Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0061 Monday 22 December 1980
Location Wyatt-Smith house at Patan Dhoka Hares Wyatt-Smith and Barron
Hashit Wyatt-Smith's carpet Scribe ? as neither Millbank nor M Gough registered Hashers 20

It is said that only the young and foolish turn up for a run laid by JWS. The 17 who turned up on Monday would like to believe the first part but certainly went away believing the second part. How Colin B. could associate himself with such an insulting diabolical and xxxxxxx disgraceful run is beyond our comprehension. As a result there is a new HASH competition introduced this week. Just complete the bottom portion of this report and hand it to the ON PRES or MASTERS on Run 62. The winning description will be published when the HASH censorship laws are temporarily dropped for the next report AND THE WINNER WILL BE ENTITLED TO A FREE RUN ON JANUARY 5, 1981.

It is also decreed that there will never be another run from JWS’s private temple.

We started down the same track as on Run 49 but were checked back onto the Patan Dhoka road and then along past the Smugglers Arms (Burmese Embassy) to a check on Pulchowk. Some went right, some left, Jerry W. went both ways passing the rush hour traffic with ease until someone found paper on the road by the lone Loane’s house. Another check, and those going left shouted false trial. Wider and wider searches found no paper so closer examination of the only paper available revealed it was not a false trail but a pre-war HASH huroglyphic known only to JWS which apparently meant go right (or maybe left - we won’t know because we came from all directions).

The next two checks found most of us ranging in a homeward direction but no such thought had entered the minds of these hares, We got closer and closer to that unspeakable thing, the dirge of all hashman - THE BAGMATI. Last time the xxxxxx made us run through it, it was deep swift and very very wet (was it five times we run though it that night?). This time it was shallow, slow and very very thick. Jerry was first in and across - no paper. General elation all round and much sprinting up and down but still nothing. Lawrence was next in (don’t buy anything in the Commissary for a few weeks) and got paper in the middle heading east. We had no choice so in we went and run along it for interminable bloody miles. Passing under the Patan Bridge we saw Kedwell heading unto Kathmandu. Probably going to do some shopping before beating us all back to the chariots, The xxxxxxx then had the cheek to check us in -the middle of the dirge before the usual long and equally unspeakable run in.

To sweeten us the hares quickly produced hot soup, garlic toast and mince pies but most of us got our own back by standing on JWS’s lounge carpet. Guy and his testicle were there and he gave some reason for not running.

Wishing you all a happy and drunken brawl at Christmas. Don’t forget the special run on Boxing Day for all corners - 10 AM at the British Embassy finishing at the new premises International Club for a barbeque lunch. There will be refreshments half way along the course.

Hashit - probably JWS’s carpet by the look of it when we left
Walking Stick - Where is it?
Welcome back to - Mark Verheyen.

HASH NO. 62 - On Ring Road 200m west of Maharajganj/Bansbari roundabout Hares - Cruickshank, Kedwell
HASH NO. 63 - Hares - Robinson, Pagella
HASH NO. 64 - Hares - Russell, Nowak


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