Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0080 Monday 4 May 1981
Location Bhaktapur town Hares Young and MacMullan
Hashit Fallon Scribe Gough? Hashers 15

"Bhaktapur is an ancient city of the Kathmandu Valley with streets laid out in medieval style ........” So say the travel brochures. Well those of us who turned out this week know it too well as we got a aerial view from a bloody great hill. Also a bit of temple viewing thrown in and the sight of Fallon standing on one leg saying “Allez, allez (Ali?)” to the local virgins.

But back to the beginning when It was just p.....in down on the 15 starters huddled in their cars - actually most were merely trying to avoid paying their Rs. 100.00 dues for the International HASH bash but after we got over that nasty bit they all emerged fighting fit. Pay attention all who have not paid - YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE.

Obviously our singing at the HASH bash of the bird that flew around in ever decreasing circles and disappeared up its own ...hole had affected our two hares. The trail started in a wide circle around our starting point and ended up on a check almost back at the chariots. All scattered, H. President (everyone stand to attention) thought the run was over so headed back to the cars, found paper, and started to run the trail backwards. Senior HM, admittedly on a prompt, found paper on the other side of the Chinese road and took off up the hill. DK was past quick as a flash and that was the last we saw of him. John Roberts was right behind but he went the wrong way at the third check and had to resign himself to running among the rest of us invalids thereafter.

We then went up about 3,000 metres to do homage at a temple and mumble “very bloody pretty” at the view. Our new runner from the antipodes, hereafter called Australian Red Wine, was directing traffic from the top and we were soon running round in circles again, then off to a vi1lage and a check where everybody looked the same and laughed at us the same but had a marvellous variety of smells. We were a long time finding paper but when we did we turned for home and a nice run through villages and fields.

Good run well laid by Young HM and David Mc Mullan (Jes’ that Ulster accent is like sweet music in my ears).

Hashit - to Fallon for speaking to women
Walking Stick - still with Guy Stone - where the hell are you Guy?

HASH No. 81 - start near Russell house. North up Maharajganj, turn right immediately after Prince’s palaces. Russell house second on left. Hares - Zonneveld and Russell
HASH No. 82 - Jackman and Levitsky