Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0065 Monday 19 January 1981
Location Ravi Bhawan Hares Nedegard and Frandsen
Hashit ? Scribe Standin scribe: maybe Russell again Hashers 34

There were 32 at this one, the third largest run ever. God knows why, because with oddsocks and his mate Frandsen as hares we faced the prospect of finishing at around midnight. Mind you, at 4..25 there were only 5 people at the venue so the rest of you were trying to miss the start and remain at the well stocked watering hole until we got back.

In the end we set off at 4.45 even managing to collect Sanday on the way. There were soon complaints of “Ah xxxx we’ve done this before. Let’s go back” but we were pleasantly surprised as we started to run on different trails in what turned out to be a real good run. Kedwell was at his usual tricks of checking everything over a mile away and of course finding paper. Just ignore him chaps and he’ll go away. For the rest of us we checked out most of the vegetable patches at the back of Kalimati before turning west into the country between Ravi Bhawan and the Ring Road. Here we had some good checks and false trails which kept us all well bunched and the local ladles much amused. The kids around here are also finally getting the hang of things and our numbers temporarily swelled to around 50 but dropped off quickly again at the smell of Jerry’s running shoes.

The last check but one (we think) was a masterpiece. The old fellows with the horns stayed at the check at the top of the hill and found paper within 200 metres going home. Everyone else went downhill to a check and a false trail and complete confusion. We had got stuck into our third beer by the time most of you arrived.

The Pagella flock decided the only way home was to run the trail backwards which they did, luckily however because they encountered a bemused Batchelor duo who had apparently run it backwards from the start. The ON Pres had some complaint about horizontal poles 6 inches off the ground on steep slopes — or was it 6” poles sloping steeply from horizontal ground, we were a bit tight by them - anyway, we all agreed he was too fat to jump over them or limbo under them. At 7.00 we all went home because the beer suddenly doubled in price.

Future hares should take note that that was a well recce’d run and properly laid.

There’s a final note to be made. The elder scribe was welcomed back from his brief but painful sojourn in Delhi - hope you will be able to run soon again, Malcolm. Would the younger scribe please get out of his bleedin’ scratcher and start running and writing again.

Walking. Stick - nobody. The new walking stick presented by the ON Pres was awarded to JWS on Run No. 64 for losing the old walking stick.

Welcome to: Scott Brandon (Run No. 63), Gene Cunningham, Heinz Verheyen, Alex Sutherland, Ron Batchelor, Alex Gray, Simon Batchelor Gordon Lane (Run No. 64)

HASH No. 66 - See map attached. Hares - Fallon, Binks
HASH No. 67 - We need hares
HASH No. 68 - there is a rumour it’s from that private bloody temple again. Hares - JWS, Fallon.