Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0057 Monday 24 November 1980
Location Bridge beyond Budhanilkantha school Hares Roberts and Pinder
Hashit ? Scribe Gough or Millbank Hashers 18

Budhanilkantha, the elevated seat of education, as a starting point, promised to be an edifying experience for the Hash. It was noted, by their absence, that several of our prominent members knew it all, already, (or thought they did). Those present, soon to he elevated to higher plains, discovered, to their cost, that they knew very little. 18 of us, including Kedwell (obviously the least educated), rampaged off southwards on a rock hopping expedition, crossing & recrossing the stream. (Let it be said that, it was such a bxxxxx awful trail that Hare Pinder, had to lead! After 2 miles, we came to the first check or so we were told where John Sanday went paddling. & the rest of us collapsed exhausted. The On On, from who !!?? had us girding our loins up the thorn & bracken covered precipice above us. HERE THE RUNNING STOPPED. as did the shouting having’ all been reduced to mere squeaks.

Dave Kedwell, the trail blajer of note, at this point glissaded out of sight down near a vertical drop composed of loose white shale & boulders reappearing several thousand feet below. After most of us had fallen down behind him, Hare Roberts was seen to be still standing at the top (rat his cotton sock !). This meant of course, that we clawed our way up the equally, steep other side, where rotten socks was waiting. The check awaiting, had us contemplating the gaping void ahead.

The trail, supposedly led down to hell, but not necessarily back again. So most took the plunge to hotter regions below (a long way below). On looking up, towards the snowline above (a long way above), several persons hashers? one appeared to be a Trapist Monk, complete with brass horn, were just discernable above the tree line. Could it be, that we had all made a mistake? probably, because D.K. despite calls in Anglo Saxon to return to the fray, headed off alone, towards the ring road. Which was probably the wisest course to take) Dissention reigned supreme, for those at the bottom, on Paper, had to reach the top, & those at the top, on paper, were not coming down & proved the point by disappearing over the ridge, having smelt the beer. (Hades could not have improved on the language below.) The demons far below, slogged their way heavenwards but their tongues had certainly not improved & were far from angelic, on seeing the long, dusty, twisty, downhill dray to the beer.

We all arrived, eventually, at the chariots, & proceeded to verbally dissect the hares between gulps of’ ice cold beer, (talking of ice cool where was Ron?) We were all on our second beer when,, a red shirted,, frustrated full back, complete with horns & a forked tail, hove insight claiming to have been to hell & back (but we know all about that don’t we?) We had all learnt much & hopefully, the hares more than most.

Mutterings were overheard from our Hash President (everybody stand to attention), about having a subsequent engagement involving beer which precluded him from drinking more than one of ours. Such seditious mutterings will not be tolerated in the future. So chew on that, like the bone presented to you later - Old man. If you want to keep the next one secret don’t get drunk. A splendid rendition of auspicious Birthday greetings must have improved the mood of the V.I.P. next door. (The other locals didn’t stay to learn.) With brass monkeys looking for their bearings (& rum), in future, make sure the chariots are facing home, before imbibing.

HASH 58 - Young & Millbank
PLACE - Outside gates of Gokarna Forest
HASH 59 - Cruickshank + ?? (Charles has never done it before !! ??).
50TH HASH BASH - NCR 500. Special cut rate of NCR 50 if you pay now!
HEARD AFTER HASH – Definition of a bottom price - rectompence
HASH NEWS - FALLONS decided to have bamary transplant so he can wear his pullover hood with impunity
OFFICIAL NOTE - Budhanilkantha is cut of bounds until further notice (Thank Christ for that!).