Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0079 Monday 27 April 1981
Location Baneshwor Hares Cruikshank and Kedwell
Hashit still with Oddsocks and JIF Scribe Gough? Hashers 26


Masochism is now becoming a distinguishing feature of this HASH. A ball tearing session with the Hong Kong HASH on Sunday night did not deter 26 worthies turning up at the Cruikshank/KedweIl playing fields in Baneswore but what’s more with those two hares we knew we were in for a ten mile slog in dastardly conditions.

Late again, we set off on a very well laid run through the streets and alleys of Baneswore and Babar Mahal. False trails abounded, as did the nasty dogs, but the short checks were a great relief after recent weeks. The leaders changed so frequently that it would be hopeless to chronicle events but after 30 minutes we ended up at a check on the back road between Babar Mahal and Dilli Bazaar. We checked towards home – no paper, we checked north - no paper, we checked wouth no paper. Bloody hell we can’t possibly go that other way. But we did. Oddsocks even took off his hat in rage as we headed off towards the wheat fields of the Bagmati. A wide circuit and 30 minutes later brought us facing home again. JWS was seen all the while circling slowly inside us with that stupid “I know better than you” grin on his face. Jerry complained about double vision and seeing everything twice — that’s because you always run the bloody trail twice Jerry, and Roger in a last fanfare on his bugle was heard trumpeting down the Chinese Road to the airport - wrong day Roger you’re not going until Thursday.

A tortuous route back to the chariots through more houses and nasty dogs made a run of 1 hr 20 minutes — too long again Dave and Eric although very well laid. Just a reminder to our Junior HM - when you throw stones you are meant to aim at the dogs not the owner.

We had our beer and a bottle of champagne for Roger in DK’s back garden. Roger is a founder of H4, Master, keeper of the HASH cash, sometime scribe and just beautiful on his horn. Thank you for all the effort you have put into the run Roger, and good running elsewhere.

And now for something completely different - BAD NEWS. The charge PER HEAD for the bash with the Hong Kong Hash is Rs. 100/-, and that includes mistresses as well. Don’t think you can escape because we have your names on a list. Money will be collected before run No. 80. Sorry to spoil your year chaps.

Hashit - still with Oddsocks and JIF because again they didn’t do anything right.
Walking Stick - still with Guy Stone
Welcome to — John (?) Readwin, Tony (?) Hancock.

HASH NO. 80 - Main Bhaktapur Road, stop where road forks to Bhaktapur and China. There is a playing field on your left where you should park.

HASH NO. 81- Hares - Robinson and ?
HASH NO. 82 - Hares - Jackman and Levitsky