Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0088 Monday 29 June 1981
Location House of Zonneveld in Maharajganj Hares Zonneveld and Russell
Hashit Kedwell Scribe Gough? Hashers 22

The HASH Pres. (everybody stand to attention) was there looking remarkably trim after his annual debauchery in the UK, but he was soon brought down to size when he started running. Iles, would you believe, also turned up. Having got his wife in the club he can now devote his energies again to running. McMullan still smelling fresh (?) from Dhangadi, dropped in only 30 minutes after arriving at the airport. And Andy Schmidt, married only 24 hours previously, was there to ensure that his missus got no misconceptions about the really important things in life. Finally Bransky and Priestly turned up half naked with a canoe - strange pair that.

Lord Pashupatinath blessed us with sunshine and warmth after a miserable previous 2 days of rain. Twenty-two runners set off from the house of the Dutch Curse in Maharajganj on a similar trail to Run No. 81 but it still got most of you confused. All three false trails were found at the first check and two at the third check. DK, No 15, or whatever you want to call him, went searching behind the Russian embassy but was chased back by dogs. After much dithering it was decided that perhaps that was the correct way so we got loaded up with stones and found paper leading us to Baluwatar. Here the run got split up mainly because of bad calling and the reluctance of the leaders to wait at the checks to see if the run is keeping together. One way to keep a bunch is to put in false trails at every check - not always possible and very time consuming for the hares - another way is to rule that there must be say 5 people at a check before checking can start. We shall have to consider adjusting our rules in the near future unless the problem is solved.

From Baluwatar Bob Dibley got the paper along a muddy paddy bund and from there we went on a wide sweep east and north through varied countryside and back to Maharajgunj. For most it was a bit of a slog, as the leaders could often be seen far ahead.

There were nice cold beers, seats, and peace and quiet in Dutch’s gazebo. Discussions got around to plans for our 100th run and what we should do - any suggestions? Also we are looking for sponsors for our 100th run T-shirts - any offers?

Hashit - awarded a week late to Kedwell
Walking Stick to Iles, merely for turning up

HASH NO 89 - starting from main gates of Gokarna Forest Hares - Kedwell and John International Frandsen
HASH NO. 90 — Hares - Robinson and ?

Reminder - FOURTH OF JULY RUN being held inside Gokarna Forest starting at 8.00 AM on, believe it or not, July 4, 1981. Organised by Jerry W. and AMA it is a race on a set trail with prizes. Entrance fee to park Rs. 5.00. Turn up for some fun - after all somebody has to win the booby prize.