Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0075 Monday 30 March 1981
Location Ring Road between Maharjganj and Baudha turnoffs Hares Binks and Russell
Hashit Shamboo the dog. Walking stick to Arnie Boulter Scribe Millbank Hashers 16

The 75th running of the Himalayan Hash House Harriers will go down in the annals of Hashing History, not because the run was the best ever, but because the hashit was awarded to a four legged hasher; Julian walked round; Sanday turned up and Binks resigned.

On this auspicious day, 16 ardent, vehement, lusty lads gathered on the ring road, near the Maharajganj turn off, for a Binks-Russell special. Pangs of fear were felt in everyones stomach as the two hot, sweaty, sticky, master hares hove in sight, at 4.55pm, and then promptly wiped the sacred ungiah from the back of Rogers car. Sometime after 5.00pm our Major HM led the small but lascivious throng to the first paper and we were off on one of the most dastardly devious hashes ever set.

The trail found us going uphill when we should have been going down; going downhill when we should have been going up and going east when we should have been going west. Frustrated cries and anguished screams were heard from every quarter as the hounds pursued the secret shreddings, from check to check, while the hares viewed the whole tortuous comedy from various pre-selected vantage points.

D.K. must have had something on his mind, for a change as he was seen to be standing around at various checks and not running round in ever decreasing circles; our Hash Supremo (everyone stand to attention) went for a stroll up a hillock to contemplate his naval; Lawrence kept falling off paddies and Dave Young was seen to be wandering around in a daze (probably H dreaming of future levitatious).

Eventually after 75 minutes the 75th Hash was over and Arnie dived for the whisky, Julian for the lemu and Shamboo for the cars. Roger told everyone that the Queen wanted him to spend a few years as her guest at Wormwood Scrubs and handed his boots of office to the still day dreaming Dave whose head grew so large he couldn’t get his hat on!

A good hash from our Masters whose running is much better than their singing.

HASH 76 - Zonnerve1d & Millbank

PLACE - Opposite trolley bus station in grounds of HMG Topography Department.

HASH 77 - ??

HASHIT - Shamboo

WALKING STICK - Arnie Boulter.

HEARD AFTER Hash -- (a long time after) “Did I just see a woman in suspenders or was it Guy?”

HASH NEWS - Guy and Hienz have promised to give German lessons to anyone who didn’t understand what was going -on -or off !!