Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0066 Monday 26 January 1981
Location Fallon's house, Kupondole Hares Fallon and Thwaites
Hashit Dave Kedwell Scribe Roger Millbank Hashers 23

After 2 or 3 weeks of Irish drivel, the scribe team is almost back into full gear — hurry back Malcolm my lexicon is being overworked. The quality of the immediate preceding reports although workmanlike lacked standing & character - but what can one expect from the bxxxxxx Irish - in that perhaps, one of the most notable events ever to take place on a Hash (even rivalling Fallon’s ballet dancing) went unrecorded. This “happening” if it may be called that, involved that eminent airway pavement engineer (God knows why they need pavements on a runway) George (P) Nowak (The ‘P’ of course means Paddy), who after being completely dissatisfied with the run, drank copious amounts of the alixia [!] of life & proceeded to set his own trail by automobile. Good on yer George — next time don’t fall asleep!!

Well now what can be said about Hash 66 - except what happened to the bxxxxxxxx checks? Thwaites, the notorious impersonator, & Fallon, Patan’s answer to Guy Stone, must have had a minor, no major, brainstorm. A run of 40 minutes with only five checks - if this happens again MRG & J.W.S. will never run!

22 hardy brethren left Fallon’s pad at a very sedate walking pace, led by our master Mimic, R.T. until the hare watcher par excellence, Pagella by name, decided he wanted to be first back for the rum punch & set off with a blistering 10 ft dash & was immediately overtaken by our two habitual front runners DK & RW. After that seemed like 10 miles through Fallons stomping ground we eventually came across the first check. Alex Levxxxxx disappeared off into Kathmandu. D.K. found paper, which normal for him was a false trail, & eventually RW & the Junior HM led us off on the correct trail.

The run to the next check, again some 10 miles away, led us along a wide dirt track, which did a 145° turn & found about 15 of our select group, led by that reprobate Sandy & including our Major H.M., short cutting across the bunds. (Careful lads or you’ll end up like our Hash President (everyone stand to attention) - see NEWS). The second check found us in the grounds of Fallons love nest, complete with swimming pool (bringing back memories of Deseree Cousteux!!). Someone who shall remain nameless, probably the Junior HM, soon found the trail & everyone was off again on another Marathon. At this point our numbers were increased by one Malcolm Iles, who was seen appearing like a “great red puffing billy” just in time to hear the ON ON. Serves you right you should have been on time.

On & On & down & down went the trail eventually checking on the ring road. Fred the Ned ran off to find paperfrom a past Hash, Alex Levxxxxx went mountaineering, DK went the wrong way, Guy went home, & Julian watched the hares.

As we’d just come down it was obvious that we must go up. And so we did! George Paddy Nowak again bored with the actual trail decided to set his own & ran straight into a wall, bonding his ego & dinting his specs. When will you learn George Paddy One-Eye to look where you are going?

The final check found us outside the Worlds Centre for Communicable Diseases, ie Santa Bhawan, where DK, M.S. & ? Mandeno headed for a dose & everyone else went home to the chariots & the booze. Pagella realising he was nearly home took his eyes off the hares & looked in front & was rewarded by a ladies purse - very butch Julian.

Back at Fallons place the beer flowed & the dirty books appeared as we waited for the hot rum punch (found to contain one of Willies socks) at which George Paddy One Eye Nowak turned green & said “Not for Me!”

A good fast run with great checks.

WELCOME TO - Charles Ramble, Tony Sharpe.

HASH 67 - Russell & Gough. Place: Incline on Ring Road near Balaju
HASH 68 - Priestley & Millbank
HASH 69 - JWS & Fallon
HASH 70 - Scholey & woods
HASH 71 - Young & Russell.

WALKING STICK - Dave Kedwell - for not finishing first.
HEARD BEFORE HASH - “Bxxxxx Hell, Pagella’ s on time”
HEARD AFTER HASH - I ran the furtherist” Dave Kedwell.
“Gee Whijz Man. She’s a big girl” (or words to that effect). Guy Stone

On January 22nd 1951 the Himalayan Hash House Harriers President (everyone stand to attention) namely Lt Col. K.G Robinson, graced the meeting of the Mixed Hash on the Bagmati Bridge at Sundarighat & was awarded the HASHIT for his work on Male chauvinism. It should be noted that the President may be sporting the white, ornament festooned hat on the 29th January 1981 about 1 km from the ring road, on the road to India.


Scribes to note that in future the Hash words should be typed on a Skin when presented for running off and distribution.