Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0073 Monday 16 March 1981
Location Past Gokarna on road to Sankhu Hares Roberts and Duba
Hashit Still with Gough Scribe Millbank Hashers 18

Hash 73 proved that chivalry is not dead, although Messrs Boulter, Scmidt & Epsey almost killed themselves after doing a “Paddy One Eye” on the way home. (More about that later). No, chivalry certainly is, not dead among the brothers of H4 but the first Hash Commandment has been dunked in Kathmandu’s finest effluent comminuted & sent off down the Bagmati to the Ganges. Our chivalrous hero, Duba by name deigned to put his wife before the Hash & leave his cohort, Roberts, to manage the babbling throng of children marking the start of this, much as I hate to say it, well set hash.

At 16.59 only one, select hasher (yours truly) was at the starting point 2.8 miles up the Sakhu Road (seemed more like 8.2) & was a little worried to say the least – as we all know Robert’s views on hashing (run like hell & never mind the paper) at 16.59.59 fifteen more of our select band charged into sight -. charged being the operative word in the case of Messrs Boulter, Schmidt & Epsey (More about that later) at 17.10 our two commanders left our lone hare incharge & led us to the paper. D.K. of course going up hill & down dale before actually finding the hallowed shreddings & leading us via various shit bestrewn alleys to the first check. Pleasantly situated so that Messrs Boulter, Scmidt & Epsey could peruse the site of their future altercation (more about that later). D.K. as usual ran round in circles & found the trail leading us off on a long run incorporating a moderate climb (moderate for this particular hash anyway) to the second check at’ the apex of a bxxxx great hill at which the only way to go was down. D.K. Pinder got it right but got it wrong - If you know what I mean - & went the wrong way on the right paper much to the disgust of our lone hare who by this time had given up waiting for the late hashers who never turned up (your names are noted).

The run to the next check was very short but the following pause was miles away. Back up the neighbouring hill we’d just come down, along the top and then down the other side - (not very funny that hares). Knight at the next resting place decided he didn’t particularly like the look of the yellow tinted paper & led us all off on a wild goose chase up a bxxxxxxxx enormous mountain before realizing he was not on but off! The trail naturally enough seeing as how we were at the top of a hill was down at the bottom, so down we went to find Roberts quietly waiting for his lost pack.

The final check, needless to say, was at the top of another monticule – split the hash into two. As it was at the top of a hill, it was obvious to some of us your two Hash Masters included, but not to our Supremo (everyone stand to attention) – clever bxxxxx, that the trail must go down. Ha bxxxxxx Ha, not on your life. Along the top and gently down to the chariots was the correct way & them that went down met them that were coming up.

A good hash even thogh it was miles away …….
And now to “more about that later” - in other words how Messrs Boulter, Schmidt & Epsey were the only people in the world to experience an earthquake in which the road moved a good l2ft & then miraculously returned to its original position. This mind boggling story is brought to you by that well renowned reporter who was first with the news of such world shattering events as George Paddy’s motorized Hashing, the gastronomic adventures of gaffer Russell and the peculiar habits of Deseree Cousteau.

Around 7.00pm on Monday the 16th of March Messrs Boulter, Schmidt & Epsey after enjoying the select company of the Himalayan Hash House Harriers & partaking of the elixia of’ life, were driving sedately along the road to that popular health resort in the Himalayas, Kathmandu, when they experienced what could only have been, experts report, a cataclysmic happening, i.e the road moved. The heap of metal and canvas driven by Mr. Boulter tried to follow the moving hard core but to no avail. Mr Epsey was thrown from the vehicle & skidded along the ground on his posterior and was heard to say ‘OW’ (like hell) The automobile regained the causeway but in doing so spilled Mr. Boulter onto the road, which had by now returned to its original position. Mr Schmidt, totally oblivious to the whole happening hung onto the gear stick, playing pilots. After a much needed rest Mr. Boulter woke up, inspected Mr Espey’s buttocks, told Pilot Schmidt to land and give the controls to Mr. Espey, who brought the flying pice of scrap metal back to Kathmandu. On reporting this incident to the appropriate authorities Mr. Schmidt said “It really moved”, Mr. Boulter said “My eye” and Mt. Espey said “my arse”.

HASH 74 - Kedwell & Cruikshank. PLACE About 3k along the road to Sundaragal