Himalayan Mens Hash Run No 0097 Monday 31 August 1981
Location Before Bhakpapur turn off on road to Lhasa Hares M and J Gough
Hashit Stewart Summers Scribe ? and possibly Millbank Hashers 26

This week there will be no illustrations so you will have to get your wives to read it to you. Shannon buggered off to Sri Lanka last Saturday on complimentary tickets but little did he know that RNAC will not be returning to pick him up until September 12 - or maybe he did as he took a woman with him. Anyway there will be a bit of drivel from me this week and perhaps a bit from Millbank (or even the HP) next week.

I paid absolutely no attention to what was happening during the run so this is going to boa bit disjointed — instead I was subjected to a diatribe of abuse for most of the 60 minutes from one Dr. Jonathan Roberts about lousy bloody hares, too many checks, and not being able to let himself go - bullshit. For the other 25 of us it was appropriately timed rests, lots of false trails and a good larf. From the Bhaktapur road we headed off north to the first check which immediately got us going south, back to the road (not even the aged hare Gough could have made it this short we thought) and up the hill on the other side to the second check at lower Katunje village. Here we lost DK completely and we admit there was some assistance from the hares to get us going again. The next check at the “peepul” tree in upper Katunje saw false trails galore and two simultaneous ON-ON’s. Barrett, always wanting to keep his options open sent his right knee left and his left knee right and spun around the check for a while. Nobody knows who got the paper but we ended up at a buffalo pond where a glazy eyed Guy was seen pondering what must be one of his last glimpses of the real Nepal - just think what you’re going to be missing Guy in D.C. - naked breasts.

We were now about half way out and took off in an unexpected direction. Dr. J. got this one, and the next I think, before a series of short and very neat checks on the way home. The last bit saw two separate HASHES, one on each side of the Hanumante River and some very hashitable offences before we reached the chariots. Some of us who -have more sense than pride backtracked to the paper in fear of mass retribution. Others were luck to escape. A good run much enjoyed.

Welcome to - ? Seppeichier. Sorry we did not get your first name or contacts. Come again next week

Welcome back to - Merv Stevens, HASHER of yesteryear on a short assignment back here.

Walking Stick - not returned yet by Pagella. He’d better be careful or he might get it again.

Hashit - in honour of our junior HASHERS to Stewart Summers for going in up to his neck. Don’t forget to tell your Mum that it must be set out on the dining table EVERY mealtime.

HASH No. 98 - Hares - Dibley and Van De Putte. Take the road to Pharping (Dakshin Kali) from the Ring Road. Go 2 miles to the hill above the cement works where we start.

HASH No. 99 - Hares - Scholey and Shannon
HASH No. 100 - Hares - Millbank and Russell

HASH BASH. Plans are firming up for the 100th run and bash.. The run will be on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 19, 1981 AT 4.30 PM at a location to be announced. The bash will be the SAME NIGHT starting 7.30 PM at the SUMMIT HOTEL Kupondole. The management are giving us the whole of the dining room, the var and verandahs outside for a buffet style dinner. Disco music later and you can have a swim in the cleanest pool in Kathmandu (cleanest that is until you lot get into it). Price between Rs. 60/- and Rs. 75/- per head depending on various factors. Bring your own booze not corkage.
HASH No. 101 - ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 followed by nature films at the house of Gough. Lots of FREE beer. It should be a good HASHING weekend.