Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0067 Monday 3 February 1981
Location Ring Road near Swayambhu Hares Russell and Gough
Hashit ? Walking stick still with Dave Kedwell Scribe Millbank Hashers 28

At the start of Hash 67, the Himalayan Hash House Harriers was minus four of its well known characters - One, the frustrated ballerina, Fallon; - Two the late hare watcher, Pagella; three, the unprincipled Sandy; & our thwarted builder Hash Master. No apologies for absence was received from any of these absconders but a rumour was being put about that our once revered Major Hash Master had gone to the brickies lodge. (Hush Hush say no more).

The Incline on the ring road before Swayambu was the setting for a Russell/Gough special. (Welcome back Malcolm glad to see your glands are working again!!) 26 hearty, healthy companions (including Wolczanski & the Marines) easily scaled the dozen or more steps from the chariots to the paddies, but soon lost enthusiasm as the two footed Austxxxxxx Jaguar, DK, disappeared in a cloud of dust towards the first check. The sight of which prompted John Club Frandsen, to mutter “Someone should keep that bXXXXX in chains” At the first check Dave did his usual trick of finding the false trail, Fred the Ned jogged half way to Balaju, while the Mapping genius from the army found the correct trail, leading closer & closer to the base of the hill.

At the next check much standing around was observed until again our cartographic genius, Gordon Lane by name, led us all through the brambles & thorns on a false trail. At this point Alex Sutherland was heard to say “These thorns aren’t doing my tash any good!!” Pinder then went off at a tangent and found both paper & Sandy (he must have some principles then!). Leaving John to catch his breath, Ian lost the paper but our Hash President (everyone stand to attention) found it, only to be met by Malcolm Iles coming the other way. The question must now be asked how did Malcolm get where he was?? (Answers on a loo roll please to Junior HM.)

Malcolm obviously thought that the trail from the next check must go down hill - not quite. Fred the Ned had by now caught up with the pack after his sojourn to Balaju, & following his drinking instincts went up the hill, found paper, sat down, & proceeded to watch the rest of us searching everywhere but uphill. Eventually deciding he was on the Hash for running not resting, Odd socks called the battle cry. Up & Up the trail went, through brambles & ploughed fields & found Ackeret grumbling about being here before.

From the top of the hill a splendid view was afforded only marred by a minute figure dressed in an orange shirt casually jogging towards the foot of the hill - obviously having no intention of scaling its dizzy height. Who could this bewildered being be? Pagella? No, too far away from the hares, Zonnerveld? No, he never travels with out his chopper! - Good God man it’s Fallon!! (he confessed later to the reason for his lateness — still drying his sock out from last week’s rum punch).

We were at the top of the hill & insight of the cars D.K. came into his own, Head down, top gear & straight home, however, as luck would have it only about 10% of his trail blazing was off paper.

Back at the chariots everyone was in such a big hurry to get away that conversation was stillted until our Hash President (everyone stand to attention) uttered such Hashitable words as "There’s only one case of beer lads” at which point Eric nearly split his difference climbing through barbed wire (What were you doing there anyway?) We were then treated to the sacred art of making run punch. One bucket of par-boiled Bagmati Water, One bucket of brown sludge called rum & a dirty old sock (donated by Willie). Stir well, & ask John Roberts to tast it.

A good run but for two old lags as hares that goes without saying.

HASH 68 - Priestley & Millbank
PLACE - Opposite Kirtipur University Campus gates in grounds of new WSSB buildings.
HASH 69 - JWS & Fallon
HASH 70 - Scholey & Woods
HASH 71 - Young & Russell
WALKING STICK - Still Dave Kedwell.
HEARD AFTER HASH “BXXXXXX Hell our Hash Presidents Bxxxxxx off with the rum punch”.

HASH NEWS: Hash 68 will be a free run ie you don’t have to pay.

From the log book: Heard after HASH: "Jeez, if I go home sober the wife will think I qas out with a woman" Jerry Wolczanski."