Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0087 Monday 22 June 1981
Location Ring road to west of Jawalakhel Hares Dibley and Barron
Hashit forgot to award it to Kedwell! Scribe Gough? Hashers 22

A handy location on the Ring Road certainly seems to bring out the numbers. On a night when most respectable people were at home suffering from the pro-monsoon squirts we HASHERS really showed our worth by turning out just west of Jawalakhel to drink 96 beers in 45 minutes before proceeding to our various other commitments around the town.

Between the time of our last arrival at 5.05 and the start of drinking at 6.00 we did however indulge in a little bit of running along a trail laid by Barron and Dibley. This was definately Kedwell’s day - he got every check but one and bloody nearly got that one too - so, we let him go and trudged along afterwards pretending not to notice. Running down to our favourite steel bridge over the Nakhu Khose we found our second check at the front gates of the prison. We all crossed over the river except Lawrie Priestley who got stuck in the paddy fields at the back of the prison while trying to gain admission (we believe he thought it was the new British Embassy compound). The third check found us in a familiar brick works and the 4th, 5th and 6th took us in a wide sweep to the north before ending up in a gully. Nobody paid much attention to this check but it was a real neat one - mainly because Kedwell had been in the vicinity 15 minutes earlier and left his spoor which our lower slung members quickly picked up and headed off towards the Ring Road.

Our final cheek was back by the river which was notable for various reasons. Firstly paper was found within about 50m leading along some very delicate bunds in freshly planted paddy (an offence which is normally HASHITABLE). Jack Baker (our periodic HASHER) got so excited by the offence that he fell into an irrigation channel and is leaving the country again on Saturday for treatment. Jerry, having temporarily dropped his dog complex, stuck to paper and found himself right back at the previous check.

That at least got us all together, but then we had it, the most HASHITABLE offence in many a long run, Kedwell found paper on the other side of the river. “I say, Bing, paper” he said What the ... does that mean” came the reply but he was away too fast to realise the enormity of his offence. His complete lack of attention to the education he has received over the past year, topped by his performance, has caused such hurt feelings that it is contemplated awarding him the HASHIT in perpetuum’.

Back at the chariots we started to sup the beer in vast quantities. We were temporarily stopped by a strange apparition called Rosenwasser who appeared in, believe it or not, a fire engine just long enough to grab a beer. Spurred on by our generosity an even stranger apparition in a bow tie and morning jacket stepped out and in the space of seconds produced an alarming number of yellow balls from various parts of Jerr’s anatomy. Just as quickly we had a beer in his hands and off went the fire engine. Come hack Alan Rossenwasser we need you.

Hashit - we forgot to award it to Kedwell
Walking Stick - the Rastriya Panchayat
Welcome to- Jerry Kennedy, Jim Wailer, Sonam Tsering, Tashi Tsering

Farewell to - Willy Fallon - sometime ballerina best known for his performance “Pirouette on a Paddy Bund” success extraordinary with the local ladies; and 32 runs without a single short cut, Good luck and good runnings. Ross Simpson .- only 3 runs but he just might be back.

HASH NO. 88 - From the house of Zonneveld in Maharajgunj. Drive up Lazimpat, turn right on dirt road along southern wall of Prince’s palaces and you will find it. Hares — Zonneveld and Russell
HASH NO. 89 - We need hares.