Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0071 Monday 2 March 1981
Location Boris's farm at Tika Bhairav Hares Young and Russell
Hashit Pinder Scribe Gough or Millbank Hashers 26
Two very old lags, Young and Russell, were responsible for this dish of previously cooked meat which was served up at Boris’s Farm, somewhere near Chapagaon, to an estimated number (our H.P-everyone stand to attention- Walked off with the book) of 25 gourmet’s, who indulged in the gluttony for 45 mins. Future Hash archivists will note from those scribblings that Pagella was, for once, one of the early gannets and ate more than his fair share of the american delicacy.

Leaving the chariots at 17.05 our two chefs led us to our table at a very sedate walking pace then left us to find our own seats for the first course. Roger our Major Hash Master along with Eric and Andy having noticed the menu, decided to skip [the] first six courses and start with the dessert, and were not seen for a further 35 minutes. (avid readers of this regular feature will no doubt have realized that this happened last week by those same delinquent devourers).Most of the assembled throng, showing gross good manners stood around and let MRG lead us to our chairs and into the first course. Not really very filling and the soup course arrived within a very short space of time. At this point Pagella was seen to be entering the first stages of starvation and set off back towards the appetizers.

D.K. the extremely fast masticator (think that’s the right word) turned the whole proceedings into a buffet leaving the chefs and the rest of us wondering which plate to pick up next and some were even seen to be given help by our Young Chef. Down through the menu we went, eating faster and faster until an astutely planned break in the proceedings was arrived at, way at the bottom of the Irish Stew. “Where are the knives and forks’ Arnie was heard to cry as he slithered his way to the bottom of the said dish. Gordon, DJM and our President (everyone stand to attention) assumed the irons were at the top of the dish and dillied around until Roberts found the cutlery halfway between the watercress and the sweet corn at the bottom.

Pinder then wanting to fill his bulky frame shot off through the savoury ice, potatoes, and mustard to the roast loin of veal whore the menu took a decided 900 turn towards the desserts. Halfway between courses our renegade devourers heaved into sight with pockets and mouths full of cheese and biscuits spluttering about comp1aining to the chefs. MRG, at this point, having stuffed himself with an ample sufficiency skipped desserts and headed back for the liquors.

Andy, having already sampled the delicate puddings led us back on the a la carte through zabaglione with grapes, French sakayon, Apricot dumplings to the Rum Savarin. These delicable niceties, being laced to the utmost with various vine and grape juices had one of our brethren, Knightly named, grovelling around beneath the table greatly disfiguring his upper femur.

Back at the chariots the wine list was produced; a little late but welcome all the sane, and much imbiking of the alixia of life was carried out leading Jim and Lawrence to throw away their hard earned paisa, and members of the British Army to demolish a centuries old bridge.

An excellent meal with decorous table settings only marred by, in the case of Alex, no soft drinks.

HASH 72 - Robinson and Pagella

HASHIT - Pinder for forgetting the soft drinks again.
WALKING STICK - can’t remember.

HEARD AFTER HASH - “Never seen so much meat and no bread” Pagella referring to Desoree Cousteau

75th HASH BASH - 30th March - Fallon’s Place: Men Only.