Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0068 Monday 9 February 1981
Location Entrance to Kirtipur campus Hares Priestley and Millbank
Hashit The register records the first appearance of the Royal Loo Seat: awarded to Millbank Scribe Millbank Hashers 26

The first appearance of The Royal Loo Seat

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This week should have proved to be one of the largest turnouts in the history of H4 because (a) Monday the 9th was holiday, and (b) the run was free, but no, only 26 able bodied connoisseurs of the Hashing business deigned to show up. Notable Absentees were Guy Stone, Malcolm Cough, Odd Socks, John Sandy and of course Pagella. If this happens again lads the Hash President (everyone stand to attention) has commanded that your copulatory organs be tied to Dave Kedwells left shoe so watch it Guy.

The gates of the University campus were the start of this extremely well laid hash, however our Major H.M. being unable to see farther than his mini bonnet went for a tour of the whole University campus before realising something was amiss. The trail led off along the sands of the Bagmati to the first check beneath the Kirtipur suspension bridge. Dave Kedwell, yet again, disappeared in a cloud of dust found the false trail as did Gordon Lane who almost ended up in Chobar Gorge. At this point a new romance was observed - Roger Woods and Mike Scholey were seen running hand in hand up the correct trail but must have been so engrossed in each other that they ran past a good 100 metres of paper before actually calling ON ON.

The trail stopped abruptly at the 2nd check as everyone was confronted by a gaping gorge. D.K. dived into the nearby depths and went the wrong way; Hash President pussy footed around at the top; John Roberts found a false trail but didn’t shout and our Junior Hash Master found the trail but promptly wished he hadn’t as the devilish, fiendish hares had introduced a gruelling 200 metre climb up to Kirtipur village. (It should be noted that Dave Kedwell made full use of the walking stick).

Slowly but surely our 26 brethren arrived at the third check. (Cunningly situated so Lawrence could take pictures). [2004 ed: can anybody get their hands on these pictures!] After the good stiff climb none was very enthusiastic about checking, until Fallen got his breath back and decided to walk home, stumbling as he did so on the next post of the trail, leading first down and than up to the next check which was a masterpiece of trail setting.

Three false trails all leading in the same direction awaited the breathless throng. The hares were rewarded to one of the funniest five minutes in H history. Bodies were everywhere calling ON ON and False Trail and Pagella lost his title of Master Hare Watcher to Fallon who stood with the hares and applauded the crazy antics of his fellow hashers. The trail eventually found by our two inseparables R.W. and M.S. led off across the paddies into the University grounds, where M.S. found a new partner, J.R. and left R.W. clutching his toe!!

Down through the University grounds and back to the chariots jogged our select group after an absolutely great run.

Hash No. 69 - J.W.S. and Fallon
Place. - About 1 km up the road to Sakhu, past Gokarna Forest Gates
Hash No. 70 - Woods and Scholey (the inseparables)
Hash No. 71 - Young and Russell

Welcome to Hashit - That tall, fair haired, blue eyed co-scribe, who can now say he’s put his head where HRH puts his arse

Heard after Hash - “WELL I’M NOT GOING HOME SOBER THIS WEEK” Eric Cruikshank.