Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0056 Monday 17 November 1980
Location Bansbari Bamboo Forest Hares Sanday and Limekuhler
Hashit ? Scribe Millbank Hashers 21
Hash No 56 will go down in history as the Hash in which our intrepid Hash Master (everybody sit down), along with a few other likely looking lads; was accosted, propositioned & beaten by a comely looking wench. Was she soliciting for land fees or more personal effects ? (Ask Guy - our resident letcher).

At 2.30 John Sandy & Ice cool Ron appeared covered in mud & american paper, having left their guest, someone with a name like Connie, who had been bird watching - which squashes that possibility, to find his own way back to -the start.

We went forth with 19 - leaving D.K. to divest himself - all of us hoping that the bxxxxxx would put both feet in one leg - to our chagrin this did not happen & he overtook us within the first 10 meters. (Or at least before the first check). Mike Scholey, still suffering from the effects of his leave, suffered a brainstorm & picked up a false trail which prompted M.R.C. to put his foot in the unghia, yet again. (He claims he can’t see without his glasses but can the bxxxxxxx see with them, or at all!)

The trail was laid thick & fast, almost like a snowstorm, along six feet high 4 inch wide paddy bunds. This had several of our members attempting to outdo the ballerina act of Fallons (Where was he anyway!)

Jan the Dutchman from Nepalgunj who Hashes by helicopter - waves his shorts about when this is not available - introduced a new call to hashing. At each shout of On On a voice from the rear could be heard shouting “I’m coming” (You’d be at the - front if you stopped!)

Short legs, long arms, & a head for heights was a useful attribute at this stage of the run when we started scaling the cliffs around Chang village. DK was seen to be doing a wall of death act around a steep sided bowl in the hillside & was only able to retreat by reducing his speed thereby falling to the bottom. Likewise Pinder (hot foot from Pokhara) was agile on the assent but a positive liability on the descents (he’s a big bxxxxxxx to fall on you!)

Fred the Ned (alias odd socks) was up to his usual despicable tricks, diving into gratty declavities, filthy streams, & impenetrable undergrowth & then insisting -the evil bxxxxxx that the trail went that way - whilst others, not so enthusiastic, persisted in using the broad highways around these obstacles. We shall all be glad to see him go on leave.

A good trail, thickly laid, so thick in fact an issue of snow shoes was a near essential & as those at the back of the run would say running in a perpetual blizzard of paper was great fun.

The beer went down well as usual as did Dharan’s McCausland’s fluctuations not to mention Jocks Tractors & fly buttons!! A gents natty tie was noticed hiding behind a beer can which led the hash to seriously consider if Roberts was to blame for the lady. Why else would he wear a tie — even to drink beer?

HASH 57. Roberts & Pinder
PLACE At Budhanilkantha — bridge past the school.
HASH 58. Young & Millbank.
HASH 59. ?? Charles !!

50th HASH BASH Pay up - It now costs NCR 150 !!
HASH 57A Heinz Super Un Hash - POSTPONED until 11am 26th December.
Heard after Hash - “Fluctuations - not to mention fluctuenglish