Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0083 Monday 25 May 1981
Location Bridge past Baudhanilkantha School Hares Wolczenski and Schaeffer
Hashit and walking stick to Zonneveld Scribe Gough? Hashers 24

As usual, when things promise to be really bad everyone turns up and sends the beer man into a frenzy wondering if he is going to be stoned for not having enough (on the other hand he never has enough with Cruikshank and DK there). What worse combination could you have than Wolczenski and Shaeffer and a run starting below Shiva Puri. It is synonymous with Pagella and Nagarkot, Oddsocks JIF and Thankot, JWS and Gokarna, to name but a few. Anyway, 26 were at the gates of Budhanilkantha School by 5.05 PM. and away we went north in the direction of the deadly mountain.

Check No. 1 between the school and the river was pleasantly close. Within a minute DK was 1/2 way up the mountain saying “no paper here” but kept going. The rest of us spread out north and west but nothing doing until an octogenarian villager showed the Junior HM some paper and we went south across the road heading for greater Kathmandu. The next three checks all went straight which thoroughly confused those who thought the hares were shits and kept checking west up the hills. We then went east through two checks to the main Budhanilkantha - Kathmandu road where Schmidt, Priestley and Cruikshank sloped off towards the cars which could not be seen — hashitable, but they were later saved from that fate.

Oddsocks found paper straight over the road and led us a ravine where he got over ambitions and headed off to the east col of Shiva Puri. The sensible ones checked back, found paper, and ran home to the chariots through the village, to the school wall, and then along the road. The fast run in was a good change from recent weeks. We need more runs like that to clear out the old lungs.

While the beer was going down well there was a white flash and a Dutch curse. Zonneveld had arrived with the soft drinks. For his troubles he got the Hashit and the Walking Stick which seemed to please him. He said he had had a flat tyre but we know his wife had just kept him in after last week’s report.

Hashit - Jan Zonneveld
Walking Stick - Jan Zonneveld
Welcome to - Ross Simpson, Dave Shannon (Fallon’s replacement so he has a lot to live up to - in Bangkok that is)
HASH No. 84 - On Ring Road below Swayambhu. Hares - Fallon and Stone

Notes Stone and Swayambhu is a combination not to be missed. The last time he did it the event went down in the annals of H4 as a classic. Turn up and see if it happens again.
HASH No. 85 - We need hares.