Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0078 Monday 20 April 1981
Location The road to India Hares Nedegard and Frandsen
Hashit Oddsocks and John International Frandsen Scribe Irish Gough Hashers 28

Back to a little bit of Irish drivel - temporarily we hope. The previous bunch of scribes have either resigned, blunted their pencils, or are experimenting to see if they can still do it at 20,000.ft (sorry 6,100m). We desperately need a scribe, or two, to organise this unruly mob. Qualifications are simply “semi-literacy and the ability to turn up regularly on Mondays”. Applications will be received on 27 April and please don’t knock us down in the rush.

Now to the run. There is-a strange phenomena developing in this valley. It seems that every time Oddsocks and his mate John International Frandsen are hares that the worms come out of the woodwork and the international community’s tendency toward self-flagelation comes to the fore. Everyone knew weeks ago to avoid this one so we have been organising treks, home leave, assorted illnesses but alas it all fell through and 28 of us assembled on the road to India. I say “road to India” because HP (everyone stand to attention) and his motley crew plus others less dignified were waiting at Birgunj while others just managed to catch the hares driving up to the starting point at 4.45 PM (No. 1 Hashitable offence). Eventually at 5.10 PM we all reached the same point and set off mumbling generally that if this was a normal OS/JIF run we would not be finished before 8 O’clock. The first check got us to a river and wet feet, then through wheat fields and the second third and fourth checks to the bottom of a bloody great hill. We knew we would have to go up so we all checked down to delay the awful moment. Some imbecile found the paper and away we went, light as faireis, to the top of the hill and then of course down again. Half way down we got the best check. Some of the most experienced, thinking they knew the secrets of warped Scandavian minds checked across the valley and never saw paper again until they reached the chariots. Others more conservative had an elevated run back with magnificent scenes.

We got back at 6.20 PM (No. 2 Hashitable offence - too bloody long) but it was a good run well laid. Yet another screw-up ensued (No. 3 Hashitable offence - no bloody beer and no mugs to drink the other mixture from) but a bit of soft-shoe shuffling and talk about dangerous roads kept that particular piece of information from the mob and we all adjourned to the comfort of the nearby International Club.

Hashit - Oddsocks and John International Frandsen without question but
Shambo please-return it you four legged dummy
Walking Stick - Guy Stone to help him
Welcome to - David McMullan Mathew Wilkinson, Lindsay Barlow, Denis O’Hara, Richard Clough, Pete Garrett, Mike Barrett, Paul Dominey, John Wolsey, Arnand Lodeizen.

INTERNATIONAL HASH - Sunday April 26, 1961 - Starting from INTERNATIONAL CLUB (new premises at Tahachal) at 5.30 PM
There will be barbeque afterwards for hashers’ wives, mistresses and families
Hares - Robinson and Russell

HASH NO. 79 Monday April 27, 1981. Dilli Bazaar. Go up road directly entrance to Boris’s Restaurant. After 200m you will come to a playing field where we start
Hares - Kedwell and Cruikshank
HASH NO. 80 - Hares Young and McMullan
HASH NO. 81 - Hares - Robinson and ?
HASH NO. 82 - Hares - Jackman and Levitsky