRG & CB (with two “R’s”) had set us a trail that would go a bxxxxxxx long way up & a bxxxxxxx long way down. At 4.45 pm, when it was obvious that we were not going to increase our numbers MRG led us along the road to the first paper, which carried on along the road to a check, which saw Dave Kedwell dive down a precipitous slope. Everyone hoped that he’d break a leg or something to slow the bxxxxx down, but no, he was on - or thought he was - False Trail. D.Y. at this point became bored with the whole proceedings & started collecting seed - or should it be went to seed.

Eventually: R.B. found the correct trail & still trying to do his brain irreparable damage led us still along the road into a small gully. This check had us all confused except the scribe. Who led up the first of the hills & then of course down the other side. At this point the Hash President (everyone stand to attention) & the Hash Master decided to run their own Hash - ignoring D.K. cries of On-On they went their own sweet way -still blowing their brains out - & missed an enormous loop out of the trail.

Eventually we all came together at another check & those of us who had gone the correct way saw to our amazement our two by now brainless officials 4- 500 meters away from the check down a steep gorge. John Sandy then found the correct trail - in the completely opposite direction to our once crudite officials & led us via a small shitless village cak to the chariots.

A good run & please note all future hares - No SHIT.

On the Ring Road mid way between the Godavari & Bhaktapur turn offs on the Manohara Bridge.

HASH 56— ??


DATE- EITHER 29th Nov or 6th Dec.
START- British Embassy.
FINISH- New International Club.
Time - 2.00 pm. Hare Dave Kedwell.
Social — Bar-B-Q at 4.00 pm. Ladies welcome.

Heard after Hash:- Being a mountain goat is fine but a bxxxxxxxx Yak is going a bit far.

Hash correspondence: Dave Champy (the Marine who wouldn’t leave) has written & expressed his thanks to the Hash for the good time’s he had with us. He’s also sent an open invitation to Hashers to stay with him in Manila or the USA. (Address available from Hash Records).