Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0060 Monday 15 December 1980
Location South of Ring Road at Boris's Field (Sunakothi?) Hares Young & Thwaites
Hashit ? Scribe Aeronauticalist Malcolm Gough Hashers 21

With half of the scribe team away in Australia - getting spliced of all things - you could be forgiven for believing that this week’s report would only be half as long and perhaps, half as crude. You would be wrong on both counts of course, for the re¬maining ‘pen’ contains twice the amount of venom and free nomads are man, so I’m told.

So it was, that at 1630, or thereabouts, our gallant, fearless, gaggle descended on the Boris Field, in readiness for a dusk flight over the paddies, hoping to pick up the markers laid by David and Richard. A better ‘op’ it had to be, not to mention a course made good following upon last week’s rubbish this was not too difficult to achieve however. The Hash President - everyone stand to attention - had wrung himself out, after falling in the drink and graced the occasion with a sober (?) grimace, as he pulled on his flying suit.

Amidst much flak and stomping about the extreme range of this forward base, 21 star struck hashers - DJM’s gratuitous tit and beer party had been good, too good perhaps & took off for the first turning point at “the hole in the ground’. This had the whole squadron, or most of us that is, flitting around at low altitude in chaotic formation, or rather line astern as usual. With no help to be had, this week, from the Master Navigator, it was down to us to press on with the navigation job and it was done in superb style by DK (I think!), who rolled out of his spin in the lead.

Pathfinders are a dedicated shower but have, on occasion, been known to make an error and bring about their heads all sorts of shit from on high. David did just this, he was of course in trouble at the time, his glycol (de-icing fluid, twit) was nearly all gone and he had just done a ground loop too – nasty!, so he had some excuse for a wrong approach and for breaking radio silence too frequently. Willy was seen orbiting and Tony had just completed a new perfect downwind, wheels up landing, only writing off his port bollock.

At the next holding point all manner of awful things happened, upside down in 8/8ths of dust cloud and nothing on the clock, we all got twitchy, hoping that tail end Charlie was doing his job. He was; he had us back on course, having performed a quick 130° at maximum G and over-flew the river. With chrottles “through the gate”, we flew off in cool pursuit, some neat acrobatics (not in the book and certainly overstressing) even had ‘wings’ JWS up with us once more. A patch of clear air suddenly opened up and we all divert into it, amidst much shouting of check (your tail!). We formed a protestive circle and began searching for, a way out of the predicament. After a delay of some minutes, during which time some of us began running out of fuel, (MRG nearly force landed but just made it back to base, singleton) the course was reset.

In flights of 20 and 30 we fought our way onwards — disregarding the Gremlins -and reformed in a very loose vic left later. At maximum economical cruising speed we set our sights for home base, at zero feet, which was unfortunate, as there was a bxxxxxxy great hill in the way. No medals for this mission - which was accomplished - for no dog fights ensued. We all returned to base, in spite of the dark night and no flare path available for the approach and landing at the beer.

The beer bowsor soon had us refuelled and after a D.1. we all placed ourselves an immediate readiness for the next sortie into enemy territory. In the meantime keep your revs up, flaps down and watch your arse!

PS/ The M.O. says that Guy may have a testicle problem and he is arranging for a WAF fitter to deal with it as soon as possible, he should he fully serviceable by next week, we hope!

HEARD AFTER HASH -(1) “This trip was so long, I shall have wing tanks fitted on the next one!”
(2) “The Pathfinder got his navigation a bit wrong, 2 Ks does not mean 2Ms!.”
(3) “is Derek going to come back?” “We are not sure about that but, he sure as hell went to be coming!”

NEXT HASH 61. 22-12-80 - JWS and Colin Barron. Place: - JWS House, Patan Dokha. Time - 4.30