Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0058 Monday 1 December 1980
Location Outside Gokarna Forest gates
Hares Gough and Millbank
Hashit ? Scribe Gough or Millbank Hashers 13

Yet another Gough and Millbank special to grace the H4 records. Long, hard fast & superbly laid (when it was set that is!). Small children abounded & botched up the trail - completely removing at least two checks. Not an auspicious number, but 13 of us set off from the gates of Gokarna Forest - the site of the infamous leech hash of long ago. (Why is it that so few of our members turn out for Hashes laid by G&M?)

D.K., as usual, led off along the sand - doing his best to find paper - to the first check where Duncan went into reverse, Richard almost found the false trail & Willy did his exercises (funny fella!) Someone eventually found paper - we think it was Alex - who led the long chase albeit the wrong way, to the next breathing space (??). Pinder, obviously not suffering jet lag from his sojourn in Pokhara (unlike the Acres bunch), galloped straight through the check at undiminished speed (not the last time he was to do this - maybe he needs glasses).

Here the deviousness of the hares showed through. Stone, who may also need glasses, muttered a spurious call of On On, which had the hash running off into the distance & back again. The hares, meanwhile, totally confused by this activity, scampered off in pursuit & found themselves leading which effectively bxxxxxx up that check. We were soon brought up short at the foot of the inevitable hill, Kedwell took the low road, Duncan chased rabbits, & the old man lolloped up the hill, having decided that he needed a head start. He got it, though what we’re not quite sure, - then promptly lost it again. Talking of lost, what happened to Kedwell?

The check at the top had most of you lazy bxxxxxx sitting down & the loss sensible exploring the countryside in the wrong directions. Alex, our now front runner as Dave had shot his bolt, took charge of the situation & led us down a pleasant tree lined avenue to a peepa1 tree, where another check awaited us. The late arrivals again found the early birds recumbent & muttering about foul fags having disastrous effect on ones wind. Even later arrivals (everybody stand to attention) got there just in time for the On On.

The next check produced a marked reluctance to turn right in spite of copious amounts of paper. Alex again was correct & led us off across the paddies & round the village shit-alley, at the end of which Barron appeared in the lead - presumably having run over everyone else in the process. (He did have clean feet).

On the edge of the big path the hares claimed there was a check, but the local Hoover had been used to such good effect that not one scrap of paper was left. Confusion reigned & we had an enjoyable few minutes watching the inflated F.L, being punched around by Fallon, who eventually burst it - such a waste said Guy! The pleasant path down the ridge reminded some of a past hash, so much so, that most of you stuck to it – fools. The real trail led down to the depths, via a check, at which point D.K. reappeared after running his own hash yet again.

The final stage of this epic hash led, us down the Sanku road to the chariots & the beer - not to mention a strong smell of Mothballs eminating from Guy.

HASH 59 - Cruikshank +
PLACE - ?.

50th HASH BASH - You asked for it - now your names arc in the hands of Rogers solicitor & are appended below.
Richard Allen Rs 100, Mike Henderson Rs 50, Richard Kohn, Rs 50, John Roberts Rs 100, Tony Russell Rs 150, Julian Pagella Rs 100, Eric Cruikshank Rs 150, John Perrott Rs 100, Bert Van de Putte Rs 100, Ladies Hash Rs 500

HEARD AFTER HASH - Our President (everyone stand to attention) says “Many French letters slip through his hands’.